New Life. Maybe? - One Direction 15+

*Denne Movella har øhm.. Intense scener*
**Der er en stor del på engelsk**

Valerie Olsen er 17 år, hun har mørkbrunt hår, store mørkebrune øjne, hun har en flot solbrun hud og er ca 165 høj. Hun bor i Danmark med hendes far, mor og fire mindre søskende Michael, Mathias, Mike og Vanessa.
Sidste gang Valerie var sådan rigtigt på ferie, var for 9 år siden, inden hendes søskende kom til verden, så da hun får mulighed for at tage med hendes kæreste til London, tænker hun kke to gange.
Men når så Valerie og Adam slår op en uge før, hvad siger hendes forældre til det, at de vælger at tage afsted som venner? Hvem er den søde fyr der løber ind i Valerie i lufthavnen og vil hun nogensinde møde ham igen? Og hvordan vil det egentlig ske? Hvordan vil det gå Valerie og hendes musik? Vi hun overhovedet kunne holde at være der kun to uger?


4. Call Me Maybe?

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe?

Harry's Point of View

Ugh! Why did there have to be this many people, everytime we stepped out from a car, a flight or a bus? Why couldn't these people see that we're just normal guys? Not that I didn't like the attention, sometimes it was just to much.. I was walking in my own thoughts and didn't watch where I was going, so I, clumsy as I am, walked in to someone. Nice. "Av" OMG I was so stupid, I really need to watch where I'm going. "Sorry" I said, smiling, hoping she wouldn't scream. I reached down, and she.. Smiled? "Are you alright?" she nodded. "Look I'm really sorry, but.." "I started. "Harry come om?" Niall yelled. I waved at him. "I got to go" "Bye Harry" she said, with a smile on her lips. "Bye.. Wait I don't know your name?" And I really want to, she was pretty, like almost beautiful. "Valerie.. Val" She made a litte laugh, how cute. "Bye Val.. And again I'm sorry" I turned around and walked away.

I walked in Nialls direction, but he wasn't there. Great. They left me... I went to the parkinglot, because we needed to get home somehow.. So I thought - Car! I just couldn't see them anywhere, thankfully my cap and sunglasses had done a great job at hiding me. So I didn't get attac... "Harreeeeeeeeeeeeeh" someone yelled and suddenly I was on the ground. "Oh.. Sorry Haz. The lads were just worried and sent me out looking" Great.. Just what I wanted - Louis attacking me. "Thanks Lou." I said, walking towards the car, where three guys were laughing so loud, you coud hear them - even if you're deaf.

I kept thinkting about this girl I met in the airport. Her long dark hair, those big brown eyes - I could feel her seeing me, the real me and the beautiful dentist smile. I know, I'm a boy, I should be looking at her body

, but I just couldn’t get my eyes of her face.

“Yeah!.. So what do you think Harry?” Zayn said laughing. “huh? Wait, what?” I wasn’t following the conversation at all. “What do you think about ordering pizza? None of us want to cook” Louis said. “Sure, that sounds great” I quickly answered, still thinking about the girl. “Sooooo Harry, what’s her name?” Liam asked me “is it really that obvious?” I looked around, just to see all the boys were nodding at me. “Valerie, the weird part is that I really know nothing about her” I actually felt pretty sad while saying that. Louis were about to say something, but I came first. “I’ll tell you the story over some pizza and cola”

The rest of the trip went by in silence, although the boys looked around, like they wanted someone else to say something. I just couldn’t get this girl, Valerie, out of my head.

When we got home, Liam called for pizzas and the boys did uhm.. Something else, I really didn’t care. I was going to my room. Wait, maybe the paparazzo’s caught a glimpse of me in the airport. I needed to see her again. My phone. I need my phone. I looked through my pockets, oh noooo!

“Guys, have you seen my phone?!” I yelled, running towards the living room, “No, why?” Zayn was the first to answer “I can’t find it, I had it in my hand in the airport, and when I needed to go online two minutes ago, I couldn’t find it. Can I please borrow one from you? I really need to see something” “Sure, here you go” Louis handed me his phone and I got online.

Yes! We got caught on camera.

‘One Directions Harry Styles meets mysterious girl in airport’ Ha-ha, mysterious girl, she wasn’t mysterious, she was perfect. I scrolled further down, just to see what the article said.

‘The young charmer of One Direction Harry Styles, was caught leaving the airport earlier today, but not before saying hello to a young beauty, who later left holding hands with another boy. We haven’t seen this girl before, but if you know anything please contact us, we our self are doing everything to find this girl.’

There was a picture of her. “Guys, come see. This is the girl” I gave the phone to Niall, who just smiled and gave it to Liam “She’s cute, when did you two meet?” he asked, passing it on to Zayn “Yeah, when did you meet, give us the details” he laughed and gave it to Louis “Hot details” he was laughing so hard, you could barely hear what he said. “Okay, okay. Please stop laughing and I’ll tell you” They stopped right away “Fine then. Tell” Niall said. “I bumped in to her this morning at the airport, and I think she might have my phone, or else it’s just lost” “That’s it?” Louis asked, “That’s it” I said “Then why don’t you call her?” Liam asked. “Call her?” “Yeah, if she got your phone – then call her!” Louis said, handing me his phone again. I called her *biip*… *biip*… “Valerie speaking..”




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