One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


40. You Get Stuck In An Elevator


Harry: The boys had just finished a bunch of interviews in a huge hotel down town and were finally able to leave, you had gone with your boyfriend, Harry, just because you didn’t have anything better to do. Everyone was getting in the elevators in groups and you and Harry volunteered to be the last ones through. “Trying to get in a quick one?” Louis teased as the elevator door closed on him. Harry just rolled his eyes and you giggled quietly. Together you stepped into the elevator and as soon as the doors closed Harry had you against the wall kissing you. You didn’t even notice the elevator stopped until you realized you had been in there a bit to long. Pulling away from Harry’s lips you say, “I think there’s something wrong with the elevator.” You tell him as he trailed kisses down your neck, he just hummed in response so you smacked his shoulder. “I’m serious Haz! I think we’re stuck in here.” “Someone will notice eventually and get us out don’t worry.” He said looking into your eyes. You nod still a bit worried before he brought his lips back to yours. Safe to say it was the best elevator ride ever. 

Louis: “Come on.” Louis said in your ear as he walked past security. “Just going up to my room boys. Forgot something.” He told them casually giving a wining smile. “What did you forget?” You asked as the two of you waited outside elevator. He shrugged and pulled you in the elevator after him. Turns out he didn’t forget anything and just wanted a moment to be alone with you. He pressed all the buttons and you spent about twenty minutes ridding up and down the elevator with him before it stopped. You panicked at first, knowing you weren’t supposed to be there in the first place. “Yay! More alone time.” Louis yelled. The alone time was great but after a while you were both getting a bit stir crazy. “I’m a beast in a cage! This is animal cruelty!” Louis yelled beating on the walls and doors while you laid in the floor laughing with tears in your eyes. Louis ran in circles around your laughing figure as he yelled about animal cruelty and threatened to call the ASPCA. 

Zayn: You and your boyfriend Zayn were finally coming back to the hotel after a long day. You were both exhausted, leaning on each other as you made your way over to the elevator. Once inside you leaned against Zayn, who was holding you tightly in his arms, while he leaned against the wall. Once you were almost to your floor the elevator stopped with a jolt, momentarily waking you both. Once you talked with the staff and were told you just had to wait you groaned, “I just want to sleep.” “Come here.” Zayn said as he laid down on the floor, you laid down next him and he brought you into his arms close. When the fire department finally got the doors open they find the two of you curled up in the floor fast asleep. 

Niall: You had been stuck in the elevator in your apartment complex for the last half an hour. Luckily you weren’t alone, unfortunately your boyfriend Niall wasn’t a good crisis companion. “Is the elevator getting smaller?” He asked to with and edge of panic in his voice. You knew he was claustrophobic and was just panicking so you told him to close his eyes and take deep breaths while you rubbed his back soothingly. When he finally calmed down a bit he started to complain. “We’ve been in here for ages.” He moaned. “I’m so hungry!” He continued. “There isn’t really anything we can do about it Niall.” You told him trying to stay calm. “Hey, come here.” He said pulling on your hand. You crawled over and into his lap. There he started to play with your fingers. “Why don’t you tell me a story?” You suggested. He thought for a moment before telling a story about a lonely prince who finally found his princess. 

Liam: You and your boyfriend Liam were getting into the elevator at the hotel you were staying at. It had been a long day for you and even longer for Liam since he had so many appearances and interviews. You snuck on the elevator together to just get a moment alone. On the way up to your floor the elevator came to a halt with a startling shake. “What’s that? What’s happening?” You ask panicking. Liam doesn’t respond and just pulls you closer to him. The lights begin to flicker and you yelp clutching onto Liam’s waist. “Hold on. I’m sure it will be okay.” He said to you quietly. He pressed the emergency button and talked with the hotel staff taking control of the situation. As the two of you waited for the fire department to get you out Liam kept you calm by telling you stories and holding you tightly against him.

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