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25. You come home with a black eye


Niall: "Princess!" Niall calls as you walk in the door. "How was your holiday at your parents hou-ahhhhh!" he says as he sees your few day old black eye. "What did you DO?" he asks, checking out the green patch around your eyes. "Attractive, huh? Well, remember that old polo horse that I have from when I was a kid? Dusty? Anyway, I was out riding her around the peach orchard in the centre of town when she started running, I ducked because there were branches hanging down, but one was a bit lower than the rest and I got hit in the face. I took her home and put ice on it. And that's the black eye. But then I heard hooves and saw her walk in the front door and into the kitchen. Mum was furious, it was hilarious, but she made me put her back in the stables. Then, she almost had me go to a physio to get it checked out, but I sort of disagreed, and I went out to go brush Dusty, and I was hit in the face by a hanging sign because I couldn't see it." you say, finishing the story slightly out of breath. "Princess, what the hell am I going to do with you?" Niall asks, picking you up and carrying you to the couch. "I'll make you a bowl of ice cream, and maybe that will make it go away?" he asks, rummaging through the cupboards for biscuits to crumble on top. "Maybe it will help, thanks Nialler," you say, taking the bowl from him. "Anything for my little polo-horse riding princess," he says, kissing your nose. Harry: "I'm home, Harry!" you say as you walk in the flat, tossing your keys onto the table in the foyer and chucking your gym back into the closet. "Hi, (Y/N)! How was your workout?" Harry asks, still on the couch, watching the football game. "It was fine. I spent sometime on the punching bag, my arms are pretty sore. But in that really good way where you want to keep beating on things, you know?" you say, bouncing slightly on your toes as your rummaged in the refrigerator for a bottle of water. "No, I can't say I do," Harry says as he stands up and stretches from the couch. "I worked with a trainer today, to try and get some punches on a real person. It was good, but I got a black eye. Nothing major." you say, trying to say it casually so Harry wouldn't freak out about it. "What? A black eye? Let me see, are you okay?" he says, cradling your face in his hands and examining your eye. "I'm fine! I'm just going to shower, okay? And then I'm gonna figure how to cover it up without an eyepatch." you say, brushing his hands off and walking up the stairs. "I think an eye patch would really bring out your missing teeth though. I think I'll stop by the pet store, maybe purchase a parrot as well?" he says, jokingly grabbing your keys. "Shut up." you shout over your shoulder as you walk to the bathroom. Liam: "YEAHHHHHHHH!!" you cheer as your thirteen year old brother's football team comes in after the winning goal. "YOU GUYS DID IT! I'M SO FU- FREAKING PROUD OF YOU!" you continue, you brother hugging you, then his friends starting to circle around. They grab the cooler, starting to chant "DUNK THE COACH! DUNK THE COACH!" as they drag it over to you. They dump it over your head, and you feel the ice chips hitting your back. You laugh, then open your arms wide. "Hugs all around, boys!" you say, running into the middle of the cheering group. They start to tackle you, pushing you down as they celebrate. You laugh, jumping out of the way of a player. His knee catches your face, and you clap your hand over your eye. "Dammit, you're paying for that, Davies!" you say, tackling him back. You look up to see your boyfriend Liam looking down at you, shaking his head. "(Y/N), you're covered in mud and you're soaked to the bone. Get up." he says, laughing as he pulls you to your feet. "And you have a black eye. Lovely. Does it hurt?" he asks, examining it as you push your muddy hair out of your face. "No, but I'm freezing. Can I grab my sweatshirt, and then we can go? I want to shower before the CELEBRATORY PARTY AT PIZZA EXPRESS!" you say, raising your voice at the last bit so the team can hear you. Liam helps you pull your sweatshirt on, chuckling. Louis: "MERCYMERCYMERCYMERCY! Hey, stop with the apples! Those are for eating, not throwing, you dummy!" you laugh as your sister pelts you with apples. "(Y/S/N), I SWEAR TO GOD!" you say, raising a hand with an apple clutched in it as she cowered behind the table. "Good. Oh my god, it's late! I have to get home to Lou! I'll see you tomorrow, sweetie. I think you gave me a black eye. Bye!" you say, stepping out your front door. When you arrive home, Louis takes one look at your clothes and raises an eyebrow."Food fight?" he asks, then sees your face. "What did your sister throw at you?" he asks, grabbing your hand and bringing you to the kitchen so he can see your face in better light. "She started chucking things from the fruit basket," you say, waving him aside so you can grab some ice. He hands you a towel, and as you start wrapping the ice pack up, he picks you up and carries you upstairs. "INJURED PERSON COMING THROUGH!" he says, practically running to your bedroom. "I shall be taking care of you for the next fortnight. Henceforth, every wish is my command, milady," he says, bowing. "Lou, I'm fine. Let me get out of bed," you say as he makes you sit back down. "Just for a shower, because you're getting flour all over the bed. Hey, that rhymes!" He says, cheerfully skipping to the bathroom to start the shower. You follow him in, and see him just standing there, waiting for you to tell him to do something. You motion pulling off your clothes, and he just nods standing there. "Lou, leave. I'm getting undressed," you say, pointing at the door. "But I need to make sure everything goes smoothly," he says, still standing there. "Out," you say, finger still raised. "Fine," he says, slumping out comically. "Love you, Lou!" you call, and you hear him call back from just outside the door. "Love you too!" Zayn: "Zayn!" you call, grabbing an ice pack from the freezer as soon as you walk in the door. "Upstairs, love. How was your friends birthday?" he says, calling from the bedroom. You see him lying on the bed, scrolling through his computer. "It was good. We played an impromptu game of cricket with her brothers. And I may or may not have gotten a black eye that there's no need to blame anyone for," you say, carefully trying to make sure he doesn't get super protective. "Black eye! How? No one hit you, right?" he asks, jumping up from the bed and practically running over to you. "Let me see, boo," he says, lowering the ice pack from your face. "That must hurt, babe. Here, lie down," he says, pulling you to the bed. "Need anything? I'm going to make you tea, then we're going to watch a movie, okay?" he says, walking out of the bedroom. "All right, but I'm fine! Really!" you say, as you look through his iTunes to find a movie to watch. You decided to torture him, and choose the bloodiest Quentin Tarantino movie you can find, knowing he'll think of all the ways you could of received the black eye. When he returns, he groans when he sees the film you've chosen. "Boo, you did that on purpose!" he says, but crawls into bed. "Are you sure someone didn't hit you? I'll go hit them back. Or did you already hit them back? Tell me you hit them back, ay?" he asks, watching the film. "No one hit me, but if someone had, I would of hit them back, Zayn. You taught me better than to just let them get away with it," you say, kissing his nose. "Right, boo. I got your back. Forever and ever," he says, pulling you closer.
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