Imagines - One Direction

Ja, jeg skriver dem selv :-) hvis i gerne ville have en kunne det da godt være jeg ville lave en ;-) jeg har også nogle engelske som jeg har fundet. som jeg selvfølgelig ikke selv har skrevet med åh gud hvor er de gode.


11. Dirty

I’ll be back soon, babe.” Harry said, as he kissed your cheek. You smile and nodded. Harry was an amazing boyfriend. He smiled at you, and grabbed his coat, leaving you home alone. You sighed and sat on the sofa. You didn’t know what to do, so you decided to watch a movie. You had just settled in when the doorbell rang. Ugh.  Who could that be? You got up, and went to the door. There stood Zayn.  “Oh, hey Zayn.” You said. He smiled.  “Hey, (y/n). Where’s Harry?” He asked.  “Oh. He went to visit someone. He should be back soon, though.” Zayn nodded.  “Mind if I wait here, then?” He asked, with a sheepish smile. You chuckled.  “Sure, come in. It’s cold out.” Zayn smiled, and joined you in the house. You took a seat on the sofa and looked up at Zayn.  “So. What do you need Harry for?” You asked. Zayn looked down.  “Uh…” He pulled out a small bag that had a small, rolled up paper. You sighed. Harry and Zayn knew that you hated when Harry smoked weed. But you had to admit, he was hot when he did. The boys and him usually went somewhere else when they got high though, because Harry knew you didn’t like it.  “What’s so great about that stuff, anyway?” You asked, gesturing to the bag. Zayn smiled. “It makes you feel free.” He joined you in the sofa.  “Really now?”


You rolled your eyes. Zayn nodded.  “Want to try it?”  You actually did kinda want to try it. But you weren’t really sure. You bit your lip and shook your head, but you didn’t take your eyes off the small bag. Zayn smirked. He saw right through your lie.  “Come on.” He smiled, and took out the small joint. You watched as he lit it, and put it to his lips, taking a drag. He held it for a moment, and then let the smoke escape his lips. You bit yours. He looked so fucking hot. He looked at you. “Here.” He passed you the joint. You really didn’t know what to do, so you mimicked Zayn’s movements.


You raised the joint to your lips, and took a drag. You tried to hold it, but you couldn’t. You coughed, releasing all the smoke. Zayn smirked at you. He took the joint from you, and took another drag. He made it look easy. He handed it back to you. You took it, and this time held the smoke longer. You looked at Zayn. He was looking at you intently. He took the joint from you, and took another drag. He held the smoke, and stubbed the joint out. He leaned into you. You didn’t move. Zayn ran his hand up your side, making you gasp. Seconds later, his lips were on yours, blowing the smoke into our mouth. You pulled away, blowing the smoke out.  “Zayn! I’m with Harry!” You shouted.


Zayn chuckled, and placed his hand on your thigh. “He won’t find out.” Zayn whispered. You wanted to stop. But you couldn’t. You reached up, and kissed Zayn. Hard. He pushed you back on the sofa and hovered over you. He kissed your neck, making you moan slightly. Zayn smirked, and pulled away. You looked up to him. He lifted his shirt, revealing his sculpted chest. You raked your eyes down his body. He smirked. Harry was hot. God, he was hot. But Zayn… Zayn was certainly hot too. He reached down and tugged at your shirt. You raised a little so he could pull it all the way off. He smiled and then leaned down to kiss your neck again. He placed rough kisses all over your neck and chest. “Zayn.” You moaned. You felt him smirk against your skin. He moved down your stomach, to your pants. He unbuttoned and unzipped them quickly, pulling them down.'


He did his own the same way. “Have you and Harry…” Zayn trailed off, placing soft kisses on your thighs. You moaned. “No. I’m still a virgin.” Zayn looked up at you, smirking. “I’ll make it good.” He growled. He placed one last feather light kiss to your thigh, before lining himself up with your entrance. In all honesty, you were a bit scared. Zayn leaned down, and kissed you. Then he thrust into you. You screamed. “It hurts!” Zayn placed his lips to yours. Soon enough, the pain began to turn pleasurable. You moaned Zayn’s name lightly.  “Oh, fuck. Shit, (y/n), you’re tight.” He kissed you again. Then, he began to move faster and harder.  “Oh God. Zaynn.” You moaned. “What the fuck is going on here?!” You both looked at the door, wide eyed. There stood a very pissed off looking Harry. Shit.

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