Imagines - One Direction

Ja, jeg skriver dem selv :-) hvis i gerne ville have en kunne det da godt være jeg ville lave en ;-) jeg har også nogle engelske som jeg har fundet. som jeg selvfølgelig ikke selv har skrevet med åh gud hvor er de gode.


12. Haz.


” Harry, Babe! I’m home.” You yell into the house you share with your boyfriend of 4 months Harry Styles. You hear nothing but silence. I noticed his car is in the drive way, so he has to be here. You kick off your gray chucks and lay down my shopping bags. You walk toward our bedroom and hear moaning. He can’t be cheating on me. He wouldn’t. You push out any of those thoughts as you creep into your T.V. room. As smile comes across your face when you noticed he is just watching some porn movie. You walk up to the television and turn it off.

” Hey, what the fuc- Oh, hey babe.” His faced turned bright red as he tried to cover himself.

” Um, Why are you watching porn when you have a girlfriend who will gladly let you fuck her senseless whenever and however you want.” You smirk

” I couldn’t wait til you cam- Wait did you say however I wanted?” He smiled.

” Oh, I’m going to regret this aren’t I?”

” No, Just wait and see. ” He lifts the blanket to reveal his hardened dick, he stands and it looks like he grew another arms down below. He jumps onto me and rips off your shirt.

” Harry Styles, That was my favorite shirt.”

” Don’t worry (Y/N), I’ll make it up to you.” He winks He starts to kiss on your neck, along your jaw then going to you sweet spot behind you ear. You slightly moan and run your fingers through his hair. He quickly un-clasps your bra and chucks it across the room. He stands you up and gives you a little peck before suddenly pulling down your shorts along with your panties. You step out of them quickly. All this waiting has already got you dripping like Niagara Falls. All you need is to feel him inside you. You need him to fill you up with his cock. You grab a hold of his cock and start to go up and down in a quick motion. Getting moans and groans spilling from his mouth, this is only pushing you to go faster.

You hop down on you knees and take his whole length into you mouth. His falls to the couch behind him and shouts.

” Oh fuck (Y/N), Don’t stop p-p-pleaaaaase.” He twined his fingers in your hair and starts to force himself further down you throat.His hands fall from you head ans he falls on his back. You feel his dick twitch inside you mouth, so you go faster. Hollowing out your cheeks and sucker harder. He props himself on his elbow to watch everything your doing to him.

” Babe, s-top. I’m bout to cummmm.” He huffs You take him out of your mouth for a quick second.

” Nahhh, I like it.” You winked and continue to bob up and down til you feel his cum hit the back of your throat. He slides out of your mouth and you look up at him.

” (Y/N), I said I didn’t want to come yet.” He pouts.

” Oh well, Looks like someone’s getting punished tonight.”

You laugh and run to your bedroom. You hear Harry’s footsteps right behind you. You step into the room, then you’re tackled to the bed. You giggle then push him off you.

” Ready for you’re punishment?” He asks.

” I’m so ready to be punished” You moan just thinking about what he is going to do to you. Unknowingly you hand travels down to your now soaked pussy and you start rubbing you clit. Suddenly you feel two finger shoved inside of you.

” Ahhhh, Oh fuck hArrrrrry!” You shout. He pumps his long slender finger into you. You can feel his hot breath hit you where you need him most. Just imagining his tongue licking your folds and sucking on your clit. His tongue attacks your clit with the force of a thousand horses. ( Hahaha ).

” Harry, Yes Yes Yes! Right there please… Harder. I’m so close ” You cry out. You push his head closer to you pussy. He obeys and his tongue goes faster. Harry switches from his finger fucking, sucking and licking which is friving absolutely insane.

” I’m ABOUT TO CUMMM, HARRY!” You practically scream. He stop and stands on his feet. He walks over to the window and opens it.

” What the Hell!” You pout.

