One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


28. You do something crazy with him/say something crazy


Liam: You, Liam, and the boys were having a mini sleepover at the hotel you were staying at. The boys had just finished their concert and came back to the hotel when Louis had an amazing idea. “Let’s play truth or dare!” Louis screamed. You and the boys all exchanged glances knowing how bad this game could turn out. You decided to speak up. “Okay Lou, we’ll play” you said tiredly. The boys looked a little shocked that you would say yes but they decided to play anyways. Two hours, four rounds of Harry stripping, three blind make overs, and two dance-offs later the game finally started to die down. It was the last turn of the game and unfortunately it was yours. “(Y/N)…truth or dare?” Louis said mischievously.  You thought about it for a second and quickly said, “Dare”. A chorus of gasps filled the room as Louis thought of a dare. “(Y/N), put on Liam’s clothes and run through the lobby,” Louis said trying to hold in his laughter. “No,” you said bluntly. You were not going to embarrass yourself like that, well at least not alone. “I’ll do it…if Liam does it with me!” you said giggling. All eyes were on Liam as he groaned out an “Okay” and left the room to swap clothes with you. So you and Liam both ran through the lobby; you with a baggy t shirt and sweats and him with a tight tank top and flannel bottoms.

Louis: You and Louis were the most crazy and spontaneous couple around, but even the boys were surprised when you two started a full on food fight at Startbucks. You had just sat down with your ice coffee when Louis wiped whip cream onto your nose.  You responded by picking off a piece of your blueberry muffin and flicking it back. What seemed like a harmless piece of muffin actually had a juicy piece of berry in it! The piece flew onto Louis’ favorite shirt and ended up staining it. Louis eyed you and then his stained shirt and then you again before chucking all the whip cream on his drink at you. From that point on, food was flying and drinks were splashing everywhere! You and Louis could’ve gone on ‘attacking’ each other for ages, but Paul stopped you before that could happen. When the fight was over, Louis wrapped an arm around you and kissed the whip cream off your nose.

Niall: You and Niall were doing a Twitcam when an interesting question came up. “(Y/N) tell us about Niall’s most embarrassing childhood secret?” You said giving Niall a sly smile. “Don’t think about it!” Niall said giving you a stern look. “When Niall was little-“you were interrupted as Niall threw himself on top of you and covered your mouth with his hand singing ‘la la la la’ repeatedly. You bit his hand and before he could cover it again you screamed, “NIALL PEED THE BED ‘TILL HE WAS 13!” Before exploding into a giggle fit. Niall quickly regained his composure and said, “Well (Y/N) used to where her underwear on her head and called herself ‘Undies Girl’!” You and Niall both looked at each other before bursting into laughter. Later that night you couldn’t help but laugh at the worldwide trend #BedWetterNiallAndUndiesGirl(Y/N).

Harry: You and Harry were just hanging around at the flat you two shared when Harry brought out some vodka. “Harry…” you said skeptically as he started getting out the shot glasses. “I don’t think this is a good idea….” Harry ignored you as he poured two shots; one for him and one for you. You downed the first one and Harry did the same with a smile. You two repeated this action until the room started to spin. “Harrreeeh!?” you slurred trying to get his attention. Harry was in the process of taking off his clothes and although you didn’t mind, you wanted to know why. “Take off your clothes, (Y/N). We’re gonna go streaking!” Harry said happily. Something in the back of your mind said not to do it but for some reason you agreed. You slipped of your clothes and you and Harry both ran outside. The air was freezing but you and Harry both ran down the street completely butt-naked anyways.  Once you two got back, you both collapsed onto the couch giggling. When you woke up you had a killer hang over and luckily there were no photos of you on tumblr…yet.

Zayn: “No, no, no. (Y/N) I’m not going to do this.” Zayn said sternly looking at water slide before him. It was the tallest most steep water slide in the country and you were in the process of begging Zayn to go on it. “How about we get in line and if you don’t want to go down it we can turn around?” you said persuasively. “Yeah, okay,” Zayn muttered before getting in line. As you and Zayn got closer to the top of the slide, you could see how nervous he was getting. Without a word, you grabbed his hand in yours and continued up the stairs to the top of the slide. When you go to the top, you sat in the slide and waited for the life guard to give you the ‘okay’ to go. When the lifeguard said you could go down now you turned to Zayn and gave him a wink. “I’ll see you at the bottom, right?” you said smiling. Zayn nodded numbly as you pushed yourself down the slide. After you got out of the slide, you saw Zayn come down after you. “See it wasn’t so bad?” You said laughing. “Can we go again?” Zayn asked excitedly. You nodded your head and gave him a kiss on the nose before getting back in line.

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