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53. You are pregnant and he leaves you part.2(the child wants to know)


Aria was 14 years old now, and she had never heard the truth about why Liam left, he wanted to tell her but he was scared she would hate him.
Aria was an easy teenager she never got in trouble, she always got straight A’s she was a beatiful and smart girl.

She still adored her uncles and they were always there for her, she had never brought up the topic about Liam leaving until one night she was alone with him.

"Dad?" she asked and looked up from her book about a little girl getting abandoned by her parents, her thoughts driffted back to the time were her dad wasn’t around, she knew that dragons didn’t exisit now.

"Yes sweetie?" Liam smiled "why did you leave me and Mommy when I was little?" she asked Liam took a deep breath, he knew this would come one day.

"I left while she was sleeping, after I had found about her being pregnant, I thought I would make a terrible dad, and I got freaked out and left, it was the biggest most selfish mistake of my life" he told her

"why didn’t you tell me?" Aria was a bit angry he just left without carring about you or her "I was afraid you would hate me" he said, Aria hugged Liam "I’m mad at you for it, but I could never hate you dad, you still came back to me" she said "Louis and Zayn showed me a picture of you and I knew I had to see you, I couldn’t leave the two of you" he whispered Aria smiled, happy that her dad actually had cared about her back then without even knowing her.

"I could have been a terrible child you that right dad?" she asked and pulled out of the hug "a child raised by your mom would never become a terrible person" he smiled a loud crash came from the kitchen your 7 year old son Bruce(named after Batman) came in "the cookie jar fell down all by itself" he said "what a bad jar" Liam laughed and stood up Aria laughed at her little brother who stood there confused.


Ryan was 16 now and was still a hypped, wild boy, but painting still brought him down to earth.

Him and Zayn were really close they always painted together, talked about art and cartoons, a few years after he came back you gave birth to Shaylee, she was a good artist but didn’t really care for it.

but Ryan did, him and Zayn decided to go to thier favorite museum, the museum they met in.
when they came to painting Zayn painted for you Ryan decided to ask his dad about why he left “dad why did you leave me and mom?” he asked

"I didn’t think I was ready, so I left……….I regreted it, but I didn’t think she would want me back" 

"so you didn’t even care about me?" Ryan asked "of course I did, otherwise I wouldn’t have painted you in the picture" Zayn said "but you still left me, without giving a shit about me and mom" Ryan said annoyed he stormed out of the building.

Zayn ran after him “RYAN STOP” but Ryan didn’t listen he didn’t stop until he reached the car, “don’t talk to me, I just wanna go home” Ryan said Zayn unlocked the car and Ryan got in, Zayn sighed and got in himself “Ryan I’m sorry for leaving, I shouldn’t have, it wasn’t that I didn’t care about you, but I was scared, I wasn’t ready for a baby, and I was never gonna be here anyway because of my career, I just thought you would grow up to hate me” Zayn said “you should have stayed” Ryan said

"I know I should Ry, and I’m sorry I didn’t" Zayn said, Ryan sighed "it’s okay dad I forgive you" he said Zayn hugged him "I love you Ryan" he said "I love you to dad, now give me food" Ryan said Zayn laughed at him

"I think you have been to much with Uncle Niall" he said. 


Allie and Luke had just turned 13 and started to get curious about why Niall left.

"Dad why had we never seen you before untill you showed up?" Allie asked Niall turned around, he was making breakfast to the twins "I don’t know, I got freaked out and left, it was stupid, selfish of me, I should never have done it and regreted it everyday" Niall wasnt sure what to say, how to explain it to his kids "but you didn’t come back untill we were 2 years old" Luke said Niall smiled a bit "you know I was surprised of how well the two of you talked" he said trying to change subject "Living with Aunt Perrie and being babysit by uncle Louis help" Allie said she did not look pleased "dad you left mom pregnant with us, how could you not care about her or us?" Luke asked getting more angry he had a bit of a temper, while Allie was more a quite kind of girl.

"all right kids I know your angry that I left and trust me I’m angry aswel, I should never have left I love the two of you, and I wish I could go back in time and change it" he said "BUT YOU CAN’T, YOU LEFT MOM ALONE WITH US, AND WE WANNA KNOW WHY, AND YOU ARE NOT GIVING US AN ANSWER" Allie yelled both Niall and Luke looked at her surprised Allie never yelled

Niall walked over to Allie and hugged her “I’m sorry for leaving sweetie the two of you mean the world to me, and I’m so, so, so sorry for leaving” he said feeling the tears comming up in his eyes, Luke hugged Niall “it’s okay dad, we forgive you, right Al?” Luke looked at Allie “yeah all right then” Allie smiled.


Sydney and Darcy was now 15 years old and crazy beatiful, had they had a close relationship to you and Harry

One day Harry took them shopping Darcy remembered how they met him the first time when they were out shopping “dad, are you our real dad?” she asked Harry stopped and looked at the twins “of course I am” he said “then why did we first meet you when we were 4 years old?” Darcy asked “because I left your mom before you were born” he said and looked down “you left?” Sydney asked “yes” he said and looked back at them “how could you?” Darcy was angry now “I didn’t know your mom was pregnant, we had a fight and I left, I missed your mom everyday but I didn’t expect her to take me back, so I stayed away, then I saw you girls and I thought you were adorable, and then I found I was your dad, and I knew I had to be there for you, and be your dad” he explained they both hugged him “at least you wanted us in your life” Sydney said “I could never live without the 5 of you” Harry said refering to you, the twins, and your two sons Will 5 and Rob 9.


Lucas and Tommy 16 years old and football stars as Louis predeicted along with them there was Wendy 6 Diana 10 and Sierra 8.

Louis and the twins was in the garden practicing football “dad we know you didn’t leave us, because your spiderman, so why did you leave,?” Lucas asked and sat down, Tommy sat down next to him the two of them always suported each other and were closer than anyone else you had ever met„ “I left without knowing your mom was pregnant” Louis addmited “well it is hard to discover when a woman is pregnant” Tommy mumbled “are you just lying because you actually didn’t want us?” Lucas asked, Louis sighed and sat down infront of them “your mom wanted to tell me about the pregnancy, but she never got the chance, I was so afraid o her leaving me, and I wanted to protect her from all the hate she got, so I…….I left, I missed her everyday, and when I saw her at the football game it was the happiest moment in my life” Louis said “so you didn’t leave because you hates us?” Lucas asked, Lou laughed “No boys, I was….waiting to become a dad, and I wanted it so bad, but I got freaked out of the thought of your mom leaving before I got the chance to talk to her about it us, I’m sorry” Louis said

the two boys hugged their dad “It’s all right dad” Tommy said “we are still better than you at football” Lucas laughed.

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