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26. You're his bestfriend but he secretly loves you

Niall: Niall tripped up the stairs after you mumbling words to himself making you giggle.“Niall where are your keys?” you asked arriving at the door of his place, Niall leaned his head against the door unlocking it. You walked in after Niall leading him up to his bedroom, you guys had been at a party and Niall was super drunk, you on the other hand weren’t a big fan of drinking. You walked into Niall’s cluttered room laughing as he jumped around attempting to take his pants off when he finally got them off he jumped into bed pulling his shirt off and rolling up into the covers “Alright I’ll text you tomorrow Niall although I doubt you’ll remember me telling you that” “No” he shouted shooting up rubbing his head regretting getting up so fast “come cuddle with me pleeeeaaaassseee…” he whined patting the bed next to him, you sighed rolling your eyes “fine” Niall grinned obviously happy with himself. You went and found some sweats and a T-Shirt that you had left a Nialls the other day, slipping into bed next to him this wasn’t unusual you guys had been best friend for ages and loved to cuddle. “Y/N” Niall whispered “Yeah” you asked turning round to face him “I love you” he smiled with a cheesy grin before closing his eyes falling into a deep sleep. You woke up the next morning Niall’s arms wrapped tightly around your waist you tried to wiggle out without waking him but failed. Niall’s eyes fluttered open with groan he ran his hands through his hear. You jumped up out of his bed “Morning” groaned “heey” you replied opening the draw where you knew you’d find medication you ran to the kitchen getting him a glass of water coming back to give him the medication Niall thanked you taking it “So umm Niall do remember what you told me last night?” you asked wondering if it was the truth or just the alcohol talking “I can’t remember anything about last night. Why? What did I say?” he asked rubbing his head you gulped “umm you told me you loved me” Niall swore under his breath “I umm was umm I ahh” Niall stuttered “Niall please tell me do you love me and not like friend love I mean do you Love me?” Niall nodded sighing before he could say anything more you crashed you lips into his feeling him grin in the kiss. Liam: “Liam hurry up the movies about to start” you yelled from the couch getting read to watch Toy Story for the third time that week, Liam had been your best friend for a long time and you love it when you guys got to hang out. “I’m coming” he ran in holding a large bowl of popcorn plonking himself down next to you. As you watched the movie you could feel Liam staring at you “What are you looking at Liam?” you questioned “you’ve been staring at me for the last half hour Li” “oh umm sorry it’s just….. you umm look really beautiful” he gulped bashfully making you blush “Y/N you’ve been one of my best friends for a long time now and I really hope this doesn’t ruin what we have but I umm I think no I know I umm I know I love you” he looked down fiddling with his fingers nervously. You stayed silent absolutely shocked you had been falling for him too but ignoring them thinking that with him being a big time star what would he want with you but apparently he did want you. Liam sighed beginning to get up from the couch “where are you going” you smiled “I figured you probably don’t wanna be with me right now” he choked starting to walk away you jumped up running over to him “why wouldn’t I want to be around the person that I love and known’s loves me back” you smiled Liam’s eyes brightened and he grinned from ear to ear at you. You wrapped you eyes around his shoulder going onto tippy toes before pulling him into a sweet kiss. Louis: “Ahhh no Louis stop please” you squealed as Louis tickled you mercilessly “No! Not until you admit that he was an ass and didn’t treat you right” Louis had you pinned on the ground as he tickled you. Your boyfriend (who Louis had never liked) had just broken up with you over text after a 6 month relationship where he had cheated on you at least three times. “Alright. Alright he was an ass” you surrendered “Good” Louis nodded stopping tickling you but still straddling you “umm Louis are you gonna let me-“ Louis’ lips crashed into yours kissing you sweetly he pulled away slowly with a grin he looked down staring into your eyes “you know babe I really like you I mean really, really like you hell I think I might even love you” your heart skipped a beat you pulled Louis down kissing him again feeling him smirk in the kiss you pulled away “I think I might even love you too” you smiled Louis let out a laugh of excitement before going in for another kiss. Zayn: You waited at the airport fidgeting impatiently as you waited for five of your best friend’s plane to arrive. You had met the boys a while back and had instantly kicked off getting along great with all of the you lived in a different country with them and didn’t get to hang out with them as much as you wished you guys skyped all the time though, but today they were arriving in your home town and you were ecstatic. There was one slight problem though you had slowly began to fall for Zayn but who wouldn’t with those dreamy eyes and how he was always up for a cuddle, but you didn’t want to ruin the friendship. The arrival doors opened up and the boys walked out after the security guards who were pushing back the millions of screaming fans who were all around. You doubted that you would get to see them straight away so you walked away a little seeing them was enough now you just had to wait a bit till they were done with the fans. A few moments later you hear “Y/N!, Y/N” Niall and Zayn were running towards you arms out stretched Niall was first crashing into you with a big hug “hey!” he smiled jumping around happily. Zayn ran up wrapping his big arms around lifting you off the ground slightly “I missed you so much” he whispered not letting go. Harry walked up behind you “hey Y/N “ he said giving you a light hug before patting Zayn on the back “Alright Zayn! I saw that whisper you finally told her so are we gonna see some {your ship name}?” he chuckled “HARRY!” he exclaimed clipping harry over the back off the head Liam had come over now giving you a hug but you were still looking at Zayn quizzically “Oh sorry mate had you not told her oh whoops LOUIS!” harry yelled Louis ran over “Hey Y/N” Louis smiled harry whispered something in his ear Louis smiled cheekily “Y/N we would like to ask you if you would please go out with Zayn because he is drop dead in love with you and personally I’m getting a little tired of Zayn’s constant sex dreams about you they can be very loud when you’re trying to sleep” Louis chuckled Zayn reached out trying to get Louis to shut up. You look totally shocked pulling Zayn away from the group of boys knowing it would be no help having them around “whohoo get some Zayn” Niall yelled over his shoulder but you poked your tongue out at him. “Zayn is that true?” you asked Zayn just nodded sheepishly you felt yourself grin pulling him down for a kiss there was a mixture of both screams and cheers from both the boys and the fans. Harry: You had just walked in on your boyfriend cheating on you an didn’t know where to go so you walked through the streets you found yourself near where your best friend harry lived so decide to make your way to his place. You knocked on the door hoping harry was home the door swung open and your curly hair friend stood at the door “Y/N what are you doing here? Hang on is everything okay?” Harry asked staring at you quizzically “No” you had been holding back the tears for so and you just let them all out. Harry pulled you in quickly bringing you into his place he sat you down on the couch sliding down next you wrapping his arms around you. You rested your head into his chest bawling your eyes out as Harry stroked your hair. A while later you stopped crying so much “Did he cheat on you?” he asked. God you hated how he always knew what was wrong you sniffled nodding in his chest. Harry sighed “I’m sorry Y/N but he was a jerk, I would treat you so much better” Harry trailed off you shifted your waist looking up into Harry’s green eyes, he looked down at you “I’m sorry Y/N but I just want you to know that I love you, I know this probably isn’t the best time to tell you but I love you so much and that guy was a di-“ you pulled him down into a passionate kiss interrupting his rant. When you pulled away he was grinning madly at you tightening his grip around you.

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