One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


31. Finds you naked.


  Harry: After taking a nice hot shower, you step out in search to find a towel to wrap you up. You thought you brought one; but later did you realize that you forgot one! So, as quickly as you could you tried to run through the apartment to the linen closet and there stood Harry. "Wow," Harry said speechless. "Y/N; towels are over there," he pointed to a closet, which you soon realize that it's right next to the bathroom door. "Sorry!" You tried telling Harry but he had a grin the whole time he saw your flawless body. Zayn: Zayn told you earlier you could invite one friend up so you could try out his new pool. Around late at night, your friend and you decided to go skinny dipping, and once you started stripping you can see Zayn sitting out in the dark with his cell phone lighting up his face. You had a blank stare and your jaw locked; he was just barely a foot away from you. "Sorry Y/N; I didn't know," He said as he tried to catch as many glimpses of your naked body as he can. "It's fine, it's my fault," you said as you pulled your shirt over your bare skinned torso. Louis: You and the boys were going swimming at the beach on vacation and you had a new bathing suit you were so anxious to try on. You decided to pull your bottoms on first, but had a hard time getting them over your thighs from being extremely tight. "Y/N!" you heard Louis' voice call out from the hallway. You tried your best to find something to cover up with, but it didn't work when Louis came storming in the room and seeing your bare body. "Uh," is all he had to say. "Oh my god Louis! Know how to knock?" you raised your voice at him. "Well, I did scream your name Y/N, but I'm not complaining by the view I have right now," Louis said as his eyes skimmed your body. Liam: You and Harry have been together for a while now, and last night was the first for you two. Harry went to go wash your clothes last night since you both had a flour fight from baking. You were completely nude and had to find something to wear quickly because you had to use the restroom. You scattered throughout Harry's room and couldn't find a single thing. You started to worry, so you try and cover your breasts and your privates and walked out of the room to the bathroom to grab a towel. Right when you're turning the knob of the door, you noticed Liam was in there finishing up brushing his teeth and his jaw drops; skimming with his eyes on your curvy, bodacious body. "Jesus! Sorry Liam!" you try and tell him just as you were gonna close the door. "It's fine, Y/N; just don't tell Harry," he says as he winks at you. Niall: Niall is like a brother to you, and today was the big day of the VMA's and he invited you as your date. He planned on stopping by before to see what you were wearing. You took a shower and went to your room to find what you were wearing. The dress you picked out was a little big on you and you couldn't wear either a bra or knickers. You had trouble zippering it up; but you could hear Niall walking into your apartment since you gave him keys. You tried hard to get your zipper up but it didn't work. "I'm here Y/N!" Niall hollers throughout your tiny apartment. "Uh, hold on!" you shout back at him. You could hear his footsteps get closer and closer; and before you knew it he was there. "Need help, Y/N" Niall asked you as he walked towards you open hand. He tried to zipper up your dress; but the zipper broke and you could hear it fall of the seam. "It, uh, broke," Niall managed to spit out. You looked in the mirror and turned around to see the zipper completely ruined. You accidentally let go of the dress and it falls right down to the ground revealing your sunkissed, nude body. "Um, Y/N," Niall says as you just stood there awkwardly, then immediately react to it by picking the dress up and hugging it in front of you. "Sorry!" you worried. "I like the birthmark on your left breast," Niall jokingly said as you both laughed.
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