One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


2. First fan encounter…


  Liam: You had come home early from work, because it was closing time soon and there were barely any customers. You were looking forward to a long night in with your boyfriend, Liam. You turned the key and walked in to your shared apartment. ‘Liam!?’ You yelled while walking straight to the kitchen while taking off your jacket and placing it on a stool. You grabbed a takeaway leaflet from the counter and began to wander around, when you heard Liam talking to someone. ‘What is he doing?’ You muttered to yourself. You walk in to see Liam on his computer, talking to his fans. Of course, the king of twitcams was doing a twitcams. ‘Hey Li, what you up to?’ You ask. ‘A twit cam, want to join?’ He asked, raising a brow jokingly. He knew how much you didn’t like going on twitcams, because certain ‘fans’ liked to hate on you because they though you were a gold digger. You weren’t good with dealing with hate, so were scared to join his twit cam ‘No, Liam. I’m going downstairs, see you in a bit.’ You say blowing him a kiss, and quickly turning to leave. ‘No! Don’t go, stay?’ he asks. He starts to pull the cute face, his beautiful big brown eyes, the pouty lip, the way his… no! You weren’t falling for it again. ‘you know why?’ You whine/whisper. ‘They love you. and they want you here too!’ Please?’ He says, dragging out the end of the ‘please’. ‘Fine, only for a bit then i’m going to order dinner.’ ‘Look who’s decided to join me guys! Aren’t you excited? This is your first proper time, talking to all the fans!’ Liam said excitedly. You smiled and thought about how bad it could really be, there’d always be haters, but Liam would be there, and 99% of the true fans would back you up too. You had nothing to worry about.

Niall: You and your best friend were out shopping. You were buying a few things for your trip to America, to visit you boyfriend, Niall while he was on tour. You and your best friend were currently  ’I have spent so mu-’ You didn’t get to finish. ‘What is your problem?! You’ve been following us around, and whispering an- and wai- wait? What? what are you doing? are you taking a photo? Don’t take a photo. Oh my god. Security. Security! These girls are stalki-’ She yells. ‘Jess! Stop it. You’re over reacting! They’re probably just fans of Niall or the rest of the boys, alright, calm down.’ You say, reassuring her. ‘Oh yeah! Sorry, forgot your boyfriend is in a world famous band.’ She says putting emphasis on the ‘boyfriend’ and ‘world famous band’, and turning around to face the girls. You couldn’t help but giggle at this. You turn to face the girls too, who now look terrified, and say ‘Sorry guys. I can’t take her anywhere. She didn’t mean to yell, she just had no idea.’ You say laughing. ‘Don’t worry, we’ll just go.’ They say kind of scared. ‘Oh, wait. See what you’ve done jess!’ You say playfully slapping her arm. She grabs her arm, and mouths ‘ow’. ‘I really am sorry girls. Niall said to me, if you there are fans following you, just smile at them like you would to any other stranger, and carry on doing what you’re doing. So that’s what I did but, Jessy here decided to muck that up. So i am really sorry.’ You can see the girls loosen up, and are pleased with yourself for bieng so kind. ‘It’s okay, we didn’t want to bother you. That’s why we tried to follow you around, until your friend started yelling.’ They say, laughing. ‘Well, thanks for that. How about you give me your twitter names and i’ll hack into Nialls account, and get him to follow you?’ You offer, smiling. ‘Yeah! That would be amazing! Thanks! You’re so sweet.’ You get their twitters and are about to head off. ‘Jessy. Apologise.’ You say. ‘ugh. fine ‘mum’. I’m sorry, i completely forgot her boyfriend was Niall fucking horan, and his groupies would follow his girlfriend around.’ She says. You exit the shop and head to go get some lunch. While eating lunch your phone starts buzzing frequently. You had so many mentions! Why? The girls tweeted their encounter and everyone thought you were the sweetest person ever. Turns out your first fan encounter left a great impression on the fandom.

