One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


158. He's jealous of you guy best friend who isn't gay.



Liam: You were getting ready to go out with some friends and decided to give Liam a quick call being as he had been at the recording studio all day. “Hey babe! What are you doing?” Liam said through the phone. You could hear all the guys groaning in the back saying “Now we’ll never get this song done!” You couldn’t help but laugh to yourself. “Nothing really, just getting ready.” You replied back. “Who are you going out with?” You thought about leaving out one person but decided not to because it would soon come back to bite you. “Just some friends.” You weren’t lying but you weren’t telling the whole truth. “Is (Y/B/G/F/N) going?” “Yeah, why?” you said. It was silent for a moment. “It’s just, you spend a lot of time with him.” Liam said quietly through the phone. “And?” you questioned him. “Well, it’s just; I don’t know (Y/N).” He said. “Your not jealous of him are you Liam?!” You ask him taken a back a bit. You never really realized that he felt that way. “No. I just feel like you spend a lot of time together that’s all.” You laughed a little. “Liam, nothing is going on between us! We’ve been best friends since we were kids nothing more. I promise.” You said reasurring him. He took a deep breath and spoke, “I know, I trust you. It’s him I don’t.” “Okay, how about this. I’ll stay home tonight; we can have a movie night. You’re my one and only Liam.” You could tell he was smiling over the phone cause the boys all groaned. “I’ll be home as fast as possible.” he said. “That requires you to get off the phone you sap!” Louis yelled from the background. “I’ll see you later babe.” You said and hung up.

Louis: “I just don’t see what the big deal is if I hang out with (Y/B/G/F/N)!” You yelled at Louis from the hallway while getting ready to go out with some friends, one of which was your best guy friend whom Louis wasn’t so fond of. “There is no big deal I just don’t understand why you can’t just hang out with the lads and I and their girls tonight.” He said from the bedroom. “Because (Y/B/G/F/N) just flew in from (Y/Hometown) and I haven’t seen him in ages!” You said walking up to the door way of the bedroom you and Louis shared. You saw Louis sitting on the bed looking down at his fiddling hands. “What’s wrong?” You said walking over to sit by him. “Nothing, go. Have fun.” He added the last part a bit to sarcastically. You sighed heavily. “Is it about (Y/B/G/F/N)? Because nothing is going on between us. He’s just like a brother to me. He’s been there for me for who knows how long.” You tried to lift Louis head but he wouldn’t budge. “You’re such a child!” You threw your arms up in defeat. Louis looked up at you with watery eyes. “I’m a child?! I’m your boyfriend I think I have a right to be jealous of somebody!” You said trying to keep his voice straight. You swallowed hard, and tried to speak but no words came out. “I’m sorry, I know I spend a lot of time with him. I can cancel and go out with you tonight. I love you you know that right?” You said caressing his cheek in your palm. “Besides, you’ve got such a nicer bum than he does.” You said smiling cheekily. “I know.” He replied back and kissed your lips gently.

Zayn: You were at a party with Zayn that your best guy friend was hosting. It was very formal so you had on a very tight knee length dress and Zayn was dressed in a button down a khaki’s. “(Y/N)!” Your best guy friend yelled rushing over to greet you. “(Y/B/G/F/N) hey! Thanks so much for inviting us!” You said giving him a tight hug. You could still feel Zayn’s hand tightly holding onto yours but you managed to break free. “Hey man!” Your friend said to Zayn. The awkwardly shook hands and Zayn took his position next to you holding onto your waist tightly. “What’s up?” You asked him when your friend had left. “Nothing.” He replied back monotoniusly. You shook it off and went to go to the dance floor. A waitress came by with a platter of champagne and you took three, one for you and Zayn and the third for your friend. “Cheers! For amazing friends and beautiful girls.” Your guy friend said looking over to you winking. You plastered on a smile but saw Zayn’s grip firm on the fragile glass. Zayn took a hold of your hand “Come outside with me please.” He said in your ear. You both walked out and he lit up a cigarette and took a deep drag out of, the muscles in his neck popping out. “What’s up with your friend?” He said not looking at you. “Nothing, he’s just my friend Zayn.” You said watching him as he took another deep inhale. He exhaled and you watched the cloud disappear. “Zayn, look at me.” You said trying to pull his face close to yours. “Trust me, nothing’s going on. He’s just a flirt. Every girl, he flirts with them. You know that you’re my only guy. And besides, I can hardly even handle you.” You giggled a bit at the end and a smile creeped up on Zayn’s face. “Oh really?” He said throwing the cigarette to the concrete and stomping it out. “Well, why don’t we get out of here then?” He said taking your hand and dragging you home.

Harry: You and Harry were out for a walk around town when you saw your best guy friend walking around with his little sibling. “Hey (Y/N)! What are you up to?” He said walking over to were you and Harry were standing looking at clothes through a window. “Just doing some window shopping nothing really, what are you doing?” You replied back to him as he got closer. “Oh, taking this little rugrat for their summer class.” He said. You noticed Harry shifting his weight awkwardly from side to side. “Oh well that’s cool. I’ll text you later, we should meet up sometime!” You said to him. “Yeah that’d be cool.” and with that he’d left and Harry walked away from you. “Harry wait up!” You called after him. “What’s wrong?” You said grabbing his arm to turn around and face you. “Nothing, you just never seem to talk to me when he’s around. It’s fine can we go eat now?” He said walking towards a small little cafe. “Harry, your not jealous of him are you?” You asked trying to hold back your laughter. “No!” He said abruptly. “Uh huh, okay.” You said back. “Harry, there’s nothing going on there. I’m sorry if I don’t talk to you when I’m with you but you know you could be a bit more social when your with my friends.” You said sitting down across from him. “Yeah I guess, sorry babe. I just, I don’t know. You always giggly around him and he’s got more time for you an-” “Harry, I’m dating you not him. Stop comparing yourself to everyone guy I talk to. Because in the end I’d chose you anyday because their not you.” You leaned forward and kissed his lips. “Okay. I love you.” ” And I love you”

Niall: “You’re over reacting!” You shouted to Niall in the living room while you were getting ready to go out with some friends. Your friend from when you were younger was going to be there and Niall knew about how he used to have a thing for you but nothing ever happened between the two of you. “I am not! It’s just you always have to see him like all the damn time!” Niall yelled to you in the bathroom. “I’m sorry I want to hang out with my FRIEND!” You put emphasis on the word friend for his sake. “What does he have that I don’t huh?” Niall said at the doorway pushing a chip into his mouth. “Manners.” You bluntly said. “Class, time for me, a normal life.” you said putting down your curler and looking at him. His eyes hurt. “So is that it? You just want a normal person? Fine then.” He said storming out of the doorway and plopping down onto the couch. “But; he’s not funny, cute, doesn’t jump high and certainly doesn’t make me feel like I’m the only one that matter’s.” He smiled at this and looked over to you. “He also doesn’t have you.” He said with a cheeky smile. You threw your head into his lap and he fiddled with a loose curl. “I love you” you said looking up at him. He bent down and kissed your forehead. “I love you too princess.”

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