” Come here now!” He demands. You get up from the bed and stands by the window. You look out to see that your next door neighbor, who is Louis Tomlinson because they insisted that they live next to each other, is fucking Eleanor against the wall closest to the window. You can see everything. Eleanor’s legs are around Louis waist keeping her up as he pumps himself into her. He eyes are closed and she is biting her lip. Just then Louis puts Eleanor down and opens his window and turn towards you and Harry. Being the sane human you are, You quickly run out of sight of Louis. Harry pulls you back.

Louis : ” You ready Harry.”

Harry : ” Yup, Boo-Bear.” Eleanor peeps out of the window.

” Hey (Y/N). Um, Louis want are you doing?”

He hides behind him so she doesn’t show off her naked body. Louis put her in front of him and bends her over, as Harry does the same to you. You look at Louis and El. She is giving you the same look. Louis and Harry count down from 3.




Harry plunges into you while Louis goes deep into Eleanor. You struggle to keep you body up. You clutch the window sill and hold on tight as Harry is ramming into you. His balls hit you clit and it shoots fireworks through your body. Your moans are mixed in with Eleanor’s You scream

” Oh FUCK Yes Harry. Right there Baby. Ugh. Shit.” You look up to see Louis grabbing onto Eleanor’s boobs and twisting her nipples as she yells out in pleasure. Harry grabs your hair making you arch your back and making you look at Louis and Eleanor. He grabs El’s hair doing the same.

” (Y/N) I want you to look at Lou when you come. And El look at me.” Harry demands.

I look at Eleanor and she looks in complete bliss. Her boobs are bouncing up and down due to how fast Louis is fucking her. Just seeing people fuck turned you on so much. It made you that much hornier.

” Oh fuck, I’m about to CUMMM.” Eleanor shouts.

” Me tooooo.” I yell in agreement. “

Only 10 more seconds babe.” Louis screams. He counts down from 10.











You came the same time Harry did. You lean on the window to gain some balance. You know for a fact that you can’t feel your legs. They feel like jell-o. You look up to see Eleanor in the same position as you. You trying to catch you breath. Harry slumps down by you and looks and Louis.

” Turned out better then I thought.” Harry lazily smiled.

” You were completely right. Why didn’t we do this sooner.”

He laughs. You’re still out of breath, you try to stand up but just fall into Harry lap.

” Hey, Lou?” Harry asks.

” Yeah Harry?” He asks while placing Eleanor on the bench they have by their window.

” How about you and El come over for round 2?” He winks.

” On our way.” He throws El over his shoulder and he runs out of his bedroom door.

” Babe, get ready for the best fuck of your life.” He smiled. You could only imagine what was going to happen when they got over here.

You laid in bed with Harry in a post-sex haze. Not 3 minutes earlier you probably had the best sex of you life. Your secret turn on was always watching get off or watching people fuck. It just made you that much more hornier.  

The doorbell rang and Harry jumped up and smiled like a kid on Christmas. 

 He smiles He runs downstairs to come back up with a naked Louis and Eleanor. You can honestly say it was a extremely awkward. Just standing there looking at your boyfriend’s bestfriend and your best girlfriend stark naked. 

But seeing her just made you so wet. You were ready to be fucked senseless again. You’ve always wanted to have an four-some. Why not with you best mates? Harry and Louis start talking like there not naked. So weird. 

I just want the sex PAR-TAY to begin, and I guess Eleanor felt the same becuase she came over and sat by me. 

Eleanor : ” I’ve wanted to do this for a while now. And I’m glad its with you. Hopefully this doesn’t hurt our relationship as bestfriends.” She smile. 

” Of course not El. I’ve been wanting this too so bad.” You glance at the guys who are still standing and talking. Apparently they didn’t want it as bad as you guys did. 

Eleanor : ” Maybe we should start without them.” She raised an eyebrow. 

” You read my mind.” You smile and lean in to kiss her. It was intended to be a peck. But El put her hands on you neck to deepen the kiss. She leans back so you’re on top straddling her. Her hands roam over you back, lightly brushing and gently scraping leaving goosebumps everywhere. Your hands trail along her stomach down to her pussy. You rub her softly and she moans loud enough to break up the boys conversation. 

