Imagines-One Direction<3<3

Jeg har besluttet mig for at lave Imagines med de fantastiske 5 drenge.


57. imagine with any boy

this is from a dream I had last night about Louis.

You were on the beach with your best friends (OneOfTheBoys) and (YourFavBoy)

While you were playing around (OB) got a call from one of the other lads

(YFB) went closer to the water, while you were staring at him and admiring his beauty, you heard (OB) talking

"I don't know if she is I'll just ask her" he said and yelled loudly "Y/N ARE YOU STILL IN LOVE WITH (YFB)"

(YFBs) head shot up and he looked at you

in pure panic you ran away and ignored (YFB) calling your name

you found a little bush that you could hide in and you curled up there and cried

unfortunately (YFB) found you and sat next to you

"you know love, I always come up with excuses to come and visit you and to talk to you" he said pulled you into his arms and hugged you tightly "I am crazy in love with you, you have nothing to fear babe" He said

you lifted your head and looked him the eyes

he smiled and leaned in and kissed you.

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