1. F-U-C-K

Feeling sorry for myself cuzz no one seems to care

Feeling sorry for myself Cuzz no one else is here

My head will soon explode of thoughts My scream will reach new heights

I am insane I’m going nutz It is the same all nights

Lying on my bed looking at the sealing

Lying in my bed What is it that I’m feeling ?


Making a personality

Not knowing who you are

Looking at the reality

Just makes me scream out ARGHHHH!


I’m not one of them, from  school I made that choice

I’m not one of them , they never heard my voice


As a little girl mom took me to the church

As a little girl I took in all gods words

But growing up is hard, and life sucks from the start

Cuzz every happy beginning ends up as pain in heart


Am I losing my fate?

Am I losing my mind?

I am so filled with hate

 and does hate make me blind?


People have disappointed me, not once but more than twice

now I’m sick of perfect people living there life’s with lies


to them I have one thing to say

and they might end up thinking why

But those long years for me in school

my words Fuck of and die !



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