Harry : ” Are you two seriously starting without us?” Harry gasped. You and Eleanor are way into you massive make-out session. You both moan to his question, until you feel a big pair of hands around you waist pulling you away from El’s body. You whimper at the loss of the warm body that you just had in front of you. You twirl around to see Harry’s emerald green eye’s bore into yours. His lips attack attack your neck working on a love bite under your ear. He sucks hard enough for it to hurt, but the pleasure feels good. He pushes you on your back on the bed, Louis doing the same to Eleanor. 

 Harry starts kissing down your chest. He stops right below your belly button and plants a sweet kiss there. He looks up while his lips are still attached to your stomach and stares at you with those emerald eyes and without warning he shoves 2 of his long fingers into you. He starts pumping in and out curving his fingers against your g spot causing you to moan out in complete ecstasy. His hot breath hits your pussy, then he sticks his long hot tongue in and starts to explore every inch of you. He sucks on your clit and gently bites down. Your hands find there way to your nipples. Pulling and pinching them to add to the pleasure your getting. You look over to see Louis balls deep in Eleanor’s mouth. She is on hands and knees on the bed while Louis digs his hands into her hair so he can mouth fuck her. He disappeared into her mouth while she massaged his balls getting grunts and groans from him. 

” Fuck Harry, Please fuck me. Get in me. NOW.” I beg. I need to feel him before I explode like a fucking firework. He rises from between your legs and flips you over to face Louis and El. Harry rubs his head across your lips. You can’t help but feel like this is all a dream. It just feels so unbelievable. You think to yourself ’ it has to be because your body is in shock from all the pleasure your getting’. Louis flips over El to match the same position your in. 

Louis : ” Then beg you little sluts.” He spat. 

Eleanor : Please Lou, Fuck us til we can’t walk anymore.” She breathes out. Your happy that she speaks for both of you. It takes energy, which is something you do not have in this moment.  

(Y/N) : ” Yes, Just please fuck us.” I moan. 

On the drop of a pin, Louis and Harry both thrust in. Your back arches while you scream out. You close enough to Eleanor you can feel her breath on you face. Out of the moment, you attack her lips and kiss her rough. Her tongue presses passed your lips and wrestles with your tongue. You moan into her mouth as Harry thrusts in really hard. You break apart from the kiss for a breath. 

Eleanor : ” I’m about to CUM, FUCK.” 

(Y/N) : ” Me too, Faster Har—der Harry.” 

You close your eye trying to focus. You feel like you floating away, like your not in your body anymore. 

Harry whispers into your ear. ” Babe, cum on 3.” 




You cum all over Harry throbbing member and fall onto the bed. You look up to Eleanor and Louis. Well that’s what you tried to do. You look up to see no one. Nothing is there. You sit up and look around the room frantically. You look where you thought they were. But the bed was perfectly made at that part. Like it hadn’t been touched. You go to hit Harry, but end up hitting air. You quickly turn to see no one there. You laugh because you know that Louis, Eleanor and Harry are all hiding and are about to jump out and laugh. You stands up  waiting for them to say crack up laughing. Say ’ Oh, (Y/N). You should’ve seen your face.

But that never happened. 

Instead you start to feel hot, like soemthing is covering you. Then you hear your name 




Then you eye’s shoot open. You sit up and look around the room your in. Your not in the room that you were just in. You look down to see that your wearing a blue superman shirt with the symbol on the middle of it. Your surrounded by tons and tons of covers. A body moves next to yours and you slowly turn your head and look. It Liam Payne. 

Liam : ” Hey babe.” He kisses your lips.

Liam : ” Are you okay? You were moaning a lot. Then you started sweating and moving like a lot. Plus more moaning. Some dream you must’ve had. What babe? Dreaming about me.” He winked. 

You looked in complete shock. You DID NOT just dream that. You felt everything. You saw everything. This can’t be happening right now. 

