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52. You are pregnant and he leaves you


Liam left you while you where asleep, after finding out you where pregnant with his baby, you where broken when you woke up and found the note on his pillow, you really thought he loved you enough to stay.

Eleanor and Perrie helped you along the way, and so did the boys, Liam never asked about you, and that hurt you a lot, you really thought you and Liam where ment to be.

3 years later:

Everyday had been so tough for you, you always tried to make the perfect life for your daughter Aria, she was a beautiful little girl who looked just like her daddy, with the hair colour, the smile and the big brown puppy eyes, everytime you looked her in the eyes, you saw her father.

one day you where both on the couch talking, she told how much fun she had last night when her Uncle Louis and Uncle Zayn where babysitting her.

she loved being around her uncles, they where her heroes, but she did miss a daddy, and she asked about him everyday, and it broke your heart, the boys felt the same way.

Perrie had come up with an idea and always told Aria that her daddy where out fighting dragons to protect his princess and his queen, it made Aria smile everytime and she laughed.

there was a knock on the door “PEOPLE” Aria screamed in joy, you laughed and went out to open to door, Liam was standing outside, smiling half hearted.

"Liam what are you doing here?" you asked him coldly "I came to see our daughter" he said "you lost every right to see her the day you left us" you said "look Y/N it was the biggest mistake of my life, but I got scared and I didn’t know what else to do, I felt like I was gonna be a terrible dad, I-I-I got terrified" he explained tears forming in his eyes

"how do you think I felt, I was there alone, pregnant with your baby" you said angrilly "I know and I should have cared, and I did, but……..I have been an asshole, and I knew you wouldn’t want me back that’s why I didn’t come back, but Louis showed me a picture of Aria and I knew that I just had to see her" tears where falling from his eyes, you couldn’t hold back your own anymore, Liam pulled you into a tight hug, and held you there.

"Daddy?" a curious little voice said, you both pulled away, and found Aria peaking from behind the door Liam smiled and bent down to the floor "hey there beautiful" he smiled she ran over to him, and straight into his arms crying "I missed you so much daddy" she cried "I missed you to babygirl" he whispered you smiled, you didn’t want him to leave again, not after this.

you looked outside to see Louis and Zayn in Liam’s car they smiled innocently at you, you laughed at them.

"daddy don’t ever leave me again" Aria said "I won’t princess I promise I killed all the dragons we are safe now" he smiled, you where shocked that the boys had told him about that, but happy because she only had one story.


Zayn left you when he realized he wasn’t ready for a baby, you where left there two months pregnant, you where heart broken, but Sophia offered you her appartment since she was going to live with Liam, you accepted, and the boys helped you move minus Zayn.

You thought he would come back, but he didn’t he left you and his child behind, and lived his own life, your best friend Niall was really mad at Zayn, and told you how he sometimes could see the guilt in Zayn’s eyes.

6 years later:

"Mommy, Mommy" your six year old Boy Ryan screamed you opened your eyes and found him bouncing on you, full dressed "art museum today remember" he smiled "yeah of course baby go down stairs I’ll be right there" you smiled, he screamed in joy and ran downstairs, you got dressed and followed.

Ryan looked just like his dad it was crazy, and he was so hypperactive and wild, you could never control him, neither could his favorite uncle Niall, but as soon as Ryaan was drawing or painting he became so quite it was lovely, he adored art, and had a great understanding in it from a very young age, he was a natural talent when it came to art.

you had promised to take him to a new art museum, there had opened just a week before, he was so exited, it was all cartoons, and spray painting, which was his favorite, just like his daddy.

he never asked about his dad, he had 4 great uncles, you and his aunties.

As soon as you got into the museum, Ryan got silent, he was in awe of the beauty of the paintings, and smiled in pure joy.

you walked slowly through the museum, he studied every picture, and could tell the story behind each of them, you felt so blessed to have such a smart son.

you came to a room, with a big wall that was covered in what Ryan claimed to be the most beautiful piece of art.

it was so sad, empty but still full of colors, Ryan walked closer and admired it “he lost someone special to him, and his life is so full, it so emtpy without her” he said, you reconized the style of the painting, next to the painting there was a sign.

