What am I? This is the question I've been asking myself, all my life. No one will answer me, because of the fear. The fear they carry whenever I am in their presence. They do not speak. They do not look. They do not come near.
They reject. I guess I can understand them. The monster I've become is dangerous, but they do not see that I have changed. Why would they?
The only thing I know, and have always known for sure is this: I am Brutal.


1. Prologue

The wind blows through my hair as my hooves clamp down on the moist forest floor. Leaves land softly all around me, blurring my vision with different shades of orange and yellow. It is autumn, the time for my return. 

All year round I hunger for this season, as it is the only way I can enter civilization. Why, I do not know. 

An invisible barrier seperates the forest from mankind. Protects them from me. But in the fall, it breaks down and as each year, I search for the answers, I have never been given. It is all I want and everything I need. 

Excitement surges through my veins as I cross the path, I have waited for to open. Like every year, I know I will return when the snow starts to fall, so my time is bare. I must not waste it. 

I run faster and faster until I reach the edge of the forest. What lies in my path is unknown, but I wish with every fiber in my body, that it all turns out for the best.

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