One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


127. he sees you at a concert and he asks Paul to get him to meet you



Liam: It was right in the middle of ‘Tell Me A Lie’, you and your friends had managed to get front row seats to the concert and you were dancing like crazy singing along to the song. Your friend next to you was screaming Zayn’s name and he’d came over and stood right in front of her. He winked at her and she nearly passed out. Just then Liam came over next to him and caught your eye, after his part in the song he motioned Paul over to him and said something into his ear. Just like that he’d gone to the other side of the stage. Paul had vanished, you continued on with the concert watching the boys goof around when you felt someone tap your shoulder. You turned around to see Paul behind you, his face didn’t look happy. He pulled you aside next to the gate near the back. “Liam wanted me to ask you to meet him afterwards. So wait here and I’ll come get you after.” He nearly yelled at you over the loud music. You froze not even being able to think about what was happening. Once the concert was finished you stayed where your sits were at and so did your friend. Paul came back out, “Come on ladies.” He said smiling this time. Your friend and you followed him down a long hallway and to a corridor with doors labeled with the bands names. You got to a room that said ‘Zayn Malik’. “This stop is for her.” Paul said opening the door for your friend. She stepped in and the door quickly closed behind her. Paul and you walked a little further down until you reached a door that read ‘Liam Payne’ “There you go.” He said knocking on the door. Suddenly you saw a figure standing in front of you, his white button down still on but un-tucked. His tie was losened. “Uh, hi.” you stuttered a bit, looking Liam up and down a bit. He smiled and looked you up and down. “Hi, you wanna come in?” He said moving back a little so you could get in. You walked over to the couch and sat down on it. “So, what’s your name love?” he said getting two waters from the ice bucket. “Y/N” you said opening the bottle and taking a swig from it. “Lovely name” he said sitting next to you. “Thanks.” you said back smiling up at him. You guys sat like that for a few minutes not speaking. “So um, why did you bring me back here?” You asked trying to break the silence. “Well, Zayn wanted me to get your friend. Then I saw you and I wanted to get to know you. We’ve got to leave here soon so here’s my number. We should met up sometime the next time we’re around.” He stood up and got a pen and some paper. “um, wow okay.” You couldn’t quit process that this was happening so you just slid the paper into your jean shorts pocket. “(Y/N) come on! We’ve got to go!!” your friend yelled outside the door. You walked over to the door. “So text me or call me sometime?” Liam said. You nodded and smiled just before you closed the door behind you.


Louis: They were answering twitter questions and somehow yours had gotten picked as Louis’ favorite. “This one reads ‘Have you ever had an embarassing moment that the boys haven’t let you live down?’ well, (Y/T/N) yes.” The crowd broke out into screams, he answered it and then asked for you to be noticed so everyone in your area jumped around and screamed really loud. “Thank you for your lovely question!” Harry yelled laughing, Louis kept looking over and trying to find you. Eventually Niall walked over and pointed right at you. Louis walked to the edge of the stage and spoke some words to Paul keeping his eye contact on you. No one around you really seemed to notice. Suddenly you saw Paul walking over to the area you were sitting in. He pointed towards you and motioned for you to walk over to him. “Follow me.” He said and led you out of the arena and back to the back of the arena where their tour bus was. “Wait here until the show’s over. Should be shortly. The boys’ll then be out.” Paul said walking back into the building. Within minutes you heard voices coming out. “Well hello lovely.” Niall said walking past you. “I see Louis recruited you.” he began laughing and you were puzzled. Then Zayn and Harry walked out laughing. Then came along Louis who smiled when he saw you. “(Y/T/N)?” you laughed and he hugged you. “I’m (y/n).” you said inhaling his scent. “Well, (Y/N) I really liked your question. It was clever. Here.” he shoved a piece of paper into your hand that had his number and ‘call me(;’ written on it. You giggled a bit. “I’ll think about it.” You said and he got onto the bus.


Zayn: It was ‘Moments’ everyone had their phone’s out and was swaying them back and forth. You had managed to get some pretty good seats for the concert so you were in good view of the boys. After the song ended they went into ‘Up All Night’ and it was everyone’s favorite live performance. The boys were jumping around and so was the audience. The boys came to the edge of the stage and Zayn was standing right in front of you. They were doing their infamous hip thrusting. You must’ve caught Zayn’s eye because he flagged down Paul. He walked over to Zayn and they were discussing something. Paul walked away from him rolling his eyes and began to walk towards your general area. You started to get really nervous. Paul waved you over to him and you shoved past all the people that were in your row. “Zayn would like to meet you after the concert. Stay here and I’ll come get you when it’s cleared up.” He shouted into your ear. You nodded your head and went back to your seat with a huge smile on your face. The song ended and they only had a few more songs left to perform. Once it was over you told your friend what Paul had talked to you about and she decided to stay with you. After everyone had left other than you and your friend you saw Paul walk onto the stage. “Okay come one ladies.” He said motioning for you to come up on stage so you could go to the back. You both walked up to the stage and jumped on and followed Paul through the drums and guitars to were the boys dressing rooms were at. Once you reached Zayn’s he knocked on the door. Zayn opened the door and smiled “Hello love.” He said and moved aside so you could come in. You both just hung out and talked until Paul and Preston came around to tell them they had to leave. “Here’s my number, I’d love to see you again.” He said kissing your cheek and leaving.


Harry: It was right in the middle of I want and you’d managed to make your way to the front without people being totally nasty about it. You were in a really crowded area and you were starting to get pushed around a bit but you didn’t really mind. Harry saw people shoving and stuff and called Paul over to him. He was talking to him pointing right at you. Paul followed his gaze and nodded his head. Harry stood up and was yelling “Stay there, just stay put!” Over to you and you shook your head. Paul came in front of you and grabbed your elbow and led you to the side of the arena near the entrance of the stage. After their show was over Harry came out. “Sorry about them, their crazy. You okay love?” He said smiling at you. You nodded your head. “Yeah I was fine, just trying to get closer.” You giggled a bit. “Mate come on we gotta go.” Liam said coming up behind Harry. He smiled at you and you smiled back. “Have you got anything  I can write on?” Harry asked Liam. He nodded his head and took out a pen. Harry took your arm and wrote down a number. “Call me sometime babe yeah?” Harry said kissing your cheek. “Of course.” You replied and watched as they walked away.


Niall: After ‘More Than This’ Paul had come up to you and told you that Niall wanted to meet you. You were walking through the hallway down to where you would meet him. You were getting really nervous, you walked up to his door and Paul knocked on it. “Hang on!” You heard a Irish voice yell. You waited for a bout a minute and then the door opened to reveal a half naked Niall standing in front of you. He’d managed to pull on a white t-shirt and had some shorts on. “Hi.” You said quietly, you were a bit starstruck. “Hi, and your name?” He asked smiling at you. Damn that boy. “(Y/N)” You said collecting all the courage you had in you. He smiled again, “Come in.” he said moving aside so you could go in. It must’ve been a couple of hours until Preston came around to get him. “It was really great getting to know you, I don’t know. I just saw you and I knew I had to talk to you. Here put your number in.” He said handing you his iPhone. You typed it in and handed it back to him. You stood up and hugged him. “I’ll text you.” He said kissing your cheek and walking out.


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