One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


92. How he asks you to marry him



Harry: He calls you into the room with him and then says, “So when’s the wedding?” You look at him confused, “Who’s wedding?” You say laughing. Harry grins, “Ours if you say yes.” And he gets onto one knee


Louis: He brings you out to a fancy place to eat dinner. As you bite into your meal sloppily, you feel something hard on your teeth. Pulling it out of your mouth you see it’s a ring. Looking up at Louis you raise an eyebrow. He smoothly tucks the hair behind your ear, “Most girls put it on their finger, but I guess your mouth works too…” He says laughing, “Anything works for the soon to be Mrs. Tomlinson”


Niall: Being a sneaky bastard he tells you he’ll cook dinner for you. When you’re not looking he puts a little with note beside your plate. When you sit down to eat you see the card. Picking it up you read it, it says, “You see I could do without a tan, on my left hand where my fourth finger meets my knuckle” At first you think it’s just lyrics from the Ed Sheeran song. But when you look up, Niall’s smiling at you, on one knee, a ring in his hand, “What do you say? Cos I think Y/N Horan sounds like a goddess”


Liam: He’s as excited as a kid on Christmas, all day he’d been treating you to shopping, amusement parks, and even a romantic dinner on the beach. Finally as you stand at home his arms come around from behind. He leans his face close to your ear, “Hi” He says sweetly. “Hi?” You answer, then he takes your hand and holds it up slipping the silver ring onto your finger. “I think I wanna marry you” He sings quietly into your ear.


Zayn: He brings you downtown one night, you don’t even realize where he’s taking you until you arrive upon the little diner. “Do you remember this place?” He asks, and you do. It’s where you ran into Zayn for the first time. He continues talking, not looking into your eyes, the car stopped in front of the little diner, “It’s been five years since that day” He looks at you and smiles, he opens your car door and brings you into the diner. The inside is decorated on with white streamers and balloons. You look around curiously one wall says turn around in fancy blue letters. You do to see that the opposite wall spells out, “Will you marry me y/n? xx” And Zayn stands in front of the wall a ring held in his hand.

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