One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


7. Your child gets stung by a bee




Liam: Liam is panicking and fretting about the kitchen, finding something to cure the sting with. Besides the occasional tear and clutching of the shirt, Aidan seems to be more relaxed than his father. "Just get the ice pack from the freezer." you tell him, and he does so. "I'm so sorry, Aidan." Liam says, wrapping the ice pack with a paper towel and handing it over to you to place gently on Aidan's leg, where he was stung. Zayn: You hear Myla wailing from the garden and you rush outside to see what the problem was. "What's wrong?" you ask Zayn, who's hugging Myla tightly and caressing her hair. "I got stung by a bee." Myla sobs. You hug her and try to stop her crying while Zayn runs to the freezer to grab an ice pack for her. Niall: Malachy is biting his bottom lip and frowning, trying to be strong and not cry. You rub his back to try to comfort him "Where does it hurt?" Niall asks him, kneeling in front of him, holding a tube of toothpaste. "Here." he strains out, pointing at his upper arm. Niall carefully applies toothpaste on the affected area, as Lachy winces in pain. Harry: "Ow, Dad!" Audery yells in pain, as Harry swiftly scrapes the surface of her skin to remove the stinger. "Sorry sweetheart." he apologises. "I'm not sure if this will sting or not." he tells her, applying honey on to the small swell. Audery doesn't make a sound and Harry smiles, kissing her lightly on the top of her head. "That's my girl." he praises her. Louis: "(Y/N), what does it say?" he asks you, as you're Googling treatments for a bee sting on your iPad. " says that applying a tomato slice will relieve the pain and stop the swelling." "That's weird." he comments, but is interrupted by Quentin complaining about the pain. "Dad! Mum! Hurry up! It hurts." he whinges, through sniffs. "Okay, okay. Hangs in there, mate" Louis replies, grabbing a tomato and slicing it.
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