One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


59. You Change Your Hair


Zayn: You were at the hair salon and really wanted to dye your hair pink. You have always wanted to do it and you now have the money but you were worried about what Zayn would say so you quickly called him. “Zayn, would you still love me if I had a different color hair?” “Of course I would still love you. It’s just hair.” “So you wouldn’t be embarrassed if I had weird hair?” You could tell Zayn was confused, “No.” “Okay great! Love ya sugar!” You hung up the phone and gave your hair stylist the go ahead. When you got home Zayn was anxiously waiting. When he saw your new pink hair he was shocked, “You have pink hair.” You giggled, “Do you like it?” Zayn nodded, “Yes! Actually I do. It looks amazing!!”

Harry: You just got your hair done but you didn’t like it, the hair dresser cut your bangs way too short. On the drive to your boyfriend’s flat you kept messing with your hair hoping there were different ways to style it so you could hide your bangs. Nothing worked though and you ended up wearing it the same way the stylist did it. “Hey babe! You got your hair cut!” Harry commented. You pout, “I don’t like it.” you say walking into his flat. “Why not? I think it looks great.” “The bangs are too short and even the hair cut is a little too short.” Harry didn’t say anything for a moment he simply ran his fingers through your bangs. “I can cut my hair short so we can match!” Harry suggested. “Don’t you dare cut your curls Harry.” Harry chuckled, “Okay fine I won’t but you’re so beautiful with long bangs or short bangs.”

Liam: You’ve had long hair for years now and you think it’s time for a change. You finally decide to  get a shorter cut but you were nervous how Liam was going to react to it since he’s only seen you with long hair. You walked into the local coffee shop you were meeting Liam and immediately spotted him in the back corner. You walked over to him, “Hi babe.” you greeted. Liam did a double take his jaw dropping as he stood up. “Oh my god (Y/N), your hair.” Liam said running his fingers through the short cut. “Do you not like it?” “Like it? I love it!” Liam said making you smile widely. “You look amazing!” you squealed and kissed Liam all over his happy, elated he liked the drastic change.

Louis: You have naturally straight hair that you can’t seem to curl to save your life. You finally have enough one day and get a perm to make your hair have loose curls. You were meeting up with Louis at the park and saw him just a few feet up ahead so you walk up behind him and cover his eyes, “Guess who?!” you joked. “My baby!” Louis yelled turning around, his eyes growing wide at the sight of your hair. “You got your hair to curl!” Louis commented. “Kind of, I got a perm so it’ll stay curled for a while.” Louis smiled and nodded, “I like it curly.” You grinned and squealed a little, “Thank you love!”

Niall: You’ve been trying to grow your hair out but it just doesn’t seem to be growing anymore so you get extensions. You were absolutely in love with them and were incredibly happy to have long hair. You decided to stop by your boyfriends flat after getting your hair done, excited to show him the change. He was shocked when he opened the door but he instantly told you he loved it. “You really like it?” you asked for reassurance. “Yeah of course I do! It looks great!” he said as he ran his fingers through your long locks. “It’s nice to have something to hold onto.” Niall told you winking as he stole a kiss.

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