Artist: Zayn Malik member of One Direction

Name of painting: My Life Without You.

"the girl he lost has a baby look" Ryan pointed to a woman sitting on a cloud with a baby "it looks like you mommy" Ryan laughed and it did, a lot like you…… was you.

"he wants her back" Ryan said sadly "Y/N" a voice you knew very well came from behind you, you turned around to find Niall and Harry standing there, Ryan ran to his favorite uncle, and hugged him.

Harry pulled you into his arms “hey sweetie” he said “Haz……did Zayn really paint this for me?” you asked, he sighed and pulled away “yeah he did, he has been a mess without you, and he regrets leaving” he said 

"where is he?" you asked, he pointed in a direction, you looked over and saw Zayn chatting to Louis and Liam, "look after Ryan for a bit" you said and walked over to Zayn

"Zayn?" you asked, he looked at you ""Y/N" he was so surprised to see you, and his smile grew wide, as he pulled you into his arms "god babe I missed you so much" he whispered tears streaming down your both faces, it felt amazing being with him again.

"what are you doing here?" he asked you finally letting go "Ryan wanted to see the museum, he adores your painting" you smiled "who is Ryan?" Zayn asked you could see the worry and jealousy in his eyes you giggled "Ryan is my…..well our son, he is over there with Niall and Harry" you said and pointed towards them, Ryan looked at you and waved "HEYYYY MOMMY" he screamed and started jumping up and down Zayn laughed "speedy one huh?" he asked you "oh yeah, he makes me look boring" Louis laughed "can I meet him?" Zayn asked you

"sure" you smiled on the way over to Ryan you told Zayn about Ryans passion for art, and how clever he was, Zayn was already proud as ever of his son.

"Ryan baby, this is Zayn he made this painting" you smiled Ryan looked at Zayn in awe "really?" he asked Zayn knelled down to Ryans level "yeah I did you like it?" he smiled "yes the woman on the cloud looks like my mommy" Ryan was so exited to meet Zayn "it is your mommy, and the baby she is holding……is you" Zayn told Ryan, who looked confused "are you my daddy?" he asked "yeah I am" Zayn said, Ryan jumped into Zayns arms and hugged him tightly.


Niall left you right after he found out about the baby, you had no where to go, so Zayn and Perrie let you move in with them, and Perrie helped you every step at the way, no matter what she was there for you.

You had hoped that Niall come back, but he didn’t.

2 years later:

Allie and Luke are twins and everybody adore them, Allie looked like Niall while Luke looked just like you, they where amazing, funny, happy, and so lovely to be around, you couldn’t not love them.

they loved fooling around all the time, you still lived with Zayn and Perrie, Niall came from time to time when you and the twins weren’t home, he had no idea about them, he thought you where somewhere else, in the world.

so it was a chock the day you where home with the twins, you where in the kitchen when you heard the front door open, you thought it would be Liam who where supposed to help you look after the twins.

"MOMMY THERE IS A MAN IN THE HOUSE" Allie screamed, you ran into the livingroom, "Niall" you said shocked "Y/N what are you doing here?" he asked you "I’ve been living here for two years, since you left me" you said he looked down at the floor "it’s okay Allie I wont let him hurt you" Luke said hugging his twin sister, "Allie, Luke can you go into the playroom for a bit?" you asked them they ran out.

"are…..are they……..mine?" Niall asked "no they are mine, you lost the right to call them yours, when you decided that you didn’t want them" you said "Y/N Iv’e been trying to find you, all I wanted was to get you back, I just wanted to see you again, be with you…….be with our kid….or kids" he said "NIall you left me, you thought that you could just come back when all the rough things are over?" you asked 

"no of course not……look babe I made a mistake, I just wanna be a part your life" he said 

"yeah Niall you did, you left me pregnant with your god dammit kids" you said 

"I know and I’ve been thinking about it everyday, I want to be a part of your life’s, I want to raise them with you, and be their daddy" he said

"I think it’s a little to late for that Niall, you missed out on thier first stepts, first words, first laughs, first time playing football, you their dad, missed out on that, while their uncles your fucking best friends where there for each of those things, Louis was gutted that you weren’t there to teach them football, because they kept asking for their dad to do it, Harry cried when he reads them a bed time story, and they ask for thier dad, because they want him to read for them…………all they ever want is to have you in their life" you felt the tears in your eyes.

