One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


13. He get’s jealous when he see’s someone flirting with you…



Liam: You and Liam had just finished having dinner at a new local restaurant. It was around 11pm when you left, with your arm around his bicep and his hand’s in his pockets, you started to walk home. On the way home, Liam turned to you and asked ‘Shall we get some ice cream? I’m in the mood for some.’ You smiled; it was your way of agreeing. You two got to the ice cream shop and waited behind as Liam ordered, when you felt someone bump into you. ‘Oh sorr- (y/n)?’ He said. You knew he looked familiar! It was one of your best friends ex boyfriends, whom you hadn’t seen since high school. ‘Daniel! I haven’t seen you in what? Three years?’ You said, happy to see an old friend. ‘Yeah, how have you been?’ he asked. You carried on having a quick catch-up, when Daniel asked ‘So, are you seeing anyone at the moment?’ He asked suggestively. Cue protective boyfriend. You heard the clearing of a throat and Liam put his arm around your shoulder while saying ‘Yeah. She’s with me. I’m Liam by the way.’ He said bluntly, while giving Daniel the death glare. ‘Oh ok, sorry, i- i didn’t know. Nice seeing you again (y/n)!’ Daniel nervously replied and walked out the shop. ‘Liam! He was just an old friend, we were catching up.’ You said. ‘I know, but he was so flirting! I don’t want to lose you (y/n).’ He said. ‘Liam, you are the only one for me, okay? Don’t forget that.’ You say, kissing the tip of his nose and taking his hand, while you walk out with your ice cream.

Niall: Having a boyfriend touring across the world had its perks. Going to visit him in LA, was one of them. Niall had a rare day off and the two of you decided on spending the day at the pool. You were catching some rays while Niall was in the pool, when he came up to you. ‘You’re blocking my sun babe.’ You said. Niall laughed ‘I’m going to get some drinks, want anything?’ ‘I’m ok, thanks.’ You replied as he went off to get drinks and you carried on sunbathing. Once again, someone was blocking your sun! You start to get up and take off your sunglasses ‘Niall, i don’t want anything!’ You said once again, only you soon realised it was not your boyfriend. It was a boy, who looked around your age. ‘Oh, sorry.’ You mumbled. ‘It’s okay, I was just wondering what a pretty lady like you was doing all alone at the pool. Want to join me for a swim?’ He asked politely. You blushed and replied ‘Oh, I’m not here alone and I’ll pass, but thanks for the invite!’ you say with a smile. The boy pouts, ‘Please?’ He says. ‘Only for a bit.’ You say. The boy stands up and offers his hand ‘come on then.’ He says. You deny his request to holding your hand, you simply get up and fold your arms as you walk over, trying to be polite. You see Niall coming over behind the boy and you call over to him. ‘Niall!’ You call. Niall comes over and ‘accidently’ bumps into the boys back, causing the boy to fall into the pool. ‘Niall! You can’t do that!’ you say. ‘He was hitting on you, it was so obvious.’ He says. You laugh, ‘I know, but he seemed nice.’ ‘All boys seem nice when they’re flirting (y/n). You’re my princess ok?’ He says adding a wink. ‘Oh, i think everyone knows now.’ You both laugh.

Louis: It was one of the hottest days of the year in Britain, and what better way to spend it at the beach! Seeing as it was a school day, not that many people were there and very few recognised Louis. You and Louis were sunbathing and at around noon Louis asked ‘I want ice cream, do you want some ice cream love?’ ‘I think you know the answer to that question Lou.’ You both giggle. ‘Two ice creams coming up’ He says getting up, and walking over to the ice cream stand. You lie there, sunbathing, minding your own business when a ball suddenly gets thrown your way. A boy who looked a little older than you came over and apologised. ‘It’s okay, don’t worry’ you sit up and offer a smile. The boy comes to sit next to you. ‘You know, if you’re alone you can come and sit with me and my friends, if you want, you don’t have to.’ He smiles and winks. Louis overheard this, so crouches down behind the boy and puts a hand on his shoulder ‘She’s with me mate, now leave us alone.’ The boy is surprised as he quickly turns around. He starts turning red, obviously quite scared and embarrassed. He quickly get’s up, take’s the ball and walks away. ‘Bye’ He mumbles awkwardly and you say bye to him too. ‘Louis, the poor thing looked so scared! You didn’t have to be so mean.’ You laugh a little. ‘I know, but he wouldn’t have got the message, so I had to scare him.’ He says, handing your ice cream. ‘I love you’ he says. ‘I know that Louis and I love you too.’ You say, kissing his cheek.

