Imagines - One Direction

Ja, jeg skriver dem selv :-) hvis i gerne ville have en kunne det da godt være jeg ville lave en ;-) jeg har også nogle engelske som jeg har fundet. som jeg selvfølgelig ikke selv har skrevet med åh gud hvor er de gode.


8. Hazza

Jeg ville sige min ynglings nok er ham.. 



Your POV This is the last straw. You’re tired of Harry’s games. ‘I can’t believe he cheated again,’ you thought. Then you heard him come through the door. “Babe, I’m home!” He says. “How was your day?” “Fine.” You respond. He walks into the bedroom to find you with all of your belongings. “Why are your bags packed? Where are you going?” “Harry, I’m going to be honest. I’m a little drunk and I smoked a bit of weed so let’s just cut to the chase. I know you cheated.” His face said it all. “(Y/N), I’m sorry she meant nothing to me. Please just stay. I promise it won’t ever happen again.” “Prove it.” You said. Harry dived at you and put you on the bed. He yanked off your yoga pants and your thong in one swift motion, and plunged two fingers into you. They immediately went to work. After squirming around for a bit, Harry’s tongue found it’s way inside you, darting into places it has never been before. His thumb massaged your clit at the same time, and you knew your orgasm was coming. Soon, euphoria washed over your entire body as you rode out your high. Once you settled down and your heart rate returned to normal, you found your clothes. “Thanks, Harry.” You said as you got dressed. “Where are you going?” He asked. “I’m leaving.” “Wait, what? After all that?” He stutters. “Yolo.” You simply stated, and walked out the door.
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