One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


8. Working out with him


Liam:  ”Oh my!”  You exclaimed.  You and your boyfriend Liam had just taken a long run.  Most “athletic” girls would do this with no sweat, but you weren’t a runner.  “You okay (YN)?”  Liam was sweating, and finished his water.  “Yes, lets go stretch!” 


Louis:  ”Come on Tommo!  You’re lagging!”  You and Louis were running the 5K and he was falling behind.  “I just—can’t—do this!  Too—hard.”  “Shush up, yes you can.  If you can do two tours in a year, you can run a 5K.  Man up.”  He grinned at your attitude, and started to keep up with you.  It turned into a race at the end, but you won.  “Do mess with me Tommo, because I will pull ahead.” 


Zayn:  ”I still can’t believe you enjoy this.”  You were punching into his hands and stopped.   “I love it.  I did it alot when i was in High School, and I want to keep doing it.  Hold the bag.”  You both went over to the punching bag, and you started kicking and punching it.  “Here let me teach you.”  The whole day you taught Zayn, even though he left with a black eye.


Harry:   “Why do we have to go the the gym Harry?  We can work out at home.”  You and your boyfriend Harry were working out at the local gym, and right now you were both on the eliptical.  “Because, we can catch a movie right after and its so close.”  You shrugged and kept on jogging.  You both worked out for an hour more, and you were exhausted.  Harry was only just starting to sweat.  “God i hate you,” you looked at him in envy.  “Oh come on (YN),”  he grinned, “you know you love me.”


Niall:   “Pass (YN), pass!”  You kicked the ball over to Niall and he scored.  “Yeahh!!”  He screamed and ran over to pick you up.  You two were playing Football (Soccer) and you both were sweaty and exhausted.  “I didn’t know you played.”  You grinned.  “Oh Niall, I play.”  He laughed and grabbed your hand.  “So icecream?”  “You know me too well.”

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