One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


142. After concert crazy make out session... until one of the boys interrupt.


  Harry: Waiting backstage in the dressing room was always a hassle for you since you wanted to see the show but management always said no. You lit up when you heard the boys chattering out in the hallway. "Finally." You mumble to yourself. With a swing of the door, Harry padded in while undoing his bowtie. "How'd it go?" You asked, standing up and walking over to your dashing boyfriend. "Interesting. Someone threw a Louis doll on stage and it almost hit me in the head." He said, adding a chuckle at the end. You frowned slightly and kissed his forehead. "Poor baby." You joked, making him smile and poke your sides where you were most ticklish. Squealing with laughter, he picked you up and laid you on the couch, tickling you. "Please! Stop!" You breathed through fits of giggles. He soon stopped, staring into your eyes before dipping his head down and pressing his lips to yours. You kissed back, running your fingers through his chocolate curls since you knew it drove him while. He groaned instantly, his kiss traveling down to your neck and his hands working at the buttons on your shirt. "Harry..." You whispered, lolling your head back. You felt his smirk on your skin as he trailed kisses and love bites down to your now exposed chest. "HARRY!" A dramatic voice boomed, making both of you jump up in surprise. There in the doorway stood Louis. After a few moments of silence, Louis finally broke in with a laugh, followed by you and Harry. "Get your clothes back on, we have a bus for this." Louis said and with that, he shut the door. "Uh... finish later?" Harry asked, chuckling and changing his shirt. You nodded quickly and smirked, buttoning your shirt back up and standing. When he was done changing, he took your hand and walked out to the bus where the rest of the boys were and once you stepped inside, condoms were pelted at the both of you. Both of you looked at Louis who was laughing and you and Harry both ran to the beds, picking up a condom on the way. Niall: You watched as Niall laughed with the other boys as he changed his shirt which brought a smile onto your face. You loved seeing him so happy. "I'm going to spend some alone time with [Y/N]." He said to the boys, making them 'ooh' and make kissy noises. The both of you blushed and Niall pushed them out. "Oh, shut up!" He told them and shut the door. "So, alone time?" You asked, the blush still visible on your cheeks. He nodded, smiling, and walked over to you. He sat down and pulled you onto his lap, immediately locking lips. As the kiss trailed on, it started to get heated, both of your hips slightly bucking against each other as his hands made their way up your shirt. "Hey Ni, do you have my ha-" A voice interrupted, walking into the dressing room. You and Niall lifted your head and saw a blushing embarrassed Liam standing in the doorway. "Sorry.." He said quietly and quickly walked out. The two of you started laughing until you picked up where you left off before. Louis: You waited for your boyfriend, Louis, to come backstage, waiting outside his dressing room. You leaned against the wall, typing on your phone, feeling strong arms wrap around you and carry you into the dressing room. You laughed and set your phone down. "Louis, what are you doing?" You asked, looking up at him but you were silenced by his lips crashing onto yours. You gladly kissed him back, pulling him on top of you when he laid you down on the couch. He slid his hand down in between your legs, making you moan quietly into his mouth. "Um, hey guys? We have to be on the bus in ten minutes.." A low voice said. Louis looked towards the doorway and pulled his hand away. "Alright, thanks." He told an awkward Harry in the doorway. He nodded and walked out, shutting the door. You giggled, making Louis look at you. "Let's go finish there." You said when he looked at you questionably. He nodded and got up, pulling you up with him and walking hand in hand to the bus with you. Liam: Tying your hair up, you heard Liam's laugh outside the door. You smiled and stood up, opening the door to greet him with a hug in a kiss, which you did, but he didn't pull away. Instead he walked you into the dressing room and shut the door, picking you up and setting you on the makeup table, not once breaking the kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you. When you felt his hands fumble with the bottom of your shirt. You pulled away and slipped it off, throwing it somewhere in the dressing room and bringing his lips back to yours. His hands made their way under your bra, making you moan right when Niall walked in and started to laugh. "Sorry!" He quickly piped and shut the door. You both pulled away, faces red with embarrassment, but ended up finishing right there. Zayn: You pulled on your shirt, working on the buttons to take it off. "[Y/N], what are you doing?" A familiar voice asked. You turned your head to the sound and saw Zayn shutting the door and smirking at your body since your shirt was now off. "Oh, I was just changing." You said, blushing slightly. You reached for your t-shirt but you were stopped by Zayn taking your hand and pulling you into him. His other hand slid up your side and went back to your bra clasp as he kissed you, making it deep and steamy. He got the clasp undone and started to move his hand back to the front. "Time to go!" You heard a loud voice say. You both jumped up and you fixed your bra, slightly looking at Louis laughing in the doorway. "Go away!" Zayn sternly told him and ran over to the door. "Bus leaves in five minutes!" He shouted before running away. Zayn sighed and looked at you. "Sorry, babe." He said and pecked your lips. You slipped on your t-shirt and shake your head. "There's always time to pick up where we left off." You said with a wink and teasingly walked away. As you walked, you heard him shuffle to catch up with you, making you giggle. He wrapped his arm around your waist and kissed your temple before whispering in your ear. "Tease."
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