Selfmade One Direction Imagines

Dette er et sted jeg udgiver alle mine imagines, størstedelen af dem er nok danske men der vil nok også komme nogen på engelsk :D Det bliver både korte,lange,søde,sjove og dirty Imagines <3
P.s. Cover billedet har jeg selv lavet :D


2. Lidt engelske!

Hejsa, her kommer altså lige lidt engelske Imagine, som også var nogle af mine første :)


Niall Imagine:

Niall and you has been best friends since you were small childrens, but on the latest you wanted to be more than friends.

*Phone ringing* “Hello it’s Nanna” you said.

“Hey babe, it’s me Niall” Niall said, and you started to smile.

“Hi Nialler, vas happenin’?” you said and smiled very big.

“I wanted to ask you about if you would go to Nandos with me?” He asked.

“Of course sweetie!” you answered. You were very happy now.

“I’ll pick you up in half an hour” He said and you turned off your phones.

You started to do your makeup, find clothes and take a bath.

*half an hour later*

You were walking out to Niall’s car.

“Hey babe, you’re looking great” he said with his most Irish accent.

“Oh thanks Nialler and you too!” you said and smiled very big

You started to drive over to Nandos, when you suddenly arrived you’re walked in to find a table and sit down.

“I have something to say to you Nialler” you said, and started to talk. “On the latest I’ve started to get feelings for you, I mean that I want to be more than friends” you said, and smiled a shy smile.

“Me too, but I was scared of that you wouldn’t have the same feelings” he said and smiled big. “so are we then together as a couple?” he asked, and smiled a bit shy.

“I think” you said, and smiled to him.

“Kiss me!” he said. You looked at him and thought a bit about it.

“What?” you were a little confused.

“What? What did I say?” he asked, you looked confused at him.

“Kiss me?” you answered him.

“Okay” he said, and kissed you, and then you started to kiss him back. After that you both started to laugh.


Harry imagine:


It was starting to get late, you and Harry had watched movies the whole evening. But the sun wasn’t gone down yet.

“Kristina, take something nice on, and you bikini under” harry said and smiled sweet to you.

“Okay, but why?” you asked him, and looked a little confused.

“I got a surprise for you, on the beach” He said. You walked into your room and took some new clothes on and your bikini.

“Are you ready? Harry asked you.

“Yeah” you said and then you and Harry walked down to the beach, it was still a warm weather outside, because I was in the middle of the summer. When you came to the beach, Harry spread a blanket out on the sand and sat down on it. When you had talked a bit you, harry took his clothes of so he just was wearing his bathing trunks. You took your dress of so you were wearing you bikini.

“So, are you coming with me babe?” Harry asked, and looked sweet at you.

“Of course!” you said and smiled. You took Harrys hand and ran into the water; the water was very soft around your skin. You and Harry stood there in the water and watched the sunset, it was so beautiful.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful” you said, and kissed Harry.

“Yes it are but not as beautiful as you sweetie” He said, and kissed you with a lot of feelings.



Der kommer flere idag men jeg tænkte bar at jeg ville publicere de her hurtigst muligt!

Sorry hvis der er nogle stave/-tastefejl :)

// Louise/ Mrs. Horan.


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