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En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


38. When you guys have kids and it's his/her first day of school


Niall: He drives her to her pre-school, his eyes watered. He couldn't believe it was her first day already! "You have a good day, okay princess? be good!" He reminded her. "Ofcourse daddy!" She shrieked and pecked you guys on the cheek. She got out of the door excitedly, and skipped down the path. "She grew up so fast" he said, tears falling already. You put your hand on his back. "You knew this day would come." You went back to sleep when you got home; It was still 8:30 anyways! When you woke up for lunch, you noticed Niall was gone. You searched the house, then a few places in town, in nando's, but he wasn't there. Suddenly,it hit you. You drove to your daughter's school, and there he was, sitting in the hallway floor, staring at your daughter's classroom door. "Couldn't let go just yet?" You accused. He smiled. "Nope." You and Niall sat there the whole time, talking. xx Zayn: Zayn just smiled at the child. "You know what, Kiddo. I don't remember my first day of school. And 20 years from now you wouldn't either. I don't remember how I learned how to read, I don't even remember my first teacher. But all that matters is the knowledge you het from these eight hours of school. All that matters-" "Zayn!" You snapped, though holding back the laughter. "Right, right, right, sorry. I just can't believe my son is going to go to school now! You have fun!" Your son tilts his head. "I don't understand..." "You're not meant to okay bye" And he runs off to the playground. Zayn watches him, his eyes sad. Later that day, Zayn forced you both to fetch your son 2 hours before they were dismissed. Liam: You and Liam were walking her to her first classroom. Liam was already getting over emotional and started crying buckets. He gave your little girl a kiss on the forehead. "You be good okay pumpkin pie baby cakes lovedovey rubber ducky. If there's any problem you know my number, and if there's an earthquake, remember; Duck cover and hold. Listen to your math teacher okay, i can't teach you that cause i was never good in math and also geogr-" You cleared your throat. "Right. Okay. Love you." Later when you got home, you and Liam started looking at her baby pictures and home videos and getting emotional. Harry: Your daughter didn't wanna go to school, cause she was afraid to be without you both. She was already an hour late for class, just sobbing outside of the classroom. You knew she had to go already, so you did what you had to do. You called up all the boys to give her a pep talk. All of them came within minutes, each giving a small lecture about how fun school will be. Well except Zayn- Zayn made it quite long drowning you guys in wise words. Darcy still wasn't much convinced, so all of you, with the boys, spent time in school the whole day with her. It was so cute, Harry along with the boys were so good with kids. At the end of the day, Harry whispered you, "That was so fun! Let's make more babies! Louis: You and Louis were dropping him off to his class, but he was crying and didn't wanna go. "Daddy I don't wanna go anywhere without you and mommy!!!"Louis was just smiling at his attachment. "Aww but you have to." "I don't have to go to school if it's not with you!" He cried even more, refusing to let go of Louis's leg. And you'd think he'd try to act all tough like normal kids do. Louis didn't much mind, so instead of forcing him in, he called the day off and you three went out for ice cream.
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