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Jeg har besluttet mig for at lave Imagines med de fantastiske 5 drenge.


50. First Night With your child adoption series part.2

“I don’t wanna go to sleep” Rosie cried “C’mon baby I’ll read a bed time story for you” you lifted her up she played with your hair
“No mommy I don’t want to” she said 
You put Rosie in her bed she looked at you with big eyes “mommy you and daddy won’t ever leave right?” She asked you
“No sweetie we won’t I promise my beautiful little girl” you kissed her forehead
“I love you mommy” she whispered “I love you to” Liam came in and kissed her forehead “hey princess why are you not sleeping” he kissed her forehead “mommy promised me a bed time story” Rosie smiled “awww I wanna hear to” Liam smiled and laid next to Rosie and held her close, you smiled and started reading a farytale.
When you where done they where both asleep.
You took a picture and posted it on twitter (my precious little angel and my beautiful man)

Chris and Mason where very young and Zayn thought it would be easy but the two boys cried a lot you spend hours trying to calm them down they stared at you with big brown eyes, you put them in bed they laid next to each other.
They cried as soon as you left the room, you sighed and sat down next to their crib and talked to them, they calmed down.
Zayn came in and sat down, can I try something babe?” He asked you you nodded, Zayn started to sing “twinkle twinkle little star” the two boys fell asleep with small cute smiles on their chubby faces.
You smiled and kissed Zayn’s cheek “you are my hero Zayn” you said and hugged him.

"Zayn do you think that we are ready for this?" you asked him, "Babe this is hard, and it’s gonna be harder, but we can handle it" he kissed you cheek.

Little Catlina was exited to have her own room she jumped around In her bed when you And Niall checked in on her “Cat baby you should be asleep” you laughed and catched her as she jumped into your arms “I don’t wanna sleep” she mumbled, Niall kissed her cheek
”yes you do baby girl, and you will, it’s bed time” “no” she protested, you couldn’t help but laughing at her, she was the cutest little girl ever

"Sweetie what can make you wanna sleep?" you asked her "stay here untill I fall asleep" Cat said, You smiled and kissed her forehead "okay sweetie" you laid her down in bed, Niall kissed her cheek again, and started to ting to her, she slowly closed her eyes, she tried to stay awake, but after half an hour she fell asleep.

"goodnight princess" Niall kissed her forehead "good night sweetie we love you" you kissed her cheek, you and Niall sat there for a bit and watched her "she is perfect" he smiled "it’s like she isn’t even adopted" you chuckled.


Tiara had never slept in a real bed, so she sat on her new little bed for a bit and didn’t understand it.
"Lay down honey it’s time to sleep" you kissed her forehead "I’m not tired" she said, she had a strong american accent, but luckily she speaked english.

"C*mon babygirl" Harry came in, Tiara looked afraid "I don’t like darkness" Tiara said

You lifted her up and carried her into you and Harry’s bed, you laid on each side of her, to calm her down, “It’s allright babygirl, we will always protect you sweetie” Harry said “we love you so much babygirl, you mean everything to us” you said,

Tiara cuddeld up into you, and started telling you about Ghana, she missed her friends there, but she was happy that she had a family, since she had lost her parents, she finally fell asleep smiling, and unafraid.


Tony took this hole getting adopted and having new parents really well, he was a bit nervous all the time, because of his old parents, it took him all day to call you mommy and daddy, but he finaly leanred it.

"Tony baby it’s bed time" Louis lifted him up, Tony smiled "okay daddy" he agreed, you smiled he was a sweet boy.

After bed time story he fell asleep.

in the midle of the night, you woke up by something crawling ontop of you, little Tony was sitting on Louis, tears in his eyes.

"Baby what’s wrong?" you asked him "I had a nightmare about my old parents" he mumbled, Louis leaned up and kissed Tony’s forehead "it wont ever happen again, we love you very much, baby" he said

Tony smiled a bit “you wont ever see your old parents again” you took a hold of his little hand “you promise mommy?” he asked you with hopefully eyes “yes I promise” you smiled, Louis began to tickle Tony, untill he fell down in the midle laughing “MOMMYYYY HELP MEEEE” he laughed, you started laughing and pulled him into your arms.

"go to sleep honey" you whispered in his ear, he nodded and fell asleep, safe and warm.

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