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En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


12. You heard him talking about your sex life to the other boys


LIAM: You were taking a shower upstairs, as Liam and the boys were down having a couple of drinks. You’d warned Liam not to have any, but he said he’d be alright if he had one or two. As you got out of the shower and dressed, you were heading down to where they were, but stopped when you heard your name. “So Liam, how’s [Y/N] in bed?” that was Niall. You shook your head, sitting down against the wall, preparing yourself for this conversation. “I’ve always wondered that! She looks like she’d be frigging amazing,” you hear Harry say, who is obviously wasted. You roll your eyes, and wait for a response from Liam. “Lads, she’s fantastic, best I’ve ever been with,” Liam says, his voice high with excitement from the alcohol. “You’ve only been with her and Danielle..” Louis says, laughing. “She’s so much better than Danielle. She’s actually amazing; I want her every second of the day. The sex is just amazing,” he continues, and you can tell Liam is already drunk. “Taking advantage of his brain while he’s drunk! Not nice boys,” that was Zayn putting his little piece in. Your mouth hung open, not believing that Liam was seriously talking about your sex life with the boys. “How often?” Louis asks, suddenly intrigued. “More often than you get it,” Liam mumbled to the newly single Louis. You jump up, running down the stairs and over to Liam, slamming your hand over his mouth. “That’s enough out of you, I think!” Liam giggles against your hand, and the other boys crack up laughing as you lecture Liam.

HARRY: You were asleep on the couch, when you woke up to the sound of five boys in the kitchen. You rolled over, trying to get back to sleep, when you heard your name. “Harry and [Y/N] would go all night long every night if they could,” Louis said as Harry groaned. “They’re so loud, seriously I’ve had to start sleeping with earplugs,” he continued. “We’re not that bad!” Harry defended, and you heard chuckles from the other boys. “But what can I say, she’s a screamer,” Harry laughed, and you couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “She looks like one,” Niall admitted, as Zayn agreed. “You guys do realize she’s right in the next room,” Liam said, not wanting to embarrass you. “[Y/N] YOU LOOK LIKE A SCREAMER!” Louis yelled, as Liam and Harry groaned as the other two boys laughed. “I heard!” you yell back, jumping up to go chase Harry.

LOUIS: You knew that Louis probably talked about your sex life with the boys, but you never expected to hear him talk about it. You were in the kitchen preparing snacks for the boys as they were watching a movie, and the usual conversation about sex came up. “Lou, where do you and [Y/N] have sex?” Zayn asked. “In bed?” Louis laughed back. “LIES! THAT’S ALL LIES! I came home once and they were banging on the kitchen table, I had to disinfect the whole place,” Harry nearly yelled, and you almost dropped the pizza you were holding. “Shh,” Louis quieted him. “No but seriously guys, it’s so much more interesting out of bed! We tried in the bathtub once but that was tricky, but the BEST place is on the washing machine, it was legendary!” “LOUIS!” you scream, walking into the lounge room and chucking a piece of pizza at his face, hitting him right smack bang in the middle. “I deserved that,” Louis mumbled, looking down at the pizza on the carpet. “That was a perfectly good piece of pizza,” Niall sighed, also admiring the piece of pizza on the ground.

NIALL:  You weren’t too sure how open Niall was with the boys about your sex life, he always seemed more like the keeping it private kind of boy. Niall had gone out for the night with the boys, and as you curled onto to the couch with your ice cream, your phone rang. It was Niall, so you smiled as you answered. “Hey babe,” you said, but when you got no reply, you figured he had butt-dialed you. you were about to hang up when you heard the boys voices and your name. “How is [Y/N] in bed, lad?” Harry asked, and you were intrigued to what Niall would say. “Fucking amazing,” Niall answered, and it sounded like he had a full mouth of food. “Really? She looks like she would be, actually,” Louis said, and you were flattered at the comment. “Yeah, she’s crazy, it’s unbelievable!” Niall answered. “No but seriously, its real sex, not that silly one night thing. It just feels real,” you somehow managed to think this was the most adorable thing, and you went to sleep with a smile on your face that night after you hung up the phone.

ZAYN: You were upstairs after a long and fun afternoon with Zayn, and you heard the boys downstairs. You told Zayn you weren’t in the mood to talk, and you were going to stay upstairs and watch a movie. He gave you a quick kiss on the forehead and left for downstairs. After about half an hour of staying upstairs, you changed into a pair of sweats and made your way downstairs. You paused when you heard your name. “Where’s [Y/N]?” Liam asked. “Uh, she’s upstairs, she’s a little tired and stuff, she just wanted to watch a movie,” Zayn answered, and the other boys chuckled. “What?” Zayn asked innocently. “She’s upstairs, tired at 5.30 in the afternoon. Sounds a little fishy to me!” Louis stated. “Zayny got laid!” Harry cheered. “Shh, she’s upstairs!” Zayn cried, trying to get the boys to settle down. “How was it lad?” Niall asked, and you could just tell he had a grin on his face. “It was absolutely incredible, she’s absolutely amazing. That girl has skills,” Zayn said and you giggled, walking downstairs and wrapping your arms around Zayn’s torso as the other boys laughed about how you’d heard everything.

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