One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


177. Fake dating turns to real love.



Louis: You were hired as an actress to be Louis fake girlfriend after a bad break up with Eleanor Calder. You and Louis had talked before but it was nothing special. On a sunny day you had gotten a call to go to the beach with Louis for publicity. You put on your bikini and got ready for the beach, you got a text from Louis beforehand saying he wanted to make a few things clear. He told you that his break up with Eleanor hit him deep, he told you that he wouldn’t let it effect his mood. As you arrived at the beach with Louis, you got out of the car and smiled out at the ocean. It was truly beautiful. Louis came next to you and wrapped his hand around yours, “lets go babe!” he said being on the bright side. He and you started running for the water, hand in hand and when you got there he picked you up and threw you in. You and him had lots of fun, just splashing and playing. After you were tired you went up to lay out after a while Louis joined you and he held your hand, “You know (y/n) I really enjoyed today, thanks, you really took my mind off of my break up…” he smiled at you. You smiled back “I had a lot of fun too Louis, and don’t worry about her, she doesn’t deserve someone like you.” After talking for a while it was clear to you that he thought more of you. “Louis my back hurts… can you look at it?” “Sure, babe.” he replied lifting himself up, “Did you put on any sunscreen?” he asked. “A little, why?” you replied. “Well your back looks pretty red, let me put some cream on it!” he got some Aloe Vera cream quickly and started to massage your back, you moaned at the relief of pain and he smiled. “Thank you so much Louis!” you said sitting up, with him sitting beside you. Louis looked in your eyes and moved strands of hair from your face with his finger. “You have beautiful eyes (y/n).”, you blushed and looked down. Louis put his finger underneath your chin and slowly picked your head up to match his as he leaned in close. You hesitantly followed and he pressed his lips to yours, the warmth and smoothness of his lips overwhelmed you. He pulled away and you both smiled, following each others glances you leaned in again, this time quicker for a little tongue action. He had completely forgot his breakup. 

Zayn: Zayn was forced to get a girlfriend for publicity so he got a list of ordinary girls and pictures. He chose you. At first you didn’t like Zayn at all. His charm overwhelmed you in a bad way, you actually tried to quit. But that’s the thing that drew him closer to you. The thrill of having someone not like him, made him want you more. One day Zayn came to your doorstep with flowers and a box of chocolates. You answered. “What the…” is all you said as he got on one knee. All you could think was how much of an idiot he was being, and yet you smiled. “(y/n)… I know I haven’t been the best boyfriend, but will you please let me have a chance?” he smiled his cute baby smile and looked at you with wide, hopeful eyes. “Okay, you can!” you said giving in to how sweet he was being. Zayn got up and hugged you. Giving you the flowers and chocolate and kissing your cheek. You blushed and took your gifts to your room as he followed. “Well what did you have in  mind on doing today?” you asked him, eager to hear his plan. “Well I thought that could be a surprise!” he said grinning. You grinned back and he took you in his car. He drove up to a empty outdoor stage that was used for acting and singing. He rushed you to the front and sat you down front row. He then jumped up on stage and the light technician dimmed the lights till a spot light was only on him and you. He started to sing, “Beauty queen of only 18 she, had some trouble with herself. He was always there to help her, she, always belonged to some-one-else.” It was She will be loved by Maroon 5. You loved this song and the way he sang it made your heart race. He got to the part where he began to sing “I don’t mind spending everyday…” and 4 guys picked you up and began to sing with him. It was the other boys, they carried you to the stage where Zayn was singing and smiling at you, he took your hand and spun you around. “Out on the corner in the pouring rain.” Rain started to fall and you screamed and laughed at how wet you both got. He singed to you and danced around the stage with you. At the end of the song he pulled you in close on the last line “She will be looooooveddd…..” he finish and your lips connected feeling a spark that neither of you could contain.

Liam: Liam and Danielle were apart, she left him because all of a sudden she got hate from fake pictures of her with another guy. She couldn’t take it so she just broke up with Liam. Liam was left heart broken. Harry and the boys couldn’t take it anymore so Harry went over to your house, you had told him you were trying to find the right guy, and you were going on numerous dates a week to try to find him. You heard the door bell ring, it was Harry. You opened the door and he explained what had happened. You new how sweet Liam was and felt bad, so you decided to go along with Harry’s plan. Liam showed up on time at your house. You opened the door in your bikini. “Hey (y/n) Har-… are we going swimming?” he looked up and down your body, his eyes grew wide. You could tell he was gawking but you could also tell how hard he was trying to look at your eyes which made you feel bad. “Hey Liam! Ya! Harry had your swim trunks over here, i have no idea why but i guess its just good luck!” you smiled at him and he smiled back. “Well okay! I guess I’ll just go put them on.” he said awkwardly walking to the bathroom. You made your way out to the Hot tub in your backyard, and started to relax. A minute later Liam came out and stepped in, you haven’t seen him shirtless in a while, it kind of made your heart race when you saw how good his body looked. You guys talked for a while and then he started to get emotional. “I just… I can’t stop thinking about her…” he mumbled letting a small tear fall down his cheek. You moved closer and wiped his cheek and held his face with your hands bringing his eyes to yours. “It’ll be okay. I promise.” He smiled and hugged you. You went to kiss him on the cheek and miscalculated your aim. Your lips grazed his and he kind of connected back with yours. You pulled away quickly in shock of how much you didn’t want to pull away. “What was that..?” Liam said kind of moving away touching his lips. “I- I didn’t mean to… I just was gonna kiss you on the cheek, YOU MOVED!” you yelled, feeling guilty and splashing him. Liam laughed “It’s okay (y/n)! I understand he said moving back close to you. You calmed down “thank god…” you said putting your hand on his leg. He looked at you and for some reason you knew that you could both feel this weird tension in the air. He put his hand on your and you both moved in quickly sucking face. The breaths you took were short and tongues connected. You grabbed his shorts and started to pull and he placed his hands on your breasts. Hesitant he pulled away lowering his head. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me… I just had this feeling looking into your eyes. It made me feel like everything was okay.” he went on rambling until you stopped him “Liam. I feel it too. I don’t want you to feel bad! I think this is something we shouldn’t ignore.” You’re words grew softer as you both leaned in again and let your sensations take over. 