Liam : ” (Y/N). You alright love? Look like you’ve seen a ghost.” He giggles. 

You : ” Oh, haha. I-I’m fine.” You try to convince him. 

Liam : ” So tell me about this dream babe. What’d I do to you?” He asked. His hand going to you moist area. 

Liam : ” Oh fuck babe, You’re so wet. I must’ve fuck you good.” He mumbles into the crook of your neck. 

You’re still in complete shock. You KNOW you fucked Harry, That you fucked at an open window, that you had a foursome with Louis and Eleanor. YOU KNOW YOU DID. 

You feels Liam’s finger trail up and down your slit. But it didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like in your dream with Harry. Which you not completely not sure if your still dreaming or not. 

You jump up and go to the bathroom and wash your face. You step out and take your original spot on the bed. Liam tries to get to where he was before. 

(Y/N) : ” Uh, babe I’m really not in the mood. Right now.” He stops and looks you in the eye. 

Liam : ” But your soaked. You can’t say you don’t want me to fuck you right now.” 

(Y/N) : ” No, I don’t I just need to sleep Liam.” I snap. He get away from me and goes to his side of the bed. 

Liam : ” Alright calm down. Night babe.” He sighs and turn he back to you. You turn your back to Liam and assume the same position.

(Y/N) : ” Night Harry.” 

Oh. Shit. 

Oh, I didn’t just call him Harry. That didn’t happen. I’m just still dreaming. 

Liam: ”Did you just call me Harry?” He sat up hastily and turn to face you. 

You: “Uh- I didn’t. You’re hearing things you.” You protest, not facing him because if you did you could see the guilt all over your face. 

Liam: ”Y-Yes, You did. You called me Harry.” He yelled now completely angry. 

You: ”I’m sorry Liam. It was just a stupid dream and-” You now on the bed, on your knees facing Liam while he stands. 

Liam: ”DREAM?! Are you telling me right now that you were dreaming about Harry and not me. Your FUCKING BOYFRIEND.” He spat. 

You: “It was just a dream. It didn’t mean anything.” 

Liam: “Yeah, I’ll make sure it didn’t mean anything.” He grinned. 

He casually walks over and rips the over-sized shirt you’re wearing. His muscles flex as he tears the material from your body. He tosses it the corner and pushes you on your back. He takes all the blankets and pillows from the bed to the floor. Pushing you on your back he straddles you. 

You were only in your panties and he was in boxers. You could see his hard dick about to rip apart his underwear. He leans in and puts his lips to you ear. 

”When I’m finished with you, you won’t even know who Harry is.” He chuckled darkly. 

Liam wasn’t the ’ rough and hard ’ type in sex. He was always sweet and gentle. But that got old, now all you wanted was to be flung around and dominated. You had your share of sweet sex, it was now time for the roughness. You wanted to be sore the morning after, to walk with a limp, to have bruises everywhere. Is that to much to ask for? 

His lips attacked the spot right behind your ear and sucked very very hard. It was pain before it was pleasure. You moan in pleasure as he sucks harder then licking the spot to sooth the pain. His hands roam over your body, squeezing and pinching random skin. He takes his left hand to twist you nipple and his right hand to go straight to you throbbing area. He brutally shoves 3 fingers into your pussy, going in and out, pumping as hard as he can. He bites down on your boob while he continues to twist the other one. 

”Ahhhh, Liam. That feels so goooood.” You yell. 

”You like that you little whore. Dreaming of other people doing this instead of me. Bad girl. ” He spat. 

His fingers curve and you grab his arm with all the strength you possess as your walls start to tighten around his fingers. He knows what is about to happen so he quickly removes his fingers and sucks them clean. 

”Liam, what the hell?” You gasp. 

”No, Don’t call me Liam. You will refer to me as ’ sir ‘.” He demanded. 

You loved this side of Liam. It was dark and rough, which only makes you that more hornier. 

”Yes, sir.” You answered. 

