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En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


60. you’re period leaks and he notices


Niall: It was a warm summer day and you and your boyfriend Niall were spending it at the beach. Niall, being the hungry guys he is, went to grab a couple ice creams for you two while you stayed at your spot. It was really warm so you decided just to take a quick dip while he was gone. The thing you didn’t realize was that your period had come early and when Niall came back, he could see blood running down your leg. “Y/N are you okay??” he screamed, almost dropping the ice creams in the sand. “ Yeah what are yo-“ you suddenly stopped when you saw the blood too. “OMG Niall, hehe, we need to go home, like right now! I just had my…” “oh… OH oh you mean that, okay let’s get out of here!” The ride home was the most embarrassing ride of your life, but it went quite quickly and when you were finally at your house, you just pecked him on the cheek and ran up the stairs. Half an hour later Niall showed up at you house again. “ Since we can’t be at the beach, I decided to bring the beach to us!” He said and held up two ice creams and a bucket of sand. You couldn’t help but laughing at your goofy boyfriend. But he was, without a doubt, the best boyfriend in the world.

Louis:  “What do you want love?” Louis said to you and pointed at the starbucks menu. “ Uhm.. I’ll have a latte and one of those cookies” you said and went to get a table. Louis, being so proud of his own butt, always made sure to check yours out every time you turned around, and you knew! Today you were wearing your favorite white pants from Forever 21 and you knew for a fact that they made you butt look outstanding. “Uhm honey?” Louis whispered to you. “ Pull down your shirt, your uhm blood has leaked out and you can see it from behind.”  You didn’t know what to do so you just ran in to the bathroom and tried to fix it. When you came out you gave Louis a Don’t-say-a-word look and sat down. “Well Y/N, that’s what you get for wearing pants that makes your butt look better than mine!” He said and you both started laughing.

Harry: It was a cold December night and you and Harry were laying in front  of the fireplace, talking about everything between heaven and earth. Suddenly he stopped talking and stared at the blanket that was wrapped around you. Surprised you tried to see what he was staring at when you suddenly saw it, you had gotten you period. Harry didn’t say anything like you thought he would, he just pretended that he hadn’t seen anything. “I have to go to the bathroom…” you said and Harry nodded understanding. Even though this was the most embarrassing thing ever, Harry handled it very well and you felt so blessed to have a boyfriend like him. A million thoughts were going through your mind and when you came down to the living room again, Harry was sitting in the sofa with chocolate and Ben & Jerrys and Love actually was playing on your TV. You wrapped yourself in his arms and felt his lips kiss your head.  “I love you” you said truthfully. “I love you too Y/N”

Liam: It was yours and Liam’s three month anniversary and you were supposed go on a romantic date that Liam had organized. However, there was a problem, you were on your period and your stomach pains were horrible. You didn’t want to, but you had to reschedule. “Liam baby” you started. “I’ll have to reschedule tonight, I’m on my period and I can’t stand the pain in my stomach.” You continued as you gazed into Liam’s weary eyes. “It’s okay love” Liam said. He was such a gentleman but you could tell that he was very sad.  The day went by and when the clock turned 19.00 Liam decided to go to the store. About an half hour passed when suddenly Liam showed up in your living room with a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolate in his hands. “I bet toy story and chocolate will make it a lot better Y/N” He said and smiled. You threw yourself in his arms and the rest of the night, you two laid curled up in each other’s arms watching movies.

Zayn: you were on the phone with Zayn, you boyfriend, planning your trip to Hawaii. You didn’t know why but everything Zayn said made you annoyed and you couldn’t help but wonder why. Suddenly it appeared to you, it was the 13th , the day of your period.  Zayn did notice that you were pretty moody so he just simply said “period Y/N?” You muttered and told him to come over and watch a movie with you but he told you to come to his place instead. Now you were getting even more moody because you didn’t have the energy to go all the way there. You sat in your car and drove over, not expecting much. But the moment you stepped into his flat all you could see was red roses and candles, and in the living room, Zayn had made a beautiful dinner for you. You couldn’t have had a better period.

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