One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


57. Your first time with him


Harry: You and Harry had been going out for a little while now. You really had that passionate chemistry together. He just cam back from along day in the studio and saw you on the couch. ” Hello there babe.” he said as he got on top of you. You had a really heated make out session. You kissed him everywhere, then started to take off his pants. ” Y/N, are you sure your ready?” he said. ” I am Sooo Sure.” you said. He grabs you bridal style and carries you to the bedroom. He take off your shirt and kisses you everywhere. you take his pants off and massage him. He moans. He sticks his fingers in you and you moan his name. He whispers dirty things in your ears. Here it is. He gets at your entrance. You brace yourself. He goes right into you with no hesitation. You Scream his name. With every movement he goes harder and faster. Your walls begin to get tight. You both Moan each other’s names so loud and hit your highs at the same time. You lay there out of breath. He look at you hoping for a glance of approval. You nod. Round 2 (;

Niall:You and Niall had just finished eating dinner that you made. You were doing the dishes when he comes up from behind you and starts kissing down your neck. You moan softly. He is so close you can feel him getting hard. Right then and there you turn around and take your top off. He lifts you to the counter and kisses right on your upper thigh. You grab his crotch hard and He moans. ” are you ready?” he says. ” So ready.” you say. He right then and there took off your pants. You kissed down his body, and took his pants off. He started to carry you to the bed. You couldn’t take it any longer. “Lets do it on the couch. Its closer.” You said as you rip his boxers off. He sets you down on the couch and gets on top of you. Teasing you by rubbing it up and down from your entrance. You moan. ” Niall, Come on. I’m so turned on.” you said moaning. He listens. He gets at your entrance and slams into you. You scream his name. With every movement, he goes deeper and harder. “I’m going to come Niall.” you moan. ” me too he whispers in your Ear. You both come at the same time. You have many more rounds of this later on (;

Liam:You and Liam just finished watching Toy Story. You lay there on top of him and start kissing him. He flips you over and gets on top of you. You pull him closer to you. He sticks his Hand down your shirt and massages your boobs. You moan. You stand up and pull his pants and boxers off. You slowly massage his dick, and then you lick the tip. You suck him so hard. He moans your name.He grabs you and sets you on his work desk. ” Are you sure your ready for this?” he says. ” Oh I’m very ready” you say and smirk. He gets on top of you. Your both on his work desk. He grabs his dick and puts it at your entrance. 1..2..3.. BOOM. You are filled with pain and pleasure. You scream. He goes deeper every time. You feel it coming. You walls close up. You both hit your high. You both are screaming. You lay in that position together for a good hour. both filled with tons of pleasure.

Louis:Louis was at the studio and you didn’t know when he was coming home, so you took a shower. You jumped in and were singing Another World. All of a sudden you turn around to see Louis standing there watching you while he gets really hard. ” I’m gonna take you to another world.” he says as he strips right in front of you. He jumps in the shower with you. ” You ready for this?” he asks. ” Very ready.” you say and smirk. You get on your knees and suck him. He moans your name and stands you up. He goes to your entrance and goes in nice and easy. Wit every movement you get a burst of pleasure. You scream his name. ” Harder Louis.!” you moan. He grabs your ass harshly and pushed you into him harder and harder. You both it your high at the same time. You rinse off. You guys had many more rounds of fun in the actual bedroom that night.

Zayn:You and Zayn just finished watching Friends With Benefits. He is on the way driving you home when you tell him to stop over in an empty parking lot. He is confused, but listens to you anyways. He parks in an empty parking lot. ” Why did you tell me to park?” he says. ” I will give you a hint.” you say as you reach your hand down his pants. ” You sure your ready for this?” he asks. ” I am sure.” You say as you get on top of him. He takes your shirt off and kisses your whole body. You rip his boxers off and massage  the tip of his dick. He moans. He strips you down and gets at your entrance. You guys are making out Hard core. He slams right into you. You leave scratches on him. You both are moaning and screaming. You both hit you highs at the same time and end up staying in the parking lot that night. Doing it MANY more times (;

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