He took off his boxers and sat in a nearby computer chair. You couldn’t contain it anymore, you sprint over to him and go straight on you knees, reaching for his now fully erect cock. But sadly, he smacks your hands away. You give him a confused look. 

”Tell me want you want to do,(Y/N). You know I can’t read your mind.” He scoffs. 

”Please sir, Let me suck your cock.” You practically beg. 

”Well if you’re offering….” He trailed off. His grabs your head and shoves his dick inside your mouth. You ignore you pretty active gag reflex for a couple of seconds before you pull back needing to breath. You take his length and start to stroke up and down, then you like the tip and start to bob up and down. 

You look up to see that Liam’s face is covered in absolute pleasure. His eyes are closed and his bottom lip is bleeding from him biting on it so hard. His cock started to twitch in your mouth so you suck harder and shove all of him down your throat then quickly remove it before he cums. 

He grunts and picks you up by your arms and drags you to the bed. You lays you on your back and spreads your leg far apart from each other. 

He takes the tip of his dick and starts to smack your clit with it as he speaks. 

”How do you want me to fuck you? How does the little slut wanna be fuck?” 

”So fucking hard sir, PLEASE fuck me hard.” You whine. 

He rams into your pussy, without letting you adjust to his size. His hands grip your waist with the grip of fucking King Kong. But this pain only adds to the pleasure he is giving you. You look down to see his cock disappear inside of you.

”This hard enough for you whore?” He hissed. 

”Yes sir, f-f-eeels so good. Shit.” You breath.

After a few more hard thrusts, he pulls out and turns you over.  Your now facing your bedroom wall on hands and knees. Liam goes in hard again, but this time he is grabbing your ass instead of your hips. You moan out how good he feels, then you hear SMACK SMACK SMACK. Then you feels pain on your ass, Liam spanking you only makes you moan out louder. 

He yanks your hair back, his mouth bites down on your shoulder. His hands reach down and pinch you clit, sending you over the edge. 

”I’m cumming Liammmmmmm. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” You shout. 

”Cum for me babe.” He says. 

You cum on his still thrusting cock, and he cums while you do. You fall forward with no energy at all. No one has ever fucked you that hard before. You body is in shock because you can’t move whatsoever. Liam falls beside you and flips you so that you facing the ceiling. 

”I’m so sorry (Y/N). Did I hurt you?” He worries. You can’t help but laugh. All he ever does is worry about everyone else. 

”Why are you apologizing Liam? That was the best sex I’ve ever had with anyone in my life. My body is in shock. That was amazing. Besides I should be sorry.” He gazed into his chocolate brown eyes. 

”No, Its not your fault who you dream about. I just got jealous.” He sighs. 

 I should make you jealous, way more often. I like it ’ sir ’ .” 

”Okay, not even sure where that came from.” He laughs 

”That made me so horny when you said that. I can’t even explain.” 

He got up from the bed and retrieve the blankets and pillows from the floor. He placed them on the bed and pulled you close to him and wrapping the both of you in the blankets. He traces little circles on your lower back, while you place you face in the crook of his neck.

”So best in you life?” He asks. 

”The very best.” You smirk. 

”Even better then your dream?” He quickly asks. 

”Well……” You trail off. 

”Maybe you should explain the dream to me and then I’ll see what I can do.” He chuckled. 


”Then I woke up and I was here.” You finished telling him about your dream. 

”Oh, well sounds like I’ve got to make some call tomorrow.” 

”No that’s not necceesarry Liam.” You laugh. 

”Well it’s not for you. I dreamed about Eleanor a few times.” He said bluntly. 

”Uhhh, I don’t know if I should be jealous or what…..” You say. 

”Hopefully jealous so we can fuck more like we just did.” 

”You’re an idiot. ” You smack his chest playfully. 

”Goodnight (Y/N).” He sighed 

”Goodnight Harry…………….Gotcha, Just kidding. Night Liam.” You laugh. 

”What the hell am I gonna do with you.” He says as you drift off to sleep.

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