Louis: You were meeting up with your cousin today, for a catch up session and you’d decided to grab a coffee. You headed towards starbuck’s with your cousin and waited in line. You were talking about things that had happened since the last time you met up, but you started to get kind of paranoid. You were hoping and praying inside your head, that you hadn’t been recognised by your boyfriend, Louis’ fans. You had never run into fans before, and you didn’t know what to do if it ever did happen. The girls carried on whispering and started doing something on their phones, taking photos or videos you suspected. Luckily, they didn’t actually come up to you- that is, until you were headed out of starbucks. ‘Excuse me, are you (y/n)? as in Louis Tomlinsons girlfriend.’ You smiled nervously at the girls. ‘Yeah, i am..’ You say. ‘Oh my god! That is so cool! I have technically met Louis. I am so happy right now. Seriously, can you follow me on twitter? oh my god. it would make my year.’ She rants. You laugh nervously ‘Yeah sure, just give me your twitter.’ The girl gives you her twitter, and you follow her. You carry on talking for a while and learn they’re nice girls, after they’ve calmed down a little.

Harry: You and the other girlfriends were going out to a bar, seeing as your boyfriends were all on tour. You guys thought since the boys are together, you’d meet up a lot more than usual, especially when missing the boys. You had decided you would buy the next round of drinks, so you walked up to the bar. ‘Hey, can I have 4 vodka sours please?’ You ask the bartender, who is busy making drinks. ‘Yeah sure- wait! Aren’t you Harry Styles’ girlfriend?’ She asks. ‘Yeah, i am. But shh… because i have no idea how to talk to his fans!’ You say. You were always nervous about meeting fans, you never knew what you were allowed to say, but this fan seemed much nicer and less scream-in-your-face type. ‘You’re talking to me, and thats fine.’ She says smiling. You two start talking and are interrupted when Danielle comes up and asks you if you want a hand with the drinks. ‘I’m alright, thanks dan.’ You say. ‘Well, it was nice meeting you and i’ll talk to you later.’ She was really down to earth, and seemed really nice, so you had ended up switching numbers and arranging to meet in a few days. Your first fan encounter went extremely well!

Zayn: ‘Where is he? They should be here by now.’ You mutter to yourself. ‘Guys, i just got a text from Lou… there flights late, air traffic or something. They’re going to arrive an hour later than expected.’ Eleanor informs you and Danielle, who are waiting for the boys to get off tour. You were surprised there weren’t many fans here, there were only a small group of them. Danielle heads off to go get you guys some coffee, so you and Eleanor are talking, when a young girl, and what looks like her older sister start walking towards you. ‘Shit, El, what do i do? I’ve never met the fans before!’ She couldn’t reply because the two girls were already next to you. ‘Hi,’ The younger one says, with a toothy grin. ‘You’re Louis and Zayns girlfriends right?’ She asks. ‘Yeah we are.’ You say with a cute smile. ‘Why might you ask?’ Eleanor asks. ‘Are you girls fans?’ You ask. You and Eleanor obviously could not stop thinking about how cute this little girl was, with her missing teeth, fairy wings and wand and pigtails. ‘Yeah.’ She says nodding her head, shyly. ‘Yeah, we were hoping we could get a picture? We love you guys, i have a fan account for you two and Danielle. You’re all the perfect couples!’ The older sister pipes in. ‘Sure, course you can get a picture!’ You say, standing up. ‘Aren’t you just the cutest little thing!’ You say to the girl, tapping her gently on her nose. You and Eleanor crouch down when taking a picture with the younger girls. After you had got their twitter, and they had their pictures. You and Eleanor started talking to them. The little girl was too cute, looking at you two with a smile, while the older girl was doing something on her phone. Probably tweeting. ‘What’s your name princess?’ You asked the younger girl. ‘Rosie.’ She replied. She was a shy one! ‘How old are you Rosie?’ Eleanor asked. ‘Six.’ She replied. You carried on talking to the girls, until their mother called them away to go to their flight. ‘Bye girls, lovely meeting you.’ You and Eleanor smile, but then the little girl hugs both of your legs and runs off to hold her mums hand. ‘She was adorable! I want one!’ You say to eleanor. ‘Me too!’ She says. You couldn’t stop aww’ing at how cute she was, so you both tweeted about it. You also tweeted a picture of it. There was nothing to worry about, perhaps the fact that she was more scared of you made you feel a little more superior towards the fans, but if this was your first fan encounter, then the rest would be a doddle.

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