One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


27. you accidently hit him in the privates


NIALL: It was a beautiful, sunny day and Niall was begging you to come outside with him. You reluctantly agreed, putting on your favourite bikini to go lay outside and tan for a bit. Niall was kicking a soccer ball around with himself, as he came and sat beside you. “Babe?” he asked, putting on his best innocent voice. “Mmm?” you reply, not opening your eyes from under your sunglasses. “Wanna play soccer with me?” his voice sounds hopeful. You open your eyes, and look up at his begging eyes, you can’t say no. “I.. don’t know how to play..” you mumble, a little embarrassed. “Oh, it’s easy princess! Come on, I’ll show you!” Niall says excitedly, pulling you up and placing the ball in front of your feet. After teaching you a few simple skills, you think you’ve gained enough skills to play a game of soccer against him. He’s a few metres away from you, and as you kick the ball, it flies straight towards him and hits him in the privates. He yelps silently, collapsing to the ground as a hand flies to your mouth. “Oh my god, Niall! I’m so sorry!” you run to him, kneeling beside him as he is curled over in pain. “Nialler.. I feel so bad, oh my god!” you say, not sure if you touch his hand or not. He glances up at you, and you see the pain and his eyes and the guilt takes over you. “Oops..” you say, and you see him attempt a weak smile. “It’s okay babe, how about we leave the soccer for a little?” he asks, and you stand up, pulling him up with you, lightly kissing his lips.

HARRY: You’re backstage with Harry, sitting in one of the dressing rooms as he tickles you. Your giggling, and squirming around as he’s kneeling on top of you. “Harry!” you manage to say between giggles, and your leg flies up, hitting him between the legs. He gasps and collapses on top of your body, his hands going straight down. You burst out laughing. “Oh my god, Harry, I’m so sorry!” You say, laughing more than you were before. He looks up at you with his green eyes, and they look hurt. “Aw baby, I’m sorry, I love you. I’m really sorry, I truly am,” You say with sincerity. After the pain surpasses, he sits up at the end of the couch and crosses his arms across his chest. “That hurt,” he mumbles. You sit beside him, running your fingers up and down his arm. “I’m sorry,” you whisper to him. “I think you owe me a few kisses to make up for that,” Harry turns to you, his eyes hopeful. You smile and kiss him lightly on the lips, when he pulls away. “I didn’t mean on my lips..” he winks. You slap his arm playfully and stand up, running away from him.

LIAM: You and Liam are enjoying a little dip in the pool on a cool day, and you’re sitting in his lap. “I love you, Li li,” you whisper against his neck as you press gentle kisses to it. “I love you too,” he groans back. He pulls you against the side of the pool, and you move your lips to his as he kisses you gently. Things are getting heated, when you accidently bring your knee up and it slams between his legs. He pulls away abruptly, his hands going straight down to his groin. “Liam! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to! Is there anything I can do, baby I’m so sorry!” you rub his arm gently, you’ve never done that to a boy before and you didn’t know how he’d react. Liam opens his eyes and sees your worried face looking down at him. “Aw sweetheart, it’s okay, I know you didn’t mean it,” he whimpers. “Liam..” you start, about to go on another apology rant. “Baby, I know, it’s okay,” he says, regaining himself as starts where he left off.

LOUIS: “Louuuuuuuu!” you announce your arrival as you walk through the door of your apartment. “Lou poo!” you say again once he doesn’t respond. “Upstairs, chicken!” you hear his voice sing down to you. You race upstairs, and hear a movie playing inside your room. As you open the door, you see your adorable boyfriend lying in bed, leaning against a lady beetle pillow pet as he’s buried under blankets. “Baby girl!” he says happily, extremely excited to see you after he’s been alone all day. He opens his arms wide for you, and you drop your shopping bags onto the ground and jump onto the bed with him, crawling to cuddle up to him. Your hand slips and you whack him in the balls. “Ooh!” Louis says, slamming his fist into the pillow pet beside the two of you. You quickly slide off of him and sit cross-legged beside him. This isn’t the first time you’ve accidently hit him down there. “Sorry, Louis,” you say in a sing-song voice. He glares up at you, as you give him an innocent smile. “Oh, how about I hit you in the boobs and see how you feel?” he groans again, and you jump off the bed, a jokingly shocked look on your face. “Excuse me! That would be extremely mean of you! I am truly sorry, Louis, please forgive me,” you crawl back over to him, pressing kisses all over his face. “Say sorry to my balls,” Louis gives you a serious look as you sigh and crawl down to his legs. “Sorry, balls,”

ZAYN: “Zayn, how does this look?” you say, walking out of your bathroom to see Zayn lying on your bed, as you try on a new outfit you’d just bought. He looks up at you with bright eyes. “Beautiful baby! Do a twirl!” He stands up, grabs your hand and holds it above your hand, as you do a twirl. He smiles down at you and gives you a light kiss on the lips, and you smile as he goes to sit back on the bed. You walk over to your closet and pull out a pair of heels. “Zayny, hold these!” you say, throwing the heels back absently, not expecting them to land anywhere near him. You hear a loud groan and turn back to see Zayn clutching between his legs for dear life. “What happened!” you jump up, walking over to him as you hold his shoulders to keep him down on the bed. “Your… heel.. just… hit my balls…” he manages to say between whimpers. You bite your lip to keep you from laughing, but you can’t hold it in as you let out a small giggle. He looks up at you, and you bite your lip again, harder. “Sorry?” you try, shrugging your shoulders innocently. “You are extremely lucky I love you,” he sighs, pulling you down to give you a kiss on the forehead.

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