One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


65. Where He Takes You For Your First Date


Liam: Liam being the lovable little teddy bear that he is did an old fashion date. He took you out to eat and took you to a movie of your choice which was a romantic movie but he seemed to enjoy it surprisingly. Afterwards you both went to the park where he looked you in the eyes and said “I really want to kiss you.” So you get on your tippy toes and give him a small quick kiss

Harry: You both went to the beach for a good time also so Harry could see you in a tiny bikini. You both were playing in the water when he picked you up and looked at you with a cocky smirk and said “If I’m a bird you’re a bird.” And then he kisses you. A big wave knocks you over and of course Sugar Scope has a field day with you two

Louis: He takes you to the carnival to play games and have fun. But Louis had a competitive side and he spent twenty minutes trying to win you a big purple bear….eventually he gets you one. You two also get lost in the Fun House but it was perfectly fine for you because you two spend the whole time kissing

Niall: He takes you to Nandos of course! He orders enough food to feed a village but you both eat it like you’ve been starved for years but that’s what helps you connect even more. Sadly he doesn’t kiss you but it was one of the most amazing dates you’ve ever been on.

Zayn: He takes you on a picnic in the park alone with no paparazzi and no fans which you were happy about. After you were done eating you take a walk and feed some birds until you trip and fall over a walk but luckily he catches you and gives you a passionate kiss.

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