Imagines-One Direction<3<3

Jeg har besluttet mig for at lave Imagines med de fantastiske 5 drenge.


56. imagine: the way you dance


Liam loves to have you grinding on him, with his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, as he kisses your neck, he is possessive and wants everybody to know that you are his! Only his and no one else is gonna touch you


He doesn't enjoy dancing so much, but you do and he loves to make you happy

So the two of you always slow dances, he holds you close and kisses your cheek, sometimes your lips if he catches a boy staring at you, he loves to keep you in his arms safe from the world.


Niall and you both likes to show of your dance moves so you just dance around like crazy people

Niall tries to learn you how to do the Irish Jig

He loves to watch you dance and he always gets so overwhelmed with how beautiful you look when you dance that he pulls you in and kisses you.


Harry doesn't really care about the way the two of you dance he just loves to do something with you

He does like to spin you around and catch you and lean you down until your almost touching the floor

Then he pulls you back up and kisses you softly.

And whispered how much he loves you.


Louis loves to slow dance with you

His strong arms wrapped around your waist

Your head resting on his shoulder, he hums the songs softly in your ear and occasionally you look up at him and he smiles at you and kisses your forehead

Your dances doesn't really go anywhere you just move around.

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