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30. You Catch Him On Webcam With His Ex


Zayn: You had just came back from the grocery store. You were tired, and very bored. All you really wanted to do was go upstairs to your boyfriend, and let him hold you tight as he always did after you told him about having a long day. As you finished putting your groceries away, and you started walking upstairs, you heard Zayn talking to someone, in a way that he'd never talked to anyone around you before. "You do look beautiful with your hair like that, yeah." he laughed at whoever he was talking to. Being the nosey girl that you were, you peaked your head around the corner, seeing your boyfriend on Skype with someone. It seemed to be a girl, about your age. Except she had blond hair, and her appearance was almost like perfection to your eyes. You instantly remembered who she was. Perrie, Zayn's ex-girlfriend. Why were they talking on Skype? They broke up. It was a mutual decision, but they still broke up! "So.. how's your relationship with (Y/N) going?" she asked, sneering her voice as she mentioned your name. As if it were a poison burning her tongue. Zayn sighed and shrugged. "It's still going, isn't it?" the both of them laughed, as you shook your head in disbelief. How could they say that about you? Harry: "No, I'm not upset with you, why would I be?" "I don't know. The last time we talked you seemed a bit angry." "Oh, that was just because of (Y/N). She's been getting really clingy lately." you hear muffled fits of laughter, as your listening in on Harry's Skype conversation with his ex-girlfriend Caroline. Your heart was beating so fast, you were getting scared that it might pump out of your chest if it continued. In reality, you were just nervous and scared. Why was Harry on Skype with her? They've been broken up for a little over a year now. Why are they still talking? A tear was threatening to fall, but you refused to let it touch your cheeks. This was just unbelievable to you. How could he sit in the computer chair, right next to you while you were supposedly 'asleep', and Skype with his ex-girlfriend? Does he think you're that much of a light sleeper? Well, he can think again! You rolled over, pretending to stretch and wake up as you open your nightstand, pulling out a pack of cigarettes that Zayn had left over at your flat. You'd never smoked before, but you heard it was a good stress reliever. Right now, that was the only thing you needed! You hopped out of bed, ignoring Harry's calls as you stepped downstairs, and outside of your apartment. Niall: You'd heard nothing but his laughter since the time you got home from your sister's wedding! He said he didn't feel good, so he couldn't go, so you didn't force him to. But once you got changed out of your dress and heels, and into some sweats and a tank-top, you couldn't help but get the feeling that Niall had lied to you. "Holly, that's the funniest thing you've ever told me!" he yells loudly, completely oblivious to the fact that you had arrived home to your apartment. You gasp, and cover your mouth as you sneakily tip-toe upstairs, sneaking into your bedroom as you try and figure out how he's talking to Holly. You know that it wasn't over the phone, because you two hadn't installed a home phone yet, just your cell phones. And you knew that it wasn't on his cell phone, because he only texted on his phone to save the minutes he had. "You wanna hear a joke about cats?" you hear her voice call over the webcam. You shudder, as you think of the fact that she's trying to flirt with your boyfriend. "No?" Niall asks more than says. "You gotta be kitten me!" you hear both of them crack up. But, what you didn't understand was why they were still talking. Of course, they could be friends, you didn't mind that. But why would he lie to you, just to stay home and Skype with her? That just didn't sound right to you. You covered your mouth with your hand, as you let the tears fall, listening to the rest of the conversation. Louis: He'd been acting really weird lately. Whenever you went out, he wanted to stay home and not go out with you. Whenever you wanted to stay home, he went out and went to visit Harry or one of the boys. It just wasn't making sense to you! Was something wrong? Was he not happy with your relationship anymore? You sighed, as you walked upstairs to go to your bathroom, which was connected to your bedroom that you and Louis shared. You closed the door behind you, not exactly using the bathroom yet, you wanted to listen to the conversation Louis was having. Hey, maybe you were in it! "Yeah, El. I do like that shade on you." he whispered quietly. Your heart was shot with his words. It stung to know that he was still Skyping with his much more prettier, smarter, skinnier ex-girlfriend that you were extremely jealous of. Even though he broke up with her for you, you still thought he made a huge mistake, and you knew now for sure that you were right. Who were you kidding? You with Louis? No. Him and Eleanor belonged together, and now you felt bad for causing them to break up. "Was that (Y/N) I saw walking a few minutes ago?" she asked sweetly. Louis sighed. "Yeah. She went to the bathroom, so we have to be quiet." he giggled to her. You rolled your eyes, opening the door and jogging out of the room to give them their privacy. With your heart breaking every step you took. Liam: You were both cuddling in bed when he got the Skype call from someone. You didn't want to bother him or be nosey, so you happily went downstairs to fetch yourself something to eat from the kitchen. You plopped down on the couch, flipping the television on to MTV so you could watch some music videos. "OH MY GOD, NO!" you heard Liam scream. You gasped as you dropped the bag of chips you had in your hands, as you dashed upstairs. You stopped right outside your bedroom door, as you heard him talking. "It's true! I mean, I wasn't really sure, but now I am. I want to get married to this boy, Liam!" you heard Danielle's familiar and friendly voice call through the computer screen. She held up her hand, showing Liam the golden ring that was around her finger. You covered your mouth, to keep from gasping and letting them know that you were listening. "It's so weird to think that this could be us now. Getting engaged, planning a future together.." Liam's voice trailed off, as he stared at Danielle through the webcam. You could tell there was a hint of sadness in his voice, but you weren't sure why. Didn't he like you anymore? Was he having second thoughts about you? Your heart started ringing in your ears as it started beating faster and faster, your nervous feelings beginning to alert you. "Yeah, it is weird. But, aren't you going to ask (Y/N) to marry you soon, anyways?" she smiled. Liam shrugged his shoulders. "I thought about it. I'm not sure if either one of us is ready.." he whispered. You shrugged your shoulders, getting up and silently walking back downstairs. What had you just heard come out of your boyfriend's mouth?
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