Niall stood their shocked “Y/N there haven’t been a day where I haven’t thought about you, or the fact that you had my baby……I thought about it everyday how many where there, how did they look, what where they like, I never stopped thinking about it” he said 

The door opened again “WHERE ARE MY FAV TWINS” Liam yelled he came into the livingroom “UNCLE LIAM WE ARE HIDDING FROM THE STRANGE MAN” Luke yelled from the play room, the pain in Nialls eyes, where to much for you to handle, Liam looked at Niall, “hey Nialler here to see your kids?” he asked “I was here to see Zayn but I guess I should go again” he said sadly, your heart dropped all the way to the floor, he cared about you and his kids, even though he didn’t know them yet.

"ALLIE, LUKE COME HERE" you called Niall walked towards the door "Niall stay" you said he turned around, you walked over to him and wrapped your arms around his neck, "don’t leave us again" you said, he smiled and hugged you "I wont baby I promise" he said "what is it mommy?" Allie asked "kids this is Niall he is your dad" you told them, they looked at Niall shocked "daddy?" Allie asked shyly, Niall smiled "yeah" they both ran over to hug him "I missed you so much daddy" Luke cried "I missed you to kids, I’m so sorry I haven’t been here" he said "it’s okay uncle Zayn told us you where on a mission on the moon" Allie smiled, you and Liam laughed "that’s right" Niall laughed.


Harry was furious when he left you he didn’t even know about the baby, you never got to tell him, about it.

Eleanor stayed with you all the time, supporting you, you where so lost, Louis told you that Harry missed you but you didn’t believe him, if Harry missed you he would come back and he didn’t.

4 years later:

you where out shopping with Darcy and Sydney your twin girls they where giggling and jumping up and down “girls calm down” you laughed “mommy can we go get ice cream now?” Darcy asked “when we have bough you girls some new clothes” you smiled they sighed “LOOK MOMMY” Sydney yelled and pointed to a beautiful dress for teenage girls “that’s to big for you darlin” you laughed, the girls ran into their favorite clothing store and searched through the clothes “exsuse me sir could you take that shirt for me?” you heard Darcy ask behind you, you smiled thinking about how social and kind she already was, both girls had small curls, and Harry’s eyes, but they didn’t look the same different hair color, but they where cute..

"of course sweetie" the man said, you turned around knowing that voice, Darcy took the shirt from Harry and thanked him "SYDNEY I GOT IT" she screamed and ran to her sister, Harry saw you.

"Y/N aren’t you to big for this clothes?" he asked teasingly "aren’t you to manly?" you asked "it’s for my niece" he smiled you just nodded "so did you just see that girl, she is the cutest thing ever, I can’t believe there are two of them" he smiled looking at the twins, you smiled

"they are adorable right?" he asked you "yeah crazy adorable" you laughed

"MOMMY I WANT THIS DRESS" Sydney yelled "Two seconds girls I’ll be right there" you called back "THE STYLES TWINS DO NOT WAIT" Darcy yelled, you sighed "Styles twins……they call you mommy…..they have my curls and eyes……..holy fuck" Harry said "don’t even bother Harry, you don’t have any right to involved in their lifes" you said "Y/N please let me get to know them, I have to right to know them, I’m their dad" he said "Harry leave us alone" you went over to your girls, and had them try on the clothes, when you where all done you where ready to pay.

before you hand the cashier your credit card, somebody handed in theirs, you looked up to find Harry there “Harry don’t” you said “please sweetheart” he said, you had never been able to resist those dimples “fine” you agreed.

after paying you got the clothes Harry offered you to carry the bags, and you accepted, “mommy can we get ice cream now?” Darcy asked “yes sweetie” you smiled they cheered Harry laughed “cuties” he said.

