Imagines-One Direction<3<3

Jeg har besluttet mig for at lave Imagines med de fantastiske 5 drenge.


51. Harry Imagine

You and Harry had been dating for 5 months and he had been on tour for two, you had only seen him on skype and it hurted both of you, not being able to hold the love of your life in your arms killed both of you.

One day you where sitting in your flat when your best friend Louis called you.“Hey Y/N, there is something wrong with Harry” he sounded worried and scared.“What? What’s wrong with him? Is he okay? What happend to him?” You jumped up from the couch worried about your boyfriend.“He has been crying nonstop for the past 4 weeks we tried calling Gemma, his mom, his dad, Robin, Ed, Will, Grimmy but he won’t smile, then last night I heard him crying your name he misses you way to much” Louis explained You felt tears in your arms, you had been crying a lot to being without Harry was terrible “I miss him to Louis so fucking much” you whispered into the phone“I got you an air plain ticket so you can come over and see him, Perrie will pick you up at 19:00 that’s in two hours hurry” he hung off“Love you to Louis” you mumbled

I packed my stuff and waited for Perrie she had two weeks of and wanted to visit Zayn. After hours and hours we arrived in New York and drove straight to the boys hotel, Niall was waiting with Zayn who ignored me and hugged Perrie“Hi Zayn” I said and walked past them Niall laughed and dragged me into the hotel “I’m so happy you could come, he is out of control, not even Lux makes him smile, she is upset she keeps saying she wants her uncle Harry back” Niall said while we where in the elevator“I’ve missed him it’s so hard to sleep without being in his strong, warm, safe arms” I said and leaned against a wall“He yelled at us this morning screamed that he hated all of us” Niall looked sad I hugged him“Nialler, Haz didn’t mean that he loves you boys” I said“I know” DINGFinally Niall grabbed my luggage and lead me to his and Harry’s room“I’ll share with Liam and Louis tonight, Liam is scared of sharing with Zayn now” Niall took the key and unlocked the door he opened it to reveal Harry on one of the beds crying his eyes out“Haz mate you got a guest” Niall said he sounded a bit scared“NIALL FUCK OFF I DONT WANNA SEE ANYONE RIGHT NOW I JUST WANT MY GIRLFRIEND BACK” Harry screamed back and made me jump“Good luck” Niall whispered and pushed me in and closed the door

I sat down on the best next to Harry“Leave I don’t wanna talk” he mumbled “you just said you wanted me, but all right I’ll go back to London” you said and stood up you where dragged down again and felt his strong arms wrap around you“Don’t you just dare leave me again Y/N I missed you so fucking much Honey” he cried and held you tight“I wint leave you Harry, I’ve waited for so long to be back in your arms” you said“How did you get here?” He asked and looked at you“Louis called and said you needed me” you kissed him slowly He smiled into the kiss and fell back on the bed with you in top“I love you Y/N” he said for the first time ever“I love you to” you kissed his neck. Finally you where back where you belonged in Harry’s strong, warm, safe, loving arms, with his warm soft lips kissing your face and neck. Everything was perfect now, you had the boy you loved and you never wanted to let him go.

THE END! hope you liked it.

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