Imagines-One Direction<3<3

Jeg har besluttet mig for at lave Imagines med de fantastiske 5 drenge.


55. Imagine: what his kisses feels like

Liam: his kisses are rough, and needy, he wraps both his strong arms around you, and holds you close to his body.

He puts all of the passion he has into the kisses, it's important to him that you know who you belong to, but also that you know that he adores you.

His likes to leave kisses on your jawline and He loves to nibble on your lower lip, kissing down your neck leaving marks making sure everybody knows your his.

Zayn: His lips are warm and rough and he always has his arms around you when you kiss, he hates not having you in his arms, and while he holds you he just moves his lips slowly and gently over yours, while rubbing your back, before he presses his lips fully against yours, a moan is stuck in his throat caused by the amazing feeling of your lips moving against each other.


Nialls lips are small but powerful, he loves to just lie down with you on top of him, his hands in your hair holding your head close to his.

His kisses are sweet and loving

But also dirty, he likes to touch you or rub against you to make you moan

So he "innocently" can get his toungue in, he moans a lot during your kisses, and he also smiled feeling happy that he has you in his life.


Harry loves to push you against a wall, his hands on your waist keeping you there as he pushes his body against yours

You can feel his hot mint breath he leans down and presses his warm, soft lips against yours, his kisses always starts slow but ends up fast and desperate yet so loving and perfect, he runs a hand through your hair keeping your head in place as he kisses your nose, your cheeks and around your lips before letting out a slight chuckle and pressing his lips against yours again.


His lips are warm and soft yet a bit rough and gentle

He likes to cup your cheeks with his strong hands, rubbing small circles while he kisses you, his kisses are needy and loving, he keeps you close, he likes to leave fast wet kisses all over your face making you giggle, then he looks at you and smiles before leaning down kissing you deeply and passionately.

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