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En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


19. You're pregnant and keep it from him because you don't want the baby


LIAM: You’d know for three days that you were pregnant. Ever since you saw the little pink plus sign on the pregnancy test, you had been weighing your options. You were sitting on your bed with Eleanor, crying your eyes out. “El, what do I do? We’re only 19, I can’t have a baby! That would ruin Liam’s career. I can’t do that to him,” you mumbled through the tears streaming down your face. She rubbed your arm comfortingly. “Babe, you know Liam, if he found out you were pregnant, he would be the most excited and supportive guy. He’s the one guy that would probably be absolutely content with having a baby at this point. You need to tell him,” she urged. “I can’t tell him! He is at such a high point in his career, I can’t!” the tears flowed freely, and Eleanor got up to grab a box of tissues. “[Y/N], you cannot keep this from him. This isn’t something little, this is a baby. You need to talk to him..” your stomach did flips at the thought of telling Liam. You knew he would be fine with it, and would support you no matter what, but you were still scared. “El, I know you probably not be too happy with this, but I don’t think I can have this baby, maybe I should just.. go talk to a doctor about abortion. I know it’s horrible, but before this gets too serious.. I can’t do this to Liam,” you sighed. “Babe, if that’s what you need to do, then do it. I would never judge you for that, I would probably be saying the same thing if Lou got me pregnant.. Speaking of Liam, where is he?” Eleanor looked around your room. “He’s gone out with Niall, he shouldn’t be back for a while,” you whispered back, drying the tears on your face. “Or he could be back now,” you heard a deep voice behind the two of you. Both your heads shot back as you saw Liam standing in your doorway, his face completely shocked. “El, maybe you should go,” you whispered to her, and she looked at you sympathetically and kissed your cheek quickly. “Love you,” she said as she stood up, grabbing her purse and passing Liam as he gave her a faint smile. You looked down, not being able to face Liam. “What was that about? I come in here and hear you saying that you can’t tell me that you’re pregnant? [Y/N] that’s not what our relationship is, we tell each other these things. Now tell me everything,” he sits down beside you, trying to keep his space but once he sees your tear stained cheeks, he grabs you and pulls you into his arms. You sob into him, telling him the full story of how you took a test and you only told Eleanor, and how you couldn’t do this to his career. “Baby girl, baby girl..” he shushed you, stroking your hair. “This baby is going to be ours. I know we’re young, but this baby is ours. It’s a baby that we created together. I understand if you really don’t want this, but I want you to know that I will support you through everything. If this affects my career, so be it. This will make us stronger and I know it. I love you sweetheart,” he mumbles into your hair, and you know you have a tough decision to make.

HARRY: You’re sitting in the abortion centre, filling out sheets of paper before you go into surgery. You had found out you were pregnant a week ago, and the minute you found out, you were devastated. What were you supposed to do, Harry was hardly here, you couldn’t drop a baby on him. So you’d made the decision to just not tell him and just get rid of the whole situation. You knew it was inhumane and horrible, but you couldn’t ruin Harry’s life. Danielle sat beside you, squeezing your hand as you finished the papers and took them up to the counter. Harry was on tour right now, and he noticed something was up, but he just thought it was you missing him and wanting him to come home. You sat back down, waiting for your name to be called as your phone rang. You looked down at it and saw Harry’s name. You exchanged looks with Danielle, who nodded her head. “Hello?” you answered the phone, your voice shaky. “Hey babe! What’s the matter?” he said cheerfully. “Nothing, why?” you mumble, giving Danielle a worried look. “You don’t sound right, are you okay?” he asks. “I’m fine, Haz, what are you doing?” you change the topic, and he falls for it. “Oh not much, we just finished sound check and I’m on break right now! I miss you so much!” he babbles on. “Miss you too, Harry,” you say absently, as Danielle squeezes your hand again. ” [Y/N] [Y/LN]?” you look up to see a doctor waiting for you. “Who was that?” Harry asks. “Um, Harry I have to go,” “No tell me who that was!” Harry asks impatiently. “Harry, I really can’t talk right now,” you say, grabbing your bags. “[Y/N]?” the doctor asks again, and you give a quick wave to signal your coming. The doctor stands impatiently, glancing down at her list again. “Who is calling you?” Harry almost yells. “Maybe you should just tell him,” Danielle says, a little louder than she should have. “Tell me what!” Harry yells into the phone. “I’m pregnant, Harry,” you break down, falling back into your seat as the tears stream down your face. “What?” Harry says quietly, not expecting that answer. The tears are falling hard now, and Danielle wipes them away. “[Y/N] we don’t have all day, it’s now or never,” the doctor says, getting angrier by the minute. “They don’t have all day for what? Baby where are you?” Harry says, and you can tell he’s crying. “I’m at the abortion centre,” you whisper into the phone, your voice soft. “What? Why would you do that? Baby, you can’t be serious right now! No!” Harry yells again. You rub your temple as you look at the impatient doctor and then to Danielle, who’s getting up to speak with the doctor. You listen to Harry try to convince you to leave and wait for him to get home to sort everything out. “Please, don’t do this, that’s our baby. You can’t honestly want to get rid of it, we can do this, baby,” he says softly, and you agree to wait until he gets home to make any decisions. “Okay, Harry. I’m sorry,” you cry, and he makes you promise not to do anything to your baby just yet. You quickly say your goodbyes as you promise to call him after, and you walk up to Danielle, grab her arm and pull her out of the building.

