One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


61. You Catch Him Doing Something Embarrasing


Niall: You just got back from work and Niall was no where to be found. "Niall!" you exclaim as you walk into your bedroom and find Niall placing a bra upon himself. He stops dancing in front of the mirror and look at you with a sheepish grin. You slowly close the door to leave your strange boyfriend to be. Liam: As you wake up, you expect Liam's arm to be draped over you but instead the other side of the bed was empty. There are muffled voices coming from the kitchen. You get up and the closer you get the voices are more distinct. You can hear Kermit the Frog, Scooby Doo and, of course, Liam. You step into the kitchen and there is your strange boyfriend talking to himself in different voices. You watch him for a while until you clear your throat, he turns around and turns bright red. "Y/N! I thought you were alseep!" he says. You laugh and say in the silliest voice you can, "Liam, you sure are cute!" Harry: It was a hot day and Harry was walking around semi-naked, as usual, carrying your cat around. You were on your laptop, scrolling through twitter, when you hear Harry talking, you assume he's on the phone. Harry's talking gets softer and softer, you get up and find him in the bedroom talking to your cat. "Y/N's an amazing girl," he says to your cat even though your cat isn't listening just happy to get attention, "I love her. She's beautiful, funny and amazing in bed! You won't tell her I said that right?" You gasp and he turns around with a startled expression, "How much did you hear?" he asks, putting your cat down, "enough," you laugh pulling him in for a kiss which he returns. Louis: You were peacefully sleeping until Louis started stirring beside you. "No... Y/N... Don't wear that... Yuck!" he says sleepily. You let out a little giggle but you don't want to wake him up so you drift back into sleep. An hour later Louis starts to talk again, "Oh Y/N... I'm a swag master... So gimme some loving" he says quietly. You burst out laughing causing him to wake up with a confused expression on his face. "You were talking in your sleep, babe" you say in between laughs, "what did I say?" he asks smiling. You tell him what he said and he starts laughing too. Zayn: You're coming back from shopping with your friends. "Zayn?" you yell out for your boyfriend, no reply. You go looking for him, you're in the kitchen when you hear Zayn start singing the lyrics to Shakiras song 'Hips Don't Lie'. You walk into the your bedroom and there's Zayn dancing in front of the mirror. You watch him for a while until he notices. "Y/N! I didn't hear you come in!" he stutters. "Zayn, your hips do not lie" you emphasize in the 'do not' while you keep in your laughter but he just smiles and pulls you in for a kiss.
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