Harry: You and Harry hadn’t had a proper night out in ages, so decided you and your group of friends would visit your friends club. You were had come back from dancing to sit with Harry and the boys, when Harry asked ‘let’s get some more drinks, what do you want lads?’ The boys and their girlfriends each replied with what they want and as Harry got up, you said ‘Babe, I’ll go get these, you stay here.’ You smiled and went off to get the drinks ‘Is that all?’ The bartender asked. ‘Yeah, thanks’ you replied. You were waiting for your drinks when you felt a tap on your shoulder, thinking it was just Harry you turned around. ‘Hi.’ He said. ‘Oh, hey there.’ You said with a smile. ‘I noticed you dancing earlier, you’re really beautiful.’ He said, looking down at his feet. Ah, a shy one you thought to yourself. You laughed ‘Thanks.’ ‘I was wondering if you wanted to go out some time.’ He asked nervously. You realize he thought you were single and say ‘Oh, no, no I ha-‘ ‘She has a boyfriend. Me.’ Harry stated wrapping his hand around your waist, a very tight grip, and planting a kiss on your cheek. ‘Oh.. oh, so-sorry. I-i didn’t realize. B-bye.’ He says scurrying off, obviously intimidated. You look at him and laugh, ‘Never knew you’d get this jealous babe.’ You tease. ‘Well your mine, and he obviously didn’t know. It was just a friendly reminder for him to back off.’ He says with a wink.

Zayn: It was date night and you and Zayn had decided to do something different, so you guys went to a fancy bar in the centre of London. You guy sat down and Zayn said he would go and get drinks. As he went off to fetch your drinks, you were on your phone, when you heard someone clearing there throat. ‘Hi, (y/n)?’ He asks. ‘yeah… oh my god! James?’ you say shocked, getting up to give him a hug. ‘Last time I checked.’ He said. ‘Wow, you’ve changed so much! What brings you to London?’ You ask. ‘Oh, just work related stuff. Boring, really. I Haven’t seen you since I moved schools in year… year 8? Wow that was ages ago!’ he says. ‘I know! So how’s life?’ you ask. You both proceed to talk about work and your families, when James says ‘Hey, I was wondering, I’m in town for a few more nights, would you like to go for dinner?’ he asks. It just so happened, Zayn was done with getting drinks at that moment and over heard, he felt it was time he joined the conversation. ‘Hi, I’m (y/n)’s boyfriend.’ Zayn said. ‘Oh, hi, um, i didn’t realise, um, that you had a boyfriend. Sorry.’ He says apologetically. ‘Yeah, whatever. Go hit on someone else’s girlfriend.’ Zayn says while James gets up and hurriedly walks away. ‘Bye’ you half heartedly shout, while Zayn takes a seat in front of you. You look at him and let out a little giggle. ‘You’re look hot when you’re jealous.’ You say with a wink. ‘I was not jealous! I just telling him. You left some vital information out of your conversation.’ He says, smirking. ‘We didn’t really talk about relationships, Zayn.’ You take his hand and rub circles on the back of it, while saying ‘Babe, I love you and I only want you. So you don’t always need to be so protective.’ He nods, knowing that you know he will still be protective, no matter what he says, and leans in for a kiss. ‘I love you too, (y/n).’

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