Oppressed? No, rather the opposite


2. ~

My hijab is my choice not compulsion,It's my personality It is the symbol of a Muslima It's the only way a Muslim woman can be Identified and known that she is a Muslima I obey Allah's law, his rule & decree. I will never remove my hijab,It's my honor, my pride, my dignity. Others think I did not choose to wear hijab,I have been forced to do it. But that aint true. I chose to wear my hijab, not because I was forced to it, but, because Allah want me to wear it, to protect me from fitna,(mesmerize, seduce, facinate)which is forbidden in Islam.

Allah is my lord

Islam is My Life

Quran is my guide

The prophet is my rolemodel

The Sunna is my practice

And Jannah is my gold <3


And yes, I'm a Muslimah & I'm damn proud of it! <3


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