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49. You adopt a child adoption series part.1

You where in US to visit a children hospital, while walking around in there you saw a little girl she was crying silently in a corner you asked a nurse she told you that her and her parents where in a car crash she had no other family, the girl was only 5 years old she was pretty blonde hair and had brown eyes.
Liam saw the way you looked at the girl.
On your way out the little girl came over to you “I think you are very pretty I made you this” she handed you a drawing of a princes it was beautiful “aww thank you sweetie”you hugged her “hey wanna come home with us?” Liam asked her “I’m going to a home for children with no parents” she said “not if we adopt you” Liam lifted her up and looked at the nurse “we wanna adopt her” he said. 
And after a few weeks the little girl names Rose was yours.

You and Zayn where sitting home on the couch it was a normal day until you received a call from your aunt she told you that your cousin had died, in a car accident with her husband they left their twins boys Chris and Mason on 6 months behind.
You and your cousin had always been close and she told you that if her and her husband died you where the one who had to take care of her babies.
“Zayn……Jennifer and Frank are dead……I promised her I would take care of her babies if anything…” You tried to tell it all but you started crying, Zayn hugged you “it’s allright babes, I guess we are becoming parents then” you where so happy that he took it so easy, Zayn was perfect.
A week later you and Zayn took home the two boys and raised them as your own.
They where to young to understand luckily.

“Awww Nialler look at them” you pointed to three small kids running around “can’t wait for us to have some” he kissed your cheek you and Niall where getting married in a month.
A little girl came running towards you “your Niall Horan I love you Niall” she smiled she was about 4 years old “thank you sweetie” he hugged her
“Where is your mum and dad?” You asked her “they are gone I have never had parents” she looked sad “Catlina I told you not to runaway from the group” a woman said “oh hello are you her guardian?” You asked “no she lives on my foster home I take the annoying worthless noses to the park In hope that someone wants to adopt them” the woman said
You looked at Niall who was staring at the little girl with red hair and green eyes “we’ll take her” he said and kissed Catlinas forehead “you are my parents?” Catlina looked at you “yes now we are” you smiled.

The boys had been in Ghana again Harry told you he had a surprise for you, you weren’t sure what it was, you had just gotten married and everything was wonderful.

You where in the kitchen when a little dark girl came in she must have been about 3 years old Harry followed her “baby this is Tiara I adopted her form Ghana” he smiled your heart melted when the little girl flashed you a smile she was the cutest girl ever you lifted her up in your arms “hello honey” you smiled she laughed.
A happy little girl with the sweetest personality.

You, Louis and the rest of the boys and their girls where at a foster home.
You spotted a little boy alone in a corner he had blue and yellow marks all over his arms, scars on his arms and face.
You asked the nurse about him she told you that his name was Anthony he was a sweet boy but nobody wanted him everybody thought he was ugly, he had been abused by his parents and had been at the foster home for 3 months.
But you saw the beauty in his dark grey eyes.
After you and Louis had spend the day getting to know Anthony who preferred Tony.
Louis decided that you where gonna adopt him.
“Hey Tony you have been adopted” you smiled at him a week later when you met again he smiled ” who adopted me?” He asked “we did” Louis smiled Tony’s eyes fluttered in disbelief but he ran into your arms happy that he had a new home.

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