"I’m still mad at you" you said "I’m mad at me to, I should never have left you baby girl, I was so stupid" he said.

"yeah you where" you said "please give me another chance, I love you and I already love them" he said "I don’t know Harry, you just left without knowing about them, you never called me, I needed you but you weren’t there in stead your best friends had to raise them with me" you said "I’m so sorry okay sweethearts, I should never have left" he begged

"okay then" you said he smiled and kissed your cheek "I love you" he said "I love you" you smiled and took the bags "girls go with daddy and get ice cream" you said, they turned around and looked at Harry "DADDY" they screamed and ran into his arms.


he left you before knowing that you where pregnant, Perrie knew, Sophia knew, Niall knew, Zayn knew, Liam knew and Harry knew, Lou and Tom knew, Josh, Sandy, Dan, Jon knew, Paul knew everyone knew, and they where all there for you, just not Louis because he had no clue, he left you there with a small baby bump you where ready to reveal for him, you knew he wanted to be a daddy, but he left not knowing that he was going to be one very soon.

5 years later:

"GREAT JOB BOYS" your twin boys football coach yelled at them, they where one a football team for 5-6 year olds, and they had a lot of fun, and they where very talented.

their coach said that he could already see them playing for the national team, you where so proud and wished that their dad could see them, but he had no idea about his football stars.

the other boys where all proud of thier nephews, they went to all the games, Niall and Liam where really into it.

"they are doing great" Zayn smiled he was with you guys today, "yeah they are, I can’t believe Niall is missing out" you said, "he is texting me asking how they are doing" Zayn laughed 

"I wish Louis could see them" you said "me to" Zayn said, and blushed text from Perrie, they had a small baby girl named Shayla she was 3 years old and very beautiful her dads eyes, and her moms hair, Perrie was now pregnant with a boy.

"YES, YES, YES THAT’S MY BOYS" Zayn yelled, you both cheered at the twins.
"Zayn I thought you had a girl not two boys……is there something you need to tell me?" you both looked to the right to see Louis standing there, he looked at you "Y/N……….babe you here…… a football match" he said smiling, still shocked "yeah I am" you said "mind if I join you guys?" he asked "No not at all" Zayn smiled and moved to Louis sit in between you the three of you watched the game, the identical twins caught Louis attention "they are really good those two" he smiled "I bet their dad are proud" Zayn said "I would be if they where mine" Louis said, after the game the twins came running to you "MOMMY, MOMMY, WE WON, WE WON" they screamed "I know boys I’m so proud of you" you smiled "wow your Louis Tomlinson from our football game, you play for Doncaster Rovers" the oldest boy Tommy(carrot joke) said "that’s our favorite team" Lucas said smiling "oh really, well you boys are really talented" Louis smiled the twins laughed "I Have to go see ya boys later, I’m really proud of you boys, your daddy is to I know that" Zayn said before he ran off, laughing.

"so who is your dad?" Louis asked the boys "daddy left us before we where born" Lucas said "because he is spiderman" Tommy smiled proudly, Louis laughed "well you boys are better at football than I am" "it’s in the name" Tommy said "our Name is Tomlinson aswell I’m Lucas Harry Tomlinson, and he is Tommy Zayn Tomlinson" Lucas said, they ran back out to talk to their coach.

Louis looked chocked “yes Louis that’s your boys” you answered his silent question, “that explains why they are like small copies of me” he said, “I’m sorry I never called you” you said 

"it’s okay I left you because I thought I would loose you, and I wanted to protect you from the hate, but I guess I should have stayed" he said "I was gonna tell you about them, when you broke up" you said, he hugged you "can I please be a part of your life?" he asked "of course" you smiled "LUCAS, TOMMY COME HERE" you called, they ran to you "what’s up Mommy?" they asked you "well I need to tell you something about Louis" you said "what?" they asked at the same time giggling they did it a lot "the reason why, we have the same last name is because I’m your dad" Louis said "YESSSS" they screamed "LOUIS TOMLINSON IS OUR DAD" Lucas yelled they hugged Louis at the same time

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