One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


22. He doesnt like something your wearing:



Harry: It was your second anniversary with Harry, and he decided to take you out to your favorite restaurant. It was more on the classy side, so you had to wear your best dress and heels. Harry had texted you to tell you he was on your way, and to start getting ready. Slipping on your dress, you quickly curled your hair and did your makeup. You were just about to head downstairs when you poked back into your bathroom, grabbing your perfume bottle and spraying a little on yourself. Looking one last time in the mirror, you went to join Harry in the car. “Hey babe.” He greeted you as you got into the car. You gave him a kiss and sat back in the seat as he started driving. “(Y/N)… What perfume do you have on?” He randomly asked. “Just (insertrandomperfumehere). Why?” His eyebrows scrunched together. “It smells awful. No offense darling.” You gasped and playfully hit his arm. “Shut up and enjoy it.”


Liam: Last night, you and Liam had hosted a small little party at your flat. And of course, since Niall was there, he had eaten all of your food. So tonight, you two decided to go out to eat. After debating for hours on where to go, you finally settled on a nice Italian restaurant. You were standing in your closet, stumped as to what to wear. “Li!” You called from your room. “What are you wearing, babe?” “Just a plaid shirt and some jeans. Just wear a dress (Y/N)!” Puckering your lips, you moved your clothes around and finally, your eyes landed on a baby blue dress in the back. You had just gotten it a couple days ago, but hadn’t showed Liam yet.  Tonight, you decided, would be the night you showed it to him. After getting ready, you walked down stairs and sat on the couch, waiting for Liam. When he finally came down, he stopped in his tracks. “Wow.” He said. “You like?” You giggled, getting up and doing a little twirl. “I like but.. Dont.. Dont you think its a little, y’know.. Short?” You looked down. “Its not that short!” You put your hands on your hips. “I just dont want any guys checking you out,” He placed his hand on your back and started pushing you to the car. “Thats all.”


Louis: The boys had just gotten home from their tour, so you would be able to spend some time with your boyfriend, Louis. You woke up to a new text from him, asking if you wanted to walk around town for a bit. You gladly agreed and started to wake up. He said he would be over at your flat in 30 minutes, so you hopped up to get ready. Lazily, you slipped on some sweats and an old t-shirt and threw your hair up into a bun. Sliding on your sunglasses, you grabbed your phone and headed outside. Louis was already getting out of the car as you closed the door. “Lou!” You called as you ran into him, giving him a huge hug. “Hey love! I missed you.” He gave you a quick kiss. “Why arent you ready to go yet?” He frowned a bit. “What do you mean?” You said, pulling back a bit. “I am ready!” He raised his eyebrows. “Oh.. Are you sure you want to wear that?” He asked. “Yes im sure! Now get in the car Mr. Sassy pants.” Chuckling, he got in the car with you and drove off.


Niall: In two days, it would be your birthday. So your boyfriend, Niall, decided to take you shopping to pick out an outfit for your birthday dinner with him and the boys. The dress was already picked out and bought, but you couldn’t seem to find the perfect pair of shoes to match. Finally, you headed to {insertrandomshoestorenamehere}. Walking up and down the isles, your eyes wandered over hundreds of shoes. Niall was still an isle behind when your spotted a  black pair of heels. “Niall!” You gasped as he ran over to you. “What? Whats wrong?” You pointed at the shoes. “Look at them! They’re perfect!” You walked over and picked up the shoe, inspecting them more. You put them back down to find a pair in your size. Grabbing the box, you sat down on the little bench to try them on. Once both shoes were in place, you stood up. To test them out, you walked up and down the isle, then finally to Niall. His face was twisted a little. “You  dont like them?” You asked, looking down at the shoes then back to his face. “No i do its just.. Couldnt you find smaller heels? So that you’re not taller then me?” You looked up and realized you were taller then him, by almost half a foot. “Aw sorry Ni.” You took off the shoes and gave him a quick kiss.


Zayn: Your high school was doing a play, and you had volunteered to help out in the fashion department. You always had a thing for fashion, but never pursued a career in it or anything. The play was going to be set in the future, so there would be alot of shiny silver. Once the play was over, you headed backstage to put away the outfits when a certain skirt caught your eye. It was a silver pencil skirt and for some reason, you loved it. Just then, the directer came back stage. “You can have it, if you want.” Your eyes shot open and you turned to face the directer. She smirked. “We were just gonna give all the clothes away anyway, might as well have something.” And with that, she left. You smiled and grabbed the skirt, heading to your car to go to your flat. You shared your flat with your boyfriend, Zayn, who was recording today. You decided to surprise him with the new skirt, so you put on a black tank top to go with the skirt. Hungry, you went to the kitchen to start making dinner. A few minutes later, the door to your flat opened. “Babe, where are you?” You heard Zayn call. “In the kitchen!” You called back. “Dont come in yet i have a surprise for you.” You could hear him set his stuff down on the table, the plop down on the couch. Putting down the food, you crept up behind him. “Okay turn around..Now!” You called. He got up and turned to face you, his face amused. “Oh..” Was all he said. “Dont you love the skirt?! The directer let me keep it! It’ll be great when we go out.” You smiled. “Erm.. (Y/N) its.. really.. shiny. Like, wow.” Frowning, you looked down at the skirt. “But i like it.” You pouted He gave you a sympathetic smile and walked over, pulling you into a hug. “And if you like it, then i love it.” He said as he gave you a kiss on your nose.


(: -Angelica x

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