One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


103. Fighting Turns Into Sex (requested)




Liam: You were talking to Liam about your day as he dosed off and starred at the floor. “So you’ll do it for me, babe?” you asked off topic to grab his attention “Oh yeah, sure.” he said completely unaware of what he just agreed to. “Great.” you said smiling at him. “You do know what you just agreed to, right Liam?” you asked “Yeah. Yeah of course.” Liam said nervously “Would you mind doing it now then?” you asked “Um… What was it again that I was supposed to do?” Liam asked feeling guilty. “This is exactly what I was talking about last night. But I doubt you were listening then either.” you said aggravated. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry I really am! Come sit tell me again I’ll listen this time I promise!” he said expecting things to be fine. “I had a horrible day and you seriously did not make anything better.” you said while making your way to your room. You laid on the bed and shut your eyes when a shadow hovered over you. Liam began to kiss you all over “Liam stop.” you said angrily but completely not meaning it. “Shh.. Let me make it up to you.” he said while beginning to slip your clothes off. 


Louis: You were really insecure lately and Louis knew that. You were eating ice cream in the kitchen when Louis walked in. “I see you’re doing well with your diet.” he said jokingly “Shut up.” you replied while shoving more ice cream in your mouth. “Calm down thunder thighs it was just a joke.” he said while slapping your right thigh. You put the ice cream in the freezer and threw the spoon in the sink. You crossed your arms and starred at him. “Want a different flavor?” Louis asked not realizing you were upset. You ran up to your room in tears. You slammed the door in his face and began to weep. He swung the door open and approached you. He lifted up your chin and looked you in the eyes. He kissed you passionately then wiped your tears. “You’re beyond beautiful. You are perfection. I love you because I can kid around with you. I would never say anything like that to meaningly hurt you. I’m sorry.” he explained. You looked into his eyes once more before he kissed you while leading you to the bed.


Harry: You told Harry you didn’t like him hanging around Caroline, his ex, because you didn’t trust her. For some reason he didn’t take you seriously and continued to make plans with her. You decided to be spiteful. You invited over your ex to “catch up” just as payback. “Hey baby.” Harry said as he arrived home, before realizing you weren’t home alone “Oh. Hello Y/E/N.” Harry said while glancing over at you. You smiled “He was just leaving.” you informed Harry as you led your ex to the door. “It was really nice seeing you.” You said before shutting the door and turning to Harry “So. How’s Caroline?” you asked sarcastically. “Are you kidding? You had him here when I wasn’t home? Are you insane?” Harry yelled “Well you don’t listen to me when I tell you I don’t want you around Caroline so why should I care about what you say to me?” You screamed back. “Because I wouldn’t dream of touching her when I have you.” he claimed “You act like I would do you wrong Harry!” you scolded “He would!” he yelled “And so would Caroline! Do you see what I’m saying now?!” you questioned. “Don’t you ever do that to me again.” Harry said before pushing you up against the wall and kissing you. He led you to the bed “If you ever see that witch again, Harry so help me God I swear this will be the last time you get me in this bed.” you said before getting down to business. 


Niall: You and Niall were on and off. You’d be perfect for a while and then fight over something stupid and break up. This time was a little more serious. Niall would leave you to go hang out at Pubs and Bars and everything in between. He came home completely sober after being out “drinking” all night. “It’s 5 in the morning babe, where have you been?” you asked. “I met the guys at a bar.” he explained. “Niall I love that you make time for both me and the guys, but lately I feel like you’ve only been making time for them. And seriously I’m sure it was a blast but it’s 5 in the morning. Didn’t the bars close like hours ago?” you questioned “We went back to Louis and Harry’s afterwards.” he claimed. “Whatever.” you said “Don’t get mad I was just-” you cut him off “Really Niall I could care less. You could have just told me you don’t want to spend time with me.” you headed for the door when Niall grabbed your arm and pulled you close to him. “I never meant to make you feel that way. You mean more to me than anything.” he explained before kissing you and carrying you upstairs to show you he meant what he had just said.


Zayn: You and Zayn were at a party. He kept walking away from you and flirting with other girls. You had no idea what made him think this was okay, but you weren’t going to let that ruin your night. You were approached by a random guy and asked if you wanted to dance. Perfect. You followed his lead to the dance floor and began to dance on him. You purposely positioned yourself right where Zayn could see you. It didn’t take long to get his attention. He pushed the girls out of the way and walked up to you angrily. “What are you doing?” he said while pulling you off the stranger. “Dancing!” you said with a smile. “Yeah I see that. With some guy. Why?” he asked completely oblivious “Well I figured you wouldn’t care considering I noticed you made some friends.” you said pointing to the girls who were still starring at Zayn. “Come with me.” Zayn said leading you to an empty bedroom. “You’re the only one I want. Okay?” He said while cupping your face. You locked the door “Shut up and give me what I want.” you demanded.

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