One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


25. Late night car ride...


  Liam: "I'm bored, are you bored?" Liam asks, wide awake. You glance at the clock, it's around four in the morning and you two just finished your movie night. Truthfully you were kind of tired, but Liam looked like a kid on Christmas, and you could tell he had an idea. "What do you want to do Li?" You ask him as he plops on the couch next to you. "Let's go mess with the boys. Management gave me keys to Harrys new place and I think Zayn was there tonight too, let's go prank them or something. You laugh, "Jesus you get two kidneys and all hell breaks loose." You say jokingly. "I'm a wild man." He says seriously, before you both crack up and he grabs your hand, dragging you to the car. Louis: "Lou, it's three in the morning." You say to him again as he tosses your bag into his room. "Aware, dollface. But it's your first time in my hometown and i'm excited and it's not my fault our flight was delayed, please let me show you around! Please, ___." He says, smiling widely and blinking his eyes at you like a puppy. You glare at him slightly, half of you wanting to go to sleep, and the other half wanting to make your boyfriend happy. "Fine." You sigh,crossing your arms. "Yes, Tommo wins again!" He says, kissing your cheek. You can't help but smile at his happiness, letting him drag you to his Range Rover. He drives you all around Doncaster, pointing out random places that he used to visit. You smile at him from the passenger side, content with how happy he looks to be back home for a while, and you really don't care that it's the middle of the night anymore. Zayn: "The only way to listen to an album is in the car." Zayn says, dropping his bags down at the door. You glance at the clock, midnight and Zayn was finally home form the studio. "It's done?! Really?" You stand up from your spot on the couch, looking at him. He nods excitedly. One of the perks of being a 1D girlfriend meant hearing the new album before everyone else, which made the fan-girl in you very happy. "We should blast it past the venue where people are camping out for tickets, just to see their faces." He says, grinngin happily. "You spend too much with Louis, and your management would kill you and you know it." You say, deflating the bad boys ego. "Whatever, let's go babe!" He syas, draggin your hand to the car. You two blast the album, Zayn looking at you hopefully everytime he has a solo, you just grin at him, loving the sound of your boyfriends voice. Niall: "And i'm hungry again." Niall says, dropping his hands on the comforter. You snort at him, changing the channel again. "Niall, you had your midnight snack two hours ago, just get some sleep." You say, you're only awake because you had a cup of coffee with dinner, and it was now keeping you up. "Baby..." He says sweetly, and you glance at him, to see him smiling widely at you. You sigh. "You're driving." You mumble, throwing a sweatshirt of his over your tank-top. "Yes! McDonalds run!" He says, doing a stupid dance as he grabs his keys. "The fact that we do this so much that there is now a guy with a camera always there before us should make you sad." You tell him, hopping into his car. "The fans love seeing me eat. It's my in with them." You laugh, "What ever you say Nialler." He simply grins at you, flashing his braces. Harry: "Love, I know when you can't sleep. And you've kicked my leg like 8 times now." Harry says and you open your eyes, still wide awake. "Sorry." You mumble into your pillow. He chuckles, and you can hear his grogginess, and you feel bad for waking him. "It's fine. You wanna go take a ride and see if you fall asleep?" He asks, already moving to get up. He always does this when either of you are having trouble sleeping. "Sure." you says, getting up as well, watching Harry slide his jeans back on, smiling. "What?" he asks, looking at you from under all his hair. "Nothing you just always know how to make me feel better." You say shrugging. "I'm the best boyfriend in the world, of course I do." He says cheekily. You roll your eyes and follow him to the car. Notes: Requested! Could be better, could be worse. Sorry things have been so slow lately, i had major writers block for a while, and now i start school in like a week or so and i have to finish up all my summer work, so things be slow for a little while still! But i will try and get another two up before the week is over, as for my fanfic, things are still slow moving idea wise, but i will try my best to hurry things up! Thanks for all your support and messages. Do me a favor and click the little heart up there?
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