One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


120. He Meets Your Parents


  Liam: “Come on in son.” Said your dad as Liam knocked on the door coming over for your official meet the family dinner. It was safe to say Liam was pretty petrified. You had told him not to worry that it was just your mom and dad but he had gotten it in his mind that your dad would not approve. “So son. After this band thing doesn't work out what else are you planning on doing?” Your dad immediately asks as you sat down. “Dad.” You groan but Liam just waves it off and gives the best answer he could. This was your entire meal, your dad asking him questions and Liam answering. By the time it was over you were tired out even though you did not talk one bit. “(Y/n) come help me get the ice cream.” Your dad said as your mother and Liam made their way towards the living room. “You picked a good one.” Was all he said as he handed you a few bowls. Smiling you just nodded as you sent a quick text to Liam 'he loves you babe! Xx' Maybe not love, but him saying that was good enough for you!     Louis: “Hey Louis! Mum wants to know if you'd be interesting in being the scarecrow at the Halloween carnival at school Saturday.” You call to Louis from the living room. “Sure.” He calls back not thinking anything of it. As Saturday rolls around you help him get ready all day and laugh as you draw all over his face. “Oh my what a lovely scarecrow!” Your mum says as she sees you both walking in. “And a very pretty princess too.” Louis says in your ear giving you a squeeze and you introduce the two. “Did (Y/n) do your makeup?” She asked getting a closer look at his face. “Oh yeah took her hours too.” He joked easily as your mother took him by the arm and laughed with him. “Well you and I both know she takes forever to do anything. Surprised you both made it on time!” She tells him as they walk away talking and laughing at you. “You better not show him any baby pictures.” You call out only getting a yeah yeah in return. No surprise when you get home Louis has a handful of his favorites.     Harry: “GO (Y/n)!” Harry yelled loudly as you walked onto the stage. You had entered your schools pageant and invited Harry and the lads to come. What you did not expect was the fact about how loud they were and the signs they brought. Although some were appropriate, like Liam's '(Y/n) looks lovely' the others about how good your boobs looked did not quite win everyone over. At intermission you walked over to find the guys laughing at their signs. “(Y/n) I knew you would like the sign.” Said Harry as he went to give you a kiss when a hmf was heard behind you two. “Such a great sign.” You dad said sarcastically behind you two. You could see Harry's face go completely white and found it amusing. Your dad was a bit intimidating but not that bad. “You looked lovely out there honey.” Purred your mother as you both gave them a hug. “This is Harry, Harry my parents.” You said as the awkward hand shake between the guys took place. “Well we will see you after!” Chirped your mother trying to get your father away from the scared Harry. “Next time I wouldn't talk about my boobs.” You teased Harry as the other lads bursted out laughing.     Niall: Your parents had decided they wanted to come and meet Niall, and at one of his shows too. You had said no at first saying it wouldn't be right that it is his job but Niall excitedly agreed. Before the show your parents arrived back stage and after a few minutes had bonded almost instantly with your parents. His easy going personality was enough for your mom and your dad found all the technology interesting. “So you see this right here lifts us onto the stage...” You could hear Niall telling your dad as you and your mom exchanged a look. “Watch them attempt to build a car next.” She said. “Why stop at car they should aim for a airplane.” You two laugh as Niall looks up giving you a wink knowing the laughing was probably at his expense.     Zayn: “Who came up with this idea again?” You whispered to Zayn as you both looked over the deck looking out at the back yard. “My mum.” He half groaned half laughed as you both looked at the sight in front of you both. You both decided to get the meeting the families out of the way and his mum had suggested a picnic type thing and your parents had agreed. However with about six kids running around and both of your parents talking about and disagreeing on everything you both agreed this was not the best idea. “On the bright side though.” Zayn began. “You parents like me.” He said easily causing you to raise your eyebrow. “I gave your dad a beer and complimented your mum.” He said doing a little victory dance. “Well my parents are just easy.” You tease back, “But the boys are a lot harder.” You say pointing to your brothers down below. “You guys do you want to wrestle with Zayn?” You call which they excitedly agree with. “Okay, but you better be ready to wrestle later on too.” Zayn said smirking as he made his way downstairs.
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