One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


35. He gets jealous



Niall:You and Niall were sitting around the house with nothing to do when he suggested that you go to a pub, and invite the boys. You and Niall get dressed and drive over to the pub. You say hi to the boys and start dancing. It was really crowded, since it was a Friday night. Niall waved you over to him and he gave you a shot glass. You downed it, and four more after that. You stumbled back to the dance floor, ready to dance. You climbed up on a table waved your hands in the air, making up your own dance. Someone where in the crowd you heard Harry holler, “Woo, go (Y/N)!” You smile and continue dancing until you feel someone leading you down from the table. You figured it was Niall, but you weren’t quite sure. You tried to focus your eyes as much as possible, but all you could see was a blurry figure. Oh, well. You followed the figure and started to dance with it. The dancing started getting intense when Niall saw you. He immediately came over and separated you and the man. “(Y/N), I think it’s time for you to come home.” he says, trying to lead you by the hand towards the door. “But Niaaaaallllll, I wanna stay!” you whined, tripping over your own feet and falling into Niall’s arms. You don’t even try to stop him when he picks you up and takes you home. 

Louis:You and Louis walk into Starbucks. The second you take off your over-sized sunglasses you see the barista smiling at you. Louis leads you over to the counter, where he orders. “And what will you be getting, love?” the barista asks, his focus totally on you. “Um, I’ll take a tall iced coffee, please.” you tell him, looking at your feet. “Sure thing, babe.” he says, and you and Louis go sit down at a booth and wait. Louis looks like he wants to say something, but he doesn’t. After a few minutes of silence, instead of you having to get up and go get the coffees, the barista brings them to you. You notice that there’s only one cup. “Thank you, but where’s my boyfriends coffee?” you ask him. He frowns and looks at Louis. “Oh yeah, I’ll be right back.” he walks away and comes back, setting Louis’ cup in front of him with a bang. “And here’s your receipt, but it’s on the house. And oh yeah, I forgot. One more thing.” you see him write down a phone number on the back of the receipt. He hands it to you with a wink and a smile. Louis’ had enough. He rips the paper from the barista’s hand a tears in into pieces, throwing it on the ground. “Listen, lad. I’ve had to sit here and watch you flirt with my girlfriend for long enough. She doesn’t need your number, and she doesn’t want your number. You’re rude, goodbye.” Louis picks up yours and his coffee’s and storms out. You take one last look at the barista, who is standing there with a shocked face, before running after Louis. You see him standing right outside the door, looking mad. You walk over to him and slip your hand in his. “Louis, babe. Calm down.” He looks at you. “But love, I just wanted to punch him in the face!” “Oh, Louis. I had no interest in him. Anyways, his outfit didn’t even match.” you wrinkle your nose and Louis smiles. “True dat, sista.”wuuuut.

Harry:You and Harry are walking around London when you accidentally bump into someone. You turn around. “I’m so sorr- Daniel? Is that you?” He turns around so you can see his face. (Y/N)? It’s been so long! I was just headed to get some lunch, wanna come?” You turn around and look at Harry, who gives a small nod. “You wanna come, Haz?” you ask him, wondering why he looks sad. “Nah, I’ll go home. See you later babe.” he says, starting his way back down the street. You give him a wave before going and catching up with Daniel. “Hey, was that Harry from One Direction?” Daniel asks, looking at you with wide eyes. “Umm, yes.” you answer, used to the question. “OMG guuuuurl, you are so lucky! You’ve always had a good taste in men. I’ve taught you well.” he says with fake proudness in his voice. “Oh, Daniel.” When you reach the restaurant, you order and continue talking, catching up on the past few years. A few hours later, you walk into your flat, setting your bags down and going into the living room. You see Harry, sleeping in a ball on the couch with his arms crossed. “Harry. Harry.” you gently shake him. His eyes slowly open and he sits up. “Harry, what’s wrong?” He straightens up. “Well, (Y/N). We’re walking, and then you suddenly leave with some guy I’ve never ever met before. Oh, and look at this. Great.” he opens his iPhone to a picture of you and Daniel at the restaurant, holding hands across the table. “Oh, Harry.” you sit down beside him. “Listen. I’m sorry I left our walk, I was just excited to see my old best friend who I haven’t seen in years. And as for the picture, Daniel grabbed my hand for support because he had recently told his homophobic father that he was gay.” Harry’s body relaxes, and he looks at you. “Really?” he asks. You nod, and fall into him. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). It’s just that I really don’t want to lose you.” “I know, Harry. I know.”

Liam:You and Liam were thinking about getting a dog. One day, you decided to finally do it. Liam drove you guys to the local animal shelter. As soon as you walked in, you wrinkled your nose in disgust. The place smelled. Horrible. You tugged on Liam’s sleeve. “LiLi, is this what our house is going to smell life when we get one of these?” you gesture the the dogs in the cages. Liam laughs. “No, babe. This is the smell of hundreds of un-washed animals. We’re getting one, and we’ll make sure it’s properly cleaned. Which one do you like?” he says. You walk over to the cage of a pug. It’s just sitting there, fat and lonely. “Babe, come here.” He comes over to you and peers in the cage. He looks at you. “Is this the one you want?” You smile and nod. “Are you sure? Once we get it, we can’t just give it back you know.” “I know, Liam. I just have a good feeling about this dog.” “Alright then.” he smiles and gets an attendant to get the dog. The attendant transfers the dog from the dark blue, dirty cage to a fresh pink one. “Does this dog have its shots? Does it have rabies? Can it get pregnant?” Liam showers the attendant with questions. She tells you that it does have its shots, it doesn’t have rabies, and yes, it can get pregnant. “Alright then, thank you.” Liam smiles at the lady and hands the cage to you. You hold it on your lap on the way home. As soon as you enter your flat, you set down the cage and let the dog loose. It slowly comes out of the cage, it’s fat lightly dragging the floor. You pick it up and bring it over to the couch, sitting it down on your lap. You talk to the dog for some reason, like it was able to understand you. Liam comes up beside you and looks sad. “Babe, whats wrong?” you ask him, setting the dog down. “Is that dog’s puppy face cuter that mine?” he asks, pouting and turning his face into the famous puppy dog face. You try to hold back a lough, looking between him and the dogs face. “Hmm, thats a tough one, but I’m gonna have to say yours.” he smiles and pulls you in for a kiss.


This one hasn´t got a "Zayn" I´m sorry :(

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