LOUIS: You’re sitting on the phone with your mum as Louis is upstairs taking a nap. “Mum, what do I do,” you cry into the phone. “I’m not ready for a baby!” you wipe the tears with a tissue and throw it into the pile that was building beside you. “Honey, what has Louis said about this?” your mum says calmly. “I, uh, haven’t told him..” you admit. “[Y/N]! You need to go tell that boy this second! You cannot make any decision about that baby without him knowing! I raised you better than that, he deserves to know about this!” your mum almost yells into the phone, and you feel guilty for a few seconds, before reality kicks in. “Mum, you know what this would do to him. He’s not ready for a baby, he’s at the highest point in his career, a baby would ruin that. We’re not ready,” you mumble. “Maybe abortion is best idea, you know, its quick and I know it’s terrible but it might just be the best for everyone involved.” Your mum sighs. “It won’t be best for the baby inside of you. That baby is yours and Louis’. I honestly think you two can do it,” she attempts to convince you. “I don’t think I’m ready..” you start to cry again. “I think you are, because I know I am,” you jump as you hear Louis behind you, and you feel a lump in your throat. “Mum, I gotta go,” you quickly say before hanging up, and Louis sits beside you. “Were you seriously not going to tell me?” Louis says, and you look at him, and see the hurt in his eyes. “Louis, I just figured you’d rather not know. Like, this baby could ruin you, and you would never have time for it, I just don’t want to hurt you and-“ you are cut off as Louis’ mouth falls against yours. You lose your train of thought and just let yourself enjoy this moment before he pulls away. “Shh, baby, shh,” you are pulled against his chest, and he moves his hands down to your stomach. “There’s a baby in there, our creation. We can do this baby. I’ll make time, I promise. Let’s just give this a chance, I’m ready. And I know that you’ll be a fantastic mother,” he says, kissing all over your face before landing on your lips again, and you feel him smile into the kiss.

ZAYN: You are sitting in the doctor’s office, listening to the pro’s and con’s of abortion. Your taking all this information in, really considering ridding the baby before Zayn found out. You were so scared of how this would affect him and his career, and your relationship. All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door. “Excuse me sir, we have a Zayn Malik here for [Y/N]?” the receptionist says, and you see Zayn standing behind her, giving you a confused look. You gasp, and nod your head slightly. Zayn pushes in front of the receptionist and gives your head a quick kiss. “What’s going on, babe?” he asks as he takes a seat beside you, eyeing the doctor with confusion. “Zayn, what are you doing here?” you ask nervously. “I saw on Twitter that you were seen walking in here, and you wouldn’t answer your phone. What’s going on?” he asks, and he’s growing worried as he notices your avoiding him. “[Y/N], what is going on here?!” The doctor steps out of the room to give you two some space, and as he leaves Zayn grabs your hands in worry. “Just tell me, please, I’m scared,” you can hear the sincerity in his voice. “I’m pregnant, Zayn, and I’m here today to get some information on abortion,” you said in a small voice. Zayn’s hands tighten around yours. “Abortion? Are you crazy?” he said, scoffing. “Zayn, we’re 19, we can’t have a baby-“ “Don’t give me bullshit about not being able to have a baby at 19, we could have a baby and we would be perfectly fine! I can’t believe you went behind my back about this! I thought we had a better relationship than this!” he said, throwing his hands behind his head as he groans. You look down at your feet. “I just don’t want to hurt you, Zayn, I want what is best for you,” you mumble. He looks up at you with hurt eyes. “What’s best for me is you. It’s all you. If it’s me and you and a baby, so be it, I know we could do this. I just can’t believe you didn’t tell me,” he moves his hand back over to yours, and you take this as a signal that he’s calmed down a bit. “I’m sorry, Zayn, how about we call the doctor back in and we can talk about this a bit more?” you look straight into his eyes, and he nods as you stand to get the doctor.

NIALL: You were sitting on the couch, reading about abortion on your phone. You’d discovered you were pregnant a few days ago, and you hadn’t told Niall. You didn’t know what he’d say about the situation, but you knew it probably wouldn’t be good. Niall had always been worried about you falling pregnant, since you both knew what the paparazzi would say and what management would say. He was always extra careful, but somehow you’d missed something. As you clicked on another article, Niall plopped down beside you, and you quickly click out of the article and put your phone down. Niall notices how quickly you drop the phone, and he eyes with his curious blue eyes. “What was that, princess?” he asks, and you whisper “Nothing,” to him quickly, and he grabs your phone. “Niall, give that back!” you shout as he laughs, clicking on the internet browser and clicking into your history. “Why?! Was my princess looking at porn?!” he gives you a joking shocked face as you try to grab for your phone, but its out of your reach. “Niall!” you shout one more time before you see the genuinely confused look on his face. “Babe, why were you reading about abortion?” he asks, going further through the history to see a series of websites regarding the issue. You sigh and lean deeper back into the couch, closing your eyes as the truth started to come out. “[Y/N], are you pregnant?” he asks with a scared voice. You open your eyes to find him staring at you, the phone dropped on the floor. You give him a quick nod, and your scared for his reaction. He immediately crawls towards you, wrapping you in his arms and smiling into your hair. “Baby, your pregnant!” he says, kissing your hair. You look at him with a confused face. “Niall, why are you happy? I’m pregnant! Do you know what this is going to do to you?” he scrunches up his face and then smiles, nodding. “Yep! It means I’m going to be a daddy and you’re going to be a mummy and we’re going to have a mini me or you running around- wait, you were considering abortion?” he suddenly realizes. You groan and bury your head deeper into his arm. “Babe, you seriously can’t consider that. This baby is obviously for us. It’s obviously made for us, it’s made from us. Mother nature wanted this baby for us, we’re not getting rid of it. Your my princess and I’m your prince and this is going to be our baby prince or princess, and that’s how it’s going to be,” he kisses your temple, reaching for your phone and deleting all the history on your phone. 

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