Imagines - One Direction

Ja, jeg skriver dem selv :-) hvis i gerne ville have en kunne det da godt være jeg ville lave en ;-) jeg har også nogle engelske som jeg har fundet. som jeg selvfølgelig ikke selv har skrevet med åh gud hvor er de gode.


10. Louis.


Ok. So it all started… I’d say about 4 years ago. I was a junior in high school. I was not one of those popular brats nor was I close to being a nerd. I was a decent looking girl-wavy black hair with a straight nose and plumpy red lips. I had big brown eyes, like a pool of melted bilk chocolate. One day I headed to my lame biology class. I sat down in my usual seat and started doodling when there was a knock on the door. My teacher “come in.” But instead of the person coming in, he said “Knock Knock.” My whole class including the teacher stared at the door. My ex-boyfriend, Brian said “Who is there?” “Orange.” “Orange who?” “Orange you gonna let me in?”and with that he came in laughing as I did too. But no one else was. My teacher said “Class meet your new classmate, Louis Tomlinson.” His eyes wandered the class when he spotted me. He smiled a cute heavenly smile. I could not help but blush and smile back. So many boys tried getting me before, but none were like this new Louis guy. He took his seat right beside me. He made a farting noise. I laughed again. I thought ‘this is WAY better than biology’. After class, I headed out for lunch. He ran after me, “hey, wait up!” I stopped. “Hey… um Louis right?” “Yeah”. “You cracked me up during class…thanks” “Anything for you, babe.” I blushed.”Lunch?”, I asked. “Yeah…lets go.” We grabbed food and I sat on him. Well, at least I was PLANNING to sit next to him. But he made me tripped onto him. “So funny!”,I said sarcastically. “Well I suppose I was trying to make it a LITTLE funny.” That night, I went home and took off my pants. Out fell a paper. It said:1646-772-8905 luv ya babe;). “Oh my fucken god! When did he do that?” I was a bit mad but after a couple of hours, I remembered that heavenly smile. “Ugghh.What the hell am I getting myself into?!”, I asked as I grabbed the phone and jumped onto my bed: “Hey Louis” “Hey my lovely Jemma of gemmas of gemmest!” “Ok. Louis. You can stop it now!” “What is wrong? You sound upset.” “Well ya. I cannot believe you slipped your fingers into my pants!” “Sorry babe. I just meant it as a joke!” “Do you ever Not joke?!” “Well ya. I also have a side you can just talk to you if you need someone to listen to. Please don’t be mad at me. I love you.” “Oh I’m sorry, I was so angry. Will you forgive me and be my guy again?” “Of course, babe. Anything for you!”
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