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En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


11. You're drunk & he looks after you


Zayn: You were slurring every word by now, not giving a care about anything in the world at the moment. "Boo? We have to go home, now." Zayn whispers to you, gently wrapping an arm around your waist. You giggle as you turn in his arms, tripping a few times over your heels. Zayn laughs, catching you each time you almost fell. "But, what about our friends? They can't be alone!" you moan drunkenly, holding up a cup that was half-full. Zayn rolls his eyes, grabbing the cup and sitting it down. "No, (Y/N). They won't be alone. Look, it's just us here." Zayn tries to explain to you, but you can't help but not to believe him. After all, you were drunk. You ran over to the stairs of the place that you were at. "But what if they're in there?" you yell, pointing to a box of things that were for repairing their toilets and windows. "Baby, I promise you, they're not here. It's just us. Let's go." Zayn whispers, laughing as he has to carry you out of the bar, and into the taxi. And from the taxi, to your house. He lays you down in bed, as he tucks you in while leaving a glass of water and some tylenol on the nightstand next to you. After all, hangovers do suck! Harry: "You can't tell me what to do!" you spit out at your boyfriend, who was trying to get you down off of the tables at the bar. Harry was laughing at you, as well as his friends, because you were being completely stupid! "(Y/N), babe, we have to get you home. You're drunk." he laughs, grabbing onto your ankle lightly. In your drunken state of mind, you thought Harry had tried to trip you, so you fall onto your butt, staring at him in awe. "ABUSE! ABUSE!" you yell, throwing your drink out of your cup by accident. Harry groans as he rolls his eyes, gently pulling you off of the table. "Would you stop that? Here, just give me your heels, and we can go." he whispers to you, holding his hand out. You grin, as you bite his finger. "Ow! (Y/N)! What was that for?" Harry asks you, holding his hand. "You said give me hells.." you gurgled, as your eyelids were getting heavy. "No, I said give me your heels! Ugh, let's just get you home." he says, grabbing your heels and picking you up with them, as he brought you home. Niall: Usually, when the two of you went out to drink, both of you got drunk. When I say drunk, I do mean drunk! Niall could hardly stand by the time you left, and you were barely able to speak, you were so drunk. But, this trip to the bar, Niall didn't get too drunk. His stomach had been hurting him earlier, and he didn't feel like making it worse. But, you on the other hand, decided to get wild! You had already downed about five or six drinks, and were already off your rockets. "TAKE ME TO YOUR BESTFRIENDS HOUSE!" you sang the popular song off-tune, dancing awkwardly on the dance-floor, as Niall and his friends watched you and laughed. "DON'T MAKE ME TONGUE TIED!" you screamed again, dancing over to Niall. He looked at you, laughing. "Princess, do you think it's time for you to go home?" he asked you, putting an arm around your waist. You creased your eyebrows together, shaking your head. "No, let's stay a bit longer." you whisper to him, trying to get him to dance with you. Niall just shakes his head, as he laces your fingers together, saying bye to everyone as he walks you home. Well, he tries to walk you home, but you stagger and stumble the whole way home! Louis: He was sitting on a bar-stool, not drinking much because he knew that since it was your birthday celebration, you would want to get drunk. Since one of you had to drive home tonight, Louis decided to let you have the fun. He turned on his stool, watching you talking to some group of friends you had just recently met. You were talking normally, when all of a sudden you burst out into random dance. You were doing fast movements to a slow song, which made you look like a complete outcast, but in your drunken state you didn't care. Plus, Louis was getting a good laugh out of this, so he decided to let you dance the night away. Except for when you started doing his famous move, 'Stop the traffic, let'em through' Louis lost it. "NO, NO, NO. That is NOT how it's done! I think it's time we took you home, (Y/N)." he scolded you as he grabbed your arm and dragged you home, making sure you were taken care of for the rest of the night. Liam: You didn't want to leave Liam alone at the bar, because you knew he couldn't drink much because of his kidney. But once he gave you permission to, you joined your friends for drinks. You ended up playing a few games of beer pong, losing each game on purpose so you could drink more. Once you'd lost four games in a row, you were absolutely drunk. You were staggering, slurring your words everytime you talked. Liam laughed at you, watching you as you tried to act as sober as you could. "(Y/N), love, what're you doing?" he asked you as you pulled him up from his seat. You smirked as you leaned your back against him, grinding on him the best that you could. Everyone in the bar started wolf-whistling and laughing at you, as Liam just shook his head. "Okay, I think that's the last time you get to drink for a while." he laughs awkwardly as he takes you home, taking care of you the rest of the night. Although you had to say, you did have a damn good night!
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