One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


31. you walk in on him in the shower


LOUIS: You walk into Louis’ apartment, needing to use the bathroom really bad. “Lou?” you call out, expecting him to respond. When he doesn’t you realize he must be asleep, so you go straight to his guest bathroom, opening the door and realizing Louis is in the shower. He pokes his head out from behind the curtain. “Oh, hey love! Wanting to see me naked, are we?” he pokes his tongue at you, and you giggle. He extends his hand, pulling the curtain back completely and pulling you against his wet body. “Lou poo!” you gasp, jumping back as he wets your clothes. He shrugs and squirts some shampoo into his hand, breaking into song. You laugh and shake your head, walking out of the room. “What, you don’t want to join me?!” he calls out. “Babe, I’ll be there in a second, but for now, I really have to pee!” you yell, running towards the other bathroom before you wet yourself. Louis just laughs, realizing that his girlfriend is just as weird as him and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

NIALL: You can hear Niall singing in the shower, but you desperately need to grab your hair straightener out of the bathroom. You don’t want to disturb his gorgeous singing, so you quietly open the door and sneak over to the bench, grabbing your straightener and making your way back towards the door. “Stop!” Niall abruptly stops singing, opening the shower door and staring at you. “Hey babe!” you giggle nervously, confused as to why Niall looks so serious. “And miss [Y/N], you think it’s okay to interrupt my performance for my lovely fans to grab your..” he looks down to your hands. “To grab your hair tool! Not acceptable!” he crosses his arms across his chest, and puts on his most serious face. “Who are you fans, the bottles of shampoo?” you cluck your tongue, leaning against the door, admiring your boyfriend’s body. “No, of course not! The shampoo is my microphone, the soaps are my adoring fans!” he laughs, and you can’t help but smile at how strange he is. “Now, I do believe you need to help me make it up to the fans!” you shake your head. “No! I’ve already showered!” you protest. Niall jumps out of the shower, and you scream as he chases you down the hallway, dropping your straightener on the way. He catches up to you, grabbing you and holding you against his wet body and tickling you until you agree to join him. As he gets you in the shower, he looks at you. “Now, from the top!” he instructs as you both start singing loudly.

HARRY: “Haz, hurry up in there!” you’re sitting beside the closed bathroom door, mindlessly banging your fist against it. “No, I need my shower time!” he protests, as he starts singing. “I just need to brush my teeth then I’ll be out of your hair!” you say back, banging louder on the door. “Oh god, okay!” Harry sighs, and you hear him jumping out of the shower, and he opens the door. You’re still on the floor and you look up at him, grinning. “Hey you, no giving me that look! Get up and do your teeth!” he points to the sink, and you hold onto his leg. He leans down and picks you up, put you keep your grip on his leg. “No!” you say to him, as he shakes your hand from his leg. “No! I don’t want to let go!” you giggle, realizing how cold he’s getting outside of the shower with no towel. “[Y/N]!” he laughs, tickling you, and as much as it pains you to hold onto him, you do. “No! I’m not letting go of you! this is payback for making me wait!” you say through giggles. He sighs and kneels beside you, removing your clothes. “Fine then, I guess you’ll just have to join me if you won’t let me go,” he smirks, and pulls you towards the shower. Even once he’s managed to get you inside the shower, your grip remains on his leg. “You can let go now, babe,” he laughs. You release his leg, moving your hand to his face as you pull him in for a kiss.

LIAM: You and Liam have been going out for about two years now, and you know he would be fine with you walking into the bathroom while he’s showering. But you don’t want to disturb him, so you wait patiently outside the bathroom door. After around 15 minutes of waiting, you knock gently on the door. “Li? Is it okay if I come in for a second? I just need to grab something,” you wait for a response, but don’t get one. “Liam?” you ask again. No response. You open the door, and head straight for the shower, worried. You open the shower door and find your gorgeous boyfriend, head back against the wall of the shower, sleeping. You can’t help but giggle at the sight, as he has a shampoo bottle in hand, spilling the shampoo slowly. You reach in, grabbing the bottle from him and closing it. He flinches a little, but doesn’t wake. You can’t leave him in there asleep, but you can’t just turn the water off, so you take off your clothes and slide in beside him, gently shaking his shoulder. “Liam, baby,” you whisper, kissing his cheek. His eyes fly open and he sits up straight. “Oh my god! I can’t believe I fell asleep, thanks baby-“he stops suddenly, realizing you’re in the shower with him. Naked. He laughs nervously, and you pull him in for a kiss, and he realizes just how perfect you really are.

ZAYN: You really need to get your contacts out of the bathroom, so you stumbled in, forgetting Zayn was even in the shower, despite the noise of the water. You stand in front of the mirror, putting your contacts in and fixing your hair. “Babe?” you hear Zayn’s voice, and you jump. “Shit Zayn, you scared me!” you said, your heart racing. “I scared you? I’m the one in the shower who hears someone walk in here and just stand there!” he replies and you laugh. “Sorry baby, I needed my contacts,” you say back, and you look at the shower screen which is clouded with fog. “Look at this!” Zayn says, and you stare at the screen, as he draws ‘I <3 U’ into the condensation. “You’re so adorable!” you giggle, and he laughs back. “Do you want to help me wash my back?” he asks, and you can’t resist him as you step into the shower.

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