Harry: Harry had gotten so much attention in the past few weeks and the management had to stop it. They found an average girl for him to “date” just to try to calm the mob. That girl was you. You and Harry were instantly a thing, and had gone on about 6 “dates” for the publicity. You began to actually like Harry, and he kind of did too. Paparazzi didn’t have any pictures of you kissing yet, because you have never kissed him. He picked you up in the afternoon, “where are we going today?” you asked smiling at him. “Well I’m hungry so I was thinking we could go get some ice cream, i know a really nice place.” he said driving away,  you were excited because you were really in the mood for some ice cream. When you arrived you found that it was one of the old parlors, that had 80’s decor and you thought were amazing. You and him held hands and walked into the ice cream parlor. You both got your favorite flavor of ice cream in a cone. While waiting for it to be prepared you both spun around in your stools, it made the authentic squeaking noise that made you happy. You both laughed at how childish you were being and got your ice cream. You exited the parlor and he told you to follow him, a block away was a huge park. He grasped your hand and you ran down the giant hill, which was your way of entering the park. He picked you up at the end of the hill and spun you around ice cream in hand. You laughed “Put me down!!” you said giggling. He laughed and laid you down in the grass, laying over you. He looked into your eyes and got closer. As you kind of got lost he puckered his lips, just as he was going to kiss you he brought up his ice creamed and licked it. Laughing he fell beside you. You looked over at him smiling but disappointed. You started to finish your ice cream. You pointed at clouds while finishing your ice cream. After you were both done he pointed at a cloud, “looks like a dragon!” “Where?” you asked. He moved closer to you, his head touching yours and he pointed again. You saw it this time, it really did look like a dragon! You smiled and looked at him. Your faces were so close. He exchanged the look with you and you leaned forward pressing your lips to his. The connection happened. Leaving you breathless, pulling away slowly you both stared into each others eyes “I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile. He said positioning himself on top of you. He leaned in again and you shared a passionate kiss, wishing this moment would last. 

Niall: He hadn’t really been with anyone in a long time. Liam called you one day explaining how Niall had been talking about you lately. You were surprised and didn’t really respond. “I was hoping you would go somewhere with him. Not like as a date just keep him company. I just know he misses you.” you agreed. You came to his house one day, when he answered he was really surprised. “(Y/N)! OH i missed yoooou!” he said running into your arms, burying his head in your neck. You hugged back tight not realizing how much you missed his hugs. “I missed you too Niall.” he came out of the hug and met your glance again “So what brings you here?” he said smiling at you. “I was just wondering if you would like to go to the animal shelter with me, we could just look around, maybe help a little?” you asked smiling at him. “Sure! Sounds great, just let me get my shoes.” He put his shoes on and you got in his car. When you got there you asked the front desk if you could do anything to help. They told you you could bathe dogs. So that’s what you did. You were doing fine, catching up and bathing the dogs until you got to a boxer named Dobby. He was 1 year old and fuuuuull of energy. “WOAH WOAH! GET HIM (Y/N)! You caught him and Niall sprayed him with the hose, he went haywire and started running in circles, he pushed you into Niall’s arms. “Woah… sorry!” you said burying your head in his chest and laughing. He laughed and you and Niall tried to spray him with the hose. He grabbed the hose in his mouth and ran around you two, wrapping your feet in the hose. “OH NO! you screamed falling into Niall, he also lost his balance and you fell on top of him. He laughed “ooooww!” he said out of breath. “ARE YOU OKAY! I’M SO SORRY” you said laughing. “Yeah i’m fine but, that dog is just too much for us!” laughed and you stared into his eyes. His laugh faded but his smile didn’t as he leaned into you, kissing you and moving up into a sitting position. You were still sitting on him, legs stretched out to the sides and you and him moved your lips together as he trailed his hands up and down your back. You were interrupted by one of the workers spraying you with the hose and laughing “You can do that AFTER you finish the dogs!” he laughed and walked away. Drenched, you too didn’t listen and began to kiss again. 

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