Imagines - One Direction

Ja, jeg skriver dem selv :-) hvis i gerne ville have en kunne det da godt være jeg ville lave en ;-) jeg har også nogle engelske som jeg har fundet. som jeg selvfølgelig ikke selv har skrevet med åh gud hvor er de gode.


7. Harry.


Request: A recoreded 69 with Harry and the tape gets loose. Enjoy :)    You and Harry have always been a little crazy. Especially when it came to sex. You’ve been at work for the past 12 hours and your shift was almost over. All day ever since you left for work Hazza has been sending you dirty texts. You’re walking to your car anxious to get home because you’re so fucking horny you can’t see straight. *Buzz. Buzz.* You groan as you read the text.  “God Damn babe. I’m so hard just thinking about tonight. Me licking your soaked pussy until you cum. HARD. Mmmm you’re so sweet. ;) -H xx”  You unlock the car door as fast as you can. When you’re starting the car your phone buzzes again, but this time he’s calling you. You answered:  ”Harry I swear to fucking god I’m gonna fuck you so good when I get home you’ll be screaming MY name so loud the whole neighborhood can hear you.”  you basically yell into the phone and you hear in chuckle darkly.  “Actually. I was thinking we could try something new tonight. 69 maybe?” He says in a deep, husky, lust filled voice into the phone.  “Jesus Harry you’re killing me! Be home in 5.” “Oh wait one more thing.”  “What.” you whine.  “How wet are you?” you can him smiling his ass off through the phone.  “Fuck you.”  “That’s the plan baby.” He says cockily before hanging up. You throw the phone into the passenger seat and race home. Five minutes later oyu run inside looking for Harry. You kick off your shoes and throw your keys somewhere in the living room, and run to the bedroom. You stop in your tracks at the bedroom door when you see a camera facing the bed. Harry is sitting in all his glory on the bed. “What the hell is the camera for?” you question.  “I told you I wanted to try something new did’t I. We’ve already had a 69 before.” You couldn’t care less at this point. You pounce Harry on the bed and started kissing him roughly. Before things get to heated, he pulls back and stands up. His throbbing erection standing proudly against his toned stomach. He walks over to the camera and presses a few buttons before you see the red light flash on. You sit on your knees at the end of the bed watching his every move. He walks back over to you and kisses you softly and standing you up.   He takes off your shirt and pants before pulling you on top of him on the bed. You attach your lips back to his and he deepens the kiss. His erection poking your thigh, he swipes his tongue on your bottom lip and you happily let him in. Your tongues fight for dominance but you let him win. He moves a hand from you waist to the clasp pf your bra. Within seconds it joins the other clothes on the floor. Next he tugs at your lace panties and soon they join your bra. He pulls back and says, “Turn around.” breathlessly. You do as you’re told and swing your legs over his  so your pussy in in front of his face and you’re eye level with his cock. Harry teases your entrance with his index finger, brushing it up and down your folds.     “Damn baby you’re so wet.” He states proud of himself for what he’s done to you. You moan slightly and take his shaft in your hand and pump slowly. You hear him grunt and he slips in one of his long slender fingers into your wet heat, pumping equally slow. You moan a bit louder. You lick his undershaft from base to tip before taking all of him in your mouth. He moans your name loudly and replaces his finger with his tongue. He works your aching pussy with his tongue fast. You take him out of your mouth to scream his name and arch your back. You swirl your tongue around the swollen tip before deep throating him again. He groans against your vagina and the vibrations bring you closer to orgams. You hum against his member and start massaging his balls. You were both so close and he starts rubbing your clit in fast harsh circles. Seconds later you both cum at the same time. You swallow all of it and lick your lips while Harry is cleaning up your cum. You collapse next to him and he stands up and shuts the camera off.  “Wow Y/N.” he exclaims still trying to catch his breath. You nod in agreement. He plopps next to you and pulls you close to him. You cuddle into him and bury your face into his chest. “I love you.” he whispers in your ear and kisses the top of your head.  “I love you too.” you murmur into his chest and drift off.    ~~~ 3 Days Later~~~   Today was your day off and you go down stairs to make some coffee for you and Harry. Waiting for the coffee to get done, you go into the living room and plop on the couch and turn on the T.V. The first thing you saw was the headline. “THE STYLES’ SEX TAPE GONE VIRAL”  “Oh shit.” You say to yourself. “HARRY!!!!!!” 
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