Filling up my head


1. Filling up my head.

Would it be okay to say i like you?

Would it be okay ? because i do

Would it be okay to ask you the biggest question why ?

It seems like i’m in love whit you but all i do is cry

My heart feels so heavy, my tears feels like stones

Love i hard, its killing me, its breaking all my bones

I feel so confused and lost  like a war never to be won

So happy when i’m whit you, we laugh and talk its so much fun.

But it seems like it is only me who really feels this way

So for you to some day see my love, will be my biggest pray

Do you know your killing me, just by being you ?

You give me signs and then you dont, i hope you like me too

I’m far from perfect, and i haven’t found me yet

Not sure if your even wroth it, but